Sunday, July 31, 2005

15 emmy nominations

>>> thinking of being a housewife aredi! haha...
i lurve expensive gifts and brands...wat to do, i admit im materialistic...can't be helped, spoilt by an old lover and now can't kick the bad habit. wine and dine, shop till u drop, that's me!

im asking wj to go back to sz to try and get me the whole series of Desperate Housewives cos my biaojie swears by it. Shucks, so pple are addicted to real life dramas now? those delicious secret addictions which housewives never dare to expose themselves?

15 emmy nominations...maybe there isnt much good telly shows anymore.

Friday, July 29, 2005

>>> Lunchtime!!!

today was quite a nice day with a beautiful weather, not cloudy at all!
I woke up at 11am and went to turn jitsu on. and soon i heard the familiar msn beep!
heehee...actually i was contemplating on just soup for lunch and look how it turned out!!!
haha...well i wanted to have veggie, tofu and egg soup. But i was missing those Tie2Ban3 ToFu that i decided to whip up my own too! and boy was my tummy on fire after eating it!

yups, there are leftovers from the Tofu and Soup. So no prize for guessing wat's for dinner tonite.
>>> the wonderful things of staying alone.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

the perfect cover up!

to those who are ignorant, it's best not to know!!!

~pinky goes haha


haha i got an elastic girl but i changed my answers to get a mirage!!!
im a cheaterbug!!!


Qn: Why is fish cunning ?
Ans: cos yu pian mi fen (fish lie to bee hoon)
Qn: What animal falls down the most?
Ans: Fox, cos they jiao hua (cunning)
Qn: What animal is most skillful?
Ans: mouse (lao shu) cos shu shu you lian guo (uncle got training)
Qn: Xiao ming drinks milk to grow up, Da ming drinks what?
Ans: Da ming drink wine, cos Jiu Yang Da Ming
Qn: Which chinese host does not have centre parting?
Ans: wu zong xian (no centre line)
Qn: Why Zhou Jie Lun Cross the Street Kana fine by police?
Ans: Cos Jay Walking
Qn:Which emperor (huang di) is blind??
Ans: Kang xi (Can't see)
Qn: How does a fish laugh?
Qn: How does a prawn laugh?
Qn: Which animal should you look for if you're unable to open a bottle cap?
Ans: peacock, cos kong que kai ping
Qn: Why baby don't need to brush teeth?
Ans: cos bei bi wu chi
Qn: Which button on your keyboard cannot sing?
Ans: F4
Qns: Xiao Hong, Xiao Bai, Xiao Hei, Xiao Lan, Xiao Huang, who cannottahan roller-coasters?
Ans: Xiao Bai, cos always Xiao Bai Tu

To hell with studio.
I'm just going to spend my thursday reading Adrian Mole's Diary and have a good laugh.

I hope wj comes up with something to save my butt.
Or I come up with something brilliant to save my own backside.

Or maybe....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

love you and smiley

found this image on the website. really cute. although it is not applicable to me. shucks. haha.

blog_chanced upon

as i was reading, there were quite a few times i nearly teared, a few times i thot to myself "hey im not alone" and a few times i felt fortunate, a few times i felt lost, a few times i felt good.

go read it gals...

maybe u will have just those few times like me.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

worry for nothing

Image hosted by
my darling has finally touched Singapore shores.

so silly of me to worry so much cos after he landed and was collecting his luggage, he immediately called me! heeheee!

and soon about less than an hours' time we were chatting on msn as usual. although his msn at home was obselete aredi! couldnt even add the new smiley icons!

oh well....lalalala

~wonderfully pinked again

Friday, July 22, 2005

Mission accomplished.

now that my sis is not longer with me to cook for me or to eat with me...i suddenly felt the IT creeping into my apt. i felt IT this afternoon...although i put it aside and started X stitching for WJ...and soon fell asleep while at im feeling IT again while im having my dinner.

anyhow i couldnt finish my dinner as usual...feeling low and depress nowadays esp with beginning to worry! next week is 3~4 A1s...gosh and i dun even know where to begin!
sick in the stomach...and i hope IT doesnt come soon to visit me...

pls take IT away and bring WJ back to me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


<< Jie @ beach (in oct'05 i hope)
>>>Velle @ Beach

sunny day at Melbourne sad Wj is not here to go to the beach with
me...i bet st kilda's must be very beautiful today.

after thots

Image hosted by Photobucket.comon Harry Potter (and the half blood prince)

i must say that this time round it was much better than the last round. So Kudos to J.K Rowling.
However i must say that maybe she is running out of ideas and abit of magic in the air.

I kept reading about how tall Ron has grown! *eeks* i mean once mentioned in the book is enough but to do it repetitively? Yes i get it...he is going thru puberty stage and is growing very fast. even his robes are showing his ankles...or Hermione is complaining about how tall he has shot over the hols.

Next, I find myself reading mostly on Hogwarts' Tabloids like who is chasing who, who is kissing who and who is jealous of who...???!!!!??? Maybe i'm abit old for these puppy love relationship, cos it is really not appealing to me.

I am seeking for that same essence and her flair of writing magical stuff in Volume 4 (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). I truly believe that was her all time best.

Anyhow, there is still suspence and abit of uncertainy at the end, which will keep readers no doubt wondering what could happen in her next book.

rating? Not bad!!! Go get one or u can borrow.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Monday, July 18, 2005

wat has velle been up to???

Image hosted by
late nites for the past few days
>>>reading Harry Potter and the half blood prince.
it is definitely much better than the past volume so far as i read.
My horrible sister has to msn me to tell me that the half blood prince is Severus Snape and that is not the worst!

**for those u still wants to keep some suspense do not read the following below.

>>> she tells me that albus dumbledore dies in this volume! Christsakes! why did she has to do that to me!!!

*velle wants to strangle tine* hahaha.....kidding lah..anyway, pple are starting to die early yah..i mean sirius black died in the last book. Okies back to my reading...and HECK to design studio. Dunno wat the tutor blur.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Image hosted by it's cold here at nite....brrr

Shooting and Shopping!

Mood: Very Happy!

Time: about 4-ish in the late afternn
Venue: outside swanston's Gloria Jeans
Date: july 17

the day started out great becos it was S.U.N.N.Y!!!
hiphip hooray. and my 2 lead actresses were beaming from head to toe!

scene 1:
230pm: outside LAtrobe House... to film our dear leading actress pushin buttons on her mobile.
240pm: outside Hungry Jacks. The film crew has gone to get a packet of fries for the leading actress.
245pm: camera>>>action>>>roll!(erm no lights here...tight budget, use daylight. Natural mah)
Supporting Actress (SA) passes the packet of fries to Leading Actress (LA). LA holds on tightly to her fries and walks rigidly away
*LA must be uptight cos this was the first time she was acting!

take 2...cant see the signboard!
Director (Dir): erm...LA can hold the fries more casually? and sashay abit hor...

250pm: here we go again. SA passes the fries to LA.
*yeah* it was a good take!
both actresses were a natural!

scene 2:
300pm: SA crosses to the newspaper stand. film crew ready to take LA crossing the road. and ACTION!....>>> LA crosses the road and SA passes her cleo to her. and CUT.
*end of scene 2*

scene 3:
305pm: the whole crew enters Melbourne Central.
LA: oh oh Kookai is having MEGA sale!!! Director! can we go and take alook plureeze? *battling her pretty eyelashes*
Dir: Go go...*what can i do???*

315pm: Dir and LA comes out of Kookai with new buys for the summer! and now for scene 3. Back to work gals. Camera>>>Action and Roll!
LA sashays into Kookai and walks pass SA and SA passes her the Kookai bag. and CUT!
*end of scene 3*

meanwhile checking all films are ok, crew members went into armani. checks the stuff out and struts out.

scene 4:
330pm: SA passes her shopping bag to LA in FCUK.
psst....although there was a sale at FCUK, but there was nothing much left to purchase.
*end of scene 4*

**stopped by Book City and LA bought a series of Winner the Pooh and Dir bought Harry Potter! Woohoo!

scene 5:
345pm: crew member to go to chinatown's COTTON ON and Golden Village.
LA actresses gets her purchased ticket from SA and struts up the hallway to catch her movie. No popcorn or drinks this time. budget to keep track.

350pm: LA walks pass COTTON ON and SA passes her a bag of COTTON ON clothes. and CUT!
Dir: N.G gals...take 8
Camera>>>Action>>> Roll.
Dir: oooo K. CUT.
*end of scene 5*

400pm: Gloria Jeans.
LA and SA wants a cuppa coffee. Dir offers to pay. But both gals rejected the offer, stating that they would sit far far away from Dir if Dir were to pay....oh wells, Dir saves $$$ *winks*
410pm: Crew gets their kopi! the gals went to put there shopping bags down first.

scene 6:
415pm: back to filming the last scene of the day.
SA passes coffee to LA and she pretends to walk out of Gloria Jeans.
and CUT!
B E A U T I F U L !
*end of scene 6*

everyone sits outside Gloria Jeans and enjoying their hot coffee in a cold winter's late noon. and guess who we met? AH han!
But that was not the end of the day....

After the coffee...
Dir: hey u gals wanna go target to look at underwear???
LA and SA: YES YES!!!!

5pm: off they went to Target. needless to say Dir and LA bought loads of stuff. SA didnt buy any. Spoil market lah she.
530pm: with loads of shopping bags, the crew stepped into MNG!!! our last stop of the day. This time SA finally bought something. Haha....
615pm: parted outside the junction of LAtrobe Street.

~The Cast~
Leading actress
Sheree Lai
Supporting actress
Velle Yeo

Saturday, July 16, 2005

trivial yet rippling effect

here is the latest newsflash...

BT's gf wants to break up with him. She complains that he calls her too often and sms-es her too often as well. *sheesh* wat a good excuse.

heard from wj that usually is BT who dumps his gfs so the tables are turned this time round. oh like they say...fengshui lun liu zhuan.
i'm a bit sorry for BT...but can u imagine how he has affected wj and even my life?

>>>the nite before he came over to sleep, he wanted to use the msn, so me and wj couldnt msn each other. sob sob. nvm.

>>>last nite he bunked in over again. in the morning, wj had to lock his door, to safeguard his possessions. *living a life in fear, in his own apt. how ironic*

>>>tonite. BT wants to drown his sorrows. wj has to accompany him to a pub. and i cant msn my wj or chat with him. it's aredi 1.19am here..and im very tired....sigh..still must wait for wj to come back and msn me...or at least call me.

BT...u horrible guy. suddenly i dun pity u anymore. good that she dumped u.

ps: i heard the gf is a diva and cannot do anything but models. pluureeze grow up. u can't model ur whole life.

Friday, July 15, 2005

>>> an Ecard for Jie.
Lately, we found something which both of us can relate Miffy to! so this card is to commerate Miffy in our lives!

the weather has been so cloudy these few sad, cant even do my video shoot today. Hopefully tmw's weather will be much better.

Jubes and Goog>>> my dear 2 actresses. Please have enough sleep and water! tmw is our big day! *winks*
okies me gg back to search more stuff on JunAoki and Ryue Nishizawa

click here's to send these pretty Miffy eCards:

Thursday, July 14, 2005

just jie.

Image hosted by

when things go missing.

here is weijie's latest fave picpic of me...okie back to reality...

>>> my Jie has just smsed to tell me that BT is depressed over his gf and it is affecting his work. *sigh*
Not that i dun pity the poor fella, but everytime he is around, Jie's stuff will go missing!

Jie has lost ...let me recall...

  1. adidas vintage jacket
  2. YSS shorts (Yishun Secondary School) yes...this kind of shorts also can go missing
  3. his novels
  4. a few tees...think one was from Esprit
  5. his ash-tray (which i had gotten for him)
  6. his cK brief (yes can u believe it)
  7. countless number packets of milk in the fridge (that fella never even mention once about taking it!)

i just hope this time round BT wun take any stuff from Jie, i myself cant take it anymore...if i was there i would have slapped him.

ps: his calculator is missing at the moment...oh did i mention that Jie always find his stationary conveniently at BT's workdesk.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

woohoo! another bag to add to my collection! but i must be a good gal and wait till it comes here in october with the giver!

Monday, July 11, 2005

i missed u, am missing u and will miss u.

old feelings.

reunion with old frens again but this time in melbourne.

the feeling???

just wonderful.
the hugs were warm and real.
long and hard.

dinner was spent at a shanghainese restaurant. too filling! all the steam and fried dumplings and the noodles and not to mention the cold wine chicken. Not very appetising but can do...

u know when i woke up this morning and saw a different ceiling i was abit sad. but as i took a walk outside to the cool weather and saw the familiar scene. i have come to realise that melbourne has become a part of me.

last nite i couldnt sleep and i couldnt finish my sue townsend book. if only Jie can read this:

baby..u are the best liar. telling me that u dun read when u finish the whole series of adrian mole's diary and now u want the whole set of Douglas Adams!!! and by ur bedside lies War of the worlds...yes a book, not me...

oh well at least we read the same sort of books, cant imagine if we dun share the same interest, then it would be like my previous relationship where Harry Potter was so difficult to talk about! and even Jimmy's colourful illustrations...

but hey hey at least i read cs lewis and Roald Dahl when i was in primary school.
So i didnt feel so small but i realise how much reading i have to do to catch up with mr goh!

and oh, elle, i was looking for the polly book at sunny's but i couldnt find it no more. can u tell me the author again? hehe...sigh. Need to write a new book list again.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

back in melbourne

watched 2 movies on board.
it was quite a turbulent ride.

jubes and sheree where r u gals???
meet tonite for dinner yah?
Call me! woohoo!

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

VeggieSticks or Rabbit food???

Venue: Velle's place
Time: 3pm thurs afternn
Date: 7july05

a great afternn with old frens...

>>>elle prepared the veggie sticks/ rabbit food with her secret recipe yoghurt dip! and peng got my fave Florida's Natural Grapefruit Juice!!! Yippee! Pink colour somemore...i got the watermelon!

And we watched the "Incredibles"!!! and after the entertaining cartoon, we went down to great world to have our dinner at Ichiban Boshi! Yummy sushi!

after dinner and lotsa talk, we said our goodbyes...but we will see each other again!!!
rite gals?

ps: congratulations to our newly engaged and blissful elle!!!
me and pengpeng still got some catching up to do! rite pengs?

one more task down! *psst...u know wat i mean gals! go check it out! not many though.

>>> yesterday was a really fulfilling day for me cos i managed to see my ex-colleague's wedding photos! Even though i didnt get the chance to witness her ceremony personally, but i caught a glimpse of her mpegs and digital photos and of cos her wedding album!

>>> oh miss lim, im sooo Happy for u!!! and it was really so good that we did so much catching up! too bad derek wasnt around...sob sob...
thanks for the wonderful lunch and the coffee!!!

>>> dinner was spent yet with another old fren. and more catching up to do! yes i have grown older, the years have passed! *sad sad*....

oh well, wat can i do now but to look at the future with brighter eyes and a mind that hopes to seea better and clearer path.

Sunday, July 3, 2005

tim sum anyone? HK day01 picpic is up on my photoblog aredi! *winks*

Saturday, July 2, 2005

*winks* shenzhen day01 is ready in my photoblog gals...will keep u all posted for the Hk picpic to "pop" out! heehee...