Wednesday, May 31, 2006


86c from Target...but i guess u gals are too busy for major to head down there to take's still there i think cos i only bought it on tuesday after my studio...needed a getaway time...and also to buy a phonecard to call WJ...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

everything's microwavable!

Fish Porridge (serves 1)

  1. 1. one handful of rice goes into the microwave bowl, add lotsa water (up to your discretion!), next place the rice on high for 30mins.
  2. 2. Slice the fish real thinly.
  3. 3. Slice the ginger, chop the spring onions.
  4. 4. After 30mins, add in the fish and spring onions. Stir. Place it back into the microwave for another 5mins.
  5. 5. Garnish with fried shallots and spring onions.

Taduh! microwaved porridge. not instant but very fresh! see mum, it's not always instant noodles!!!

she remembers my name!

after patronizing our skul's cafeteria's coffee for 1.5 yrs, yesterday when i was ordering my coffee, usually i will give my name...this time round, after placing my orders, she just smiled at me and went : thanks velle.

WOW. i have bought that many coffees huh.

Monday, May 29, 2006


wj has just bought me some bling blings! woohoo!!! but i must wait until my hols before i lay my hands on them....oh i cant wait!!! look at the fragola! tempting enough to eat, just like those sugar coated ones i had in shanghai!

what a revelation!

today i went for my professional practice 3 presentation. our group was suppose to present next week, anyhow being KS and all, i have decided to sit in this week's presentation and to get a gist at what other groups are presenting.

just a brief summary, for our presentation, we are suppose to present to our 'clients' tutors per se an island proposal..our client being very rich developers have this HUGE pile of sand which they havent the slightest clue as to what to do with we are there to help them profit from that dreadful pile of sand... which is to BUILD AN ISLAND...

WOW! for a 10points presentation..let me stress it again 10 points ONLY....
most groups presented at this evening:

fully detailed and documented site analysis
transport and accessibility to the island
planning and zone overlays
ecological benefits on the island
justifiable reasons as to island location
what programs to be on the island
breakdown on programs which include
program areas (how many sqm goes to which program)
program location on site
cost for each program
no. of visitors who will go to the island
market target audience
how much money it cost to build the island's infrastructure
how much return will it bring in the next couple of years

besides the above mentioned, some groups also had plans, elevations and sections...perspective images of the island and photo montages...

and on top of it all, there were some ah-xiaos (read lunatics cum too much time people) who did a flash animation of a flythru of the island development...with all the island's architecture!!!

and the saddest case...our group only have 9 pathetic slides...thank god we are not presenting today...

and all for 10points.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


yes i SUPREmely mad about SUPRE. and mr COTTON ON calls me miss SUPRE.

so what?

ps: the sunnies and retro hairbands are not from SUPRE...think from JeanWest and Carrington respectively.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Balik Kampong

3 weeks of school and it's home sweet home!
really cant wait...this semester hasnt been easy either...though frankly speaking it is much more enjoyable compared to last semester...anyway today was the last studio for me...and from now to the's all on my own...BaoZhaTou says that the site is not suitable for public housing although there is potential to house other public amenities like institution...she says public housing is not's a private space. So if i were to research on housing...and public housing...i'll have to choose another site...sigh...i knew she was going to ask me about my site! before i slept last nite...i could picture her asking me already...but i still slept! haha...

site or no site.

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ps: cant wait to go back to singapore...another reason is because the Charles and Keith shoes here are so EXPENSIVE!!! extorbitant prices and in aussie dollars somemore!!! *faints* and i need katong laksa, chicken rice, *slurps*....nasi lemak, otak, satay, BBQ stingray...*slurps*...omg...then i want Bak Kut Teh...chilli crab, HokkienMee...CharTauKuey,CharKueyTeow... *going to faint* and then chicken curry...tao huey...sesame seed paste...*velle has fainted*....

Sunday, May 21, 2006

sniffing out the good bargains!

here's wat i got when WJ was here...cos it's so difficult not to buy anything when he's going shopping mad!

> $1 belts from Supre warehouse sale.

> 3 tees for $15. Manage to get all the right sizes from a mountain of clothes all piled up at a JayJay's corner! phew! me and WJ had a hard time digging for sizes. the mountain was bigger than they say, no pain no gain...think i broke a nail while trying to dig through all those clothes. T_T

> $1 buttons per pair...real bargain at a closing down colourful!!!!

And finally, 50c bangles from Target. Think this was one of my best buys! Even Carrington cant beat this price!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

shoes galore!

these are the new shoes which wj had gotten for me whilst he was in melbourne...they are really too pretty to resist and i know i wun be wearing them in melbourne, so im gg bring them back to singapore in june!!! a real sucker for shoes! and happily collecting them over here in melbourne...i did bring wj to vic mart to see the shoes which i had my eyes on the longest time...think jubes and goog knows which pair! haha but i thot it's still too ex to buy, so i told wj to buy me these pairs instead which are half the price of the shoes sold at vicmart!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

photos on the way!

wj and i are still in the midst of editting our photos...those posted on the photoblog are the ones done by him when he was still in gals be patient....haha i will upload more wedding photos on the way... we still cant decide how to develop the photos...any suggestions? square or landscape?

*giving us a headache*

Sunday, May 14, 2006

special moments


here are the rest of the presents...

well most of it cos i didnt manage to squeeze in my fave fashion magazines and a bag (very simple and big, one compartment with pink floral prints).

the torch was one of my faves! doesnt run on batteries... instead there is a pop-out handle where u crunch it like a bar handle and it winds up as potential energy thereby producing the neccessary light.

the pinkpolka mug is a replacement becos i broke my starbucks mug back in im gonna bring this one back to singapore...although daddy has gotten me one from starbucks too on that very day i broke it...cos daddy knew that i loved that mug alot...but it's gone...

the usb hub was something which i requested cos i didnt have enough usb on jitsu then...bonus that it comes in pink too! and so did the mouse! the screen wasnt pink so WJ improvised abit...

i was very touched cos he made it himself...bought the cloth and the sanrio heads and sewed them i guess next time when his buttons come off his shirt i neednt mend it for him!

and the brolly was a nice surprise too since my brolly over here was spoilt and i had dumped it into the bin...and it proved its usefulness too! cos it has been such a downpour for the past week... it sheltered me and wj many nites along swanston.

and as for the girlie stuff, i haven tried them yet, cos frankly i haven gotten down to putting in the batteries. maybe i'll try it after the semester end....

pengz: guess this is one of the reasons why i have been so faithful to our mr goh...well im sure ur 'A' will dote on you just as much as WJ since he is already so excited about you! *wink*


last nite

here are the pictures that i took while WJ was packing his luggage...we laughed at how he came with a full luggage of my presents and brought only his underwear, a polo and a shirt and the clothes he wore on the plane...and now he was returning back with a luggage and hand carrier full of clothes, jackets, accessories, pants and of cos Nougats from VicMart!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

melbourne airport once more

Wj has left for HK. i wept a few tears...actually twice.

his flight was 240pm this afternoon, and we arrived at the airport at 1pm, checked in and had our lunch at Hungry Jacks...the cafeteria was very crowded...the weather was wet and grey...the skies were blanketed with heavy heart was just as the time flew to 2pm, i reminded Wj of the time, he asked for his bag, as he unzipped his bag, he saw the present i secretly laid inside while he was getting our lunch, he looked surprised and happy and sad, i like to see him surprised and happy, but then it's a farewell gift, so it came with a tinge of pain too...i saw his face, my heart just wrenched...anyhow he got his departure customs form to fill...

and by the time he finished it was 210pm....we, or maybe me...reluctantly left my seat at the cafeteria and made my way to the departure was quite painful. i guess all goodbyes are such. tears were hard to keep...i managed to, for a few minutes...but WJ didnt just go through the gates in a swift...and just hugging him there made me cry again. i know i will see him again, it's silly but just really painful to see him come and go ALL THE TIME. sometimes i think i should be numb or get used to it by now, after 1 and a half years...but the feelings just never go away, especially when im at the airport. last night when he was packing his luggage, i was so upset to see him go...i went to the toilet to fiddle some stuff...and look at his watch and ring on the table...and asked a few stupid questions, reminding him not to forget to take this...remember to take that...and then i cried.

nobody knows how i feel from now. cos im alone again.


waiting for the starbus to come pick us to the airport...waiting in agony.

the tulips i got on the 12th of may ...a friday's afternoon.
weijie had gone to vicmart that day when i was having my PP3 meeting and bought it there...although it wasnt pink, it doesnt matter. i love it becos it was from him.
i asked him why 4 stalks he said they sold it as a bouquet of 4 stalks.
they are wiltering as im bloggin now, the gerberras are in the plastic bag now, waiting to be thrown time flies...but it's better this way too, cos it also means i'm seeing wj real soon too. although it's never too soon enough...


saturday noon, weather was velley velley cold. horrible weather i would say, wj came at the wrong week, cos it has been so rainy for the past 2 weeks...but it won't dampen our spirits cos we are on our way to Collingwood this afternoon cos i promised wj that i will let 监视一下 supre 的 warehouse sale! and he asked quite afew times about SUPRE selling only women's clothing...and i told him off man!!! that he should be very contented that Bridge road has shops that solely just sells MEN's clothing!!! really becoming hiao hiao by the day! tsk tsk! and mr Hiao Hiao is wearing his new 'leather' jacket...

after supre sale! hungry! hungry! so here we are! and wj ordered a lemonade which turned out to be Sprite! *TEH* and we shared a spaghetti bolognaise as i wasnt that famished.

bubble tea the late night. cos all the shops are closed...

Friday, May 12, 2006


12nn: brunch along swanston. cos later meeting cole and the rest for a PP3 meeting...gosh... we are still quite blur over our presentation! eeks! anyhow me and wj had the breakfast special which includes 2 sunny side ups, sausage, bacon, tomatoes and toast with tea or coffee!

330pm: after PP3 meeting...since it's a friday...late night shopping, so we went walking around melbourne central...and u can see, we have already some shopping bags...*giggle*

wj's new hairdo....looks like a tarantula from the backview hor...quite scarey....

Accessorized Gucci! heehee, after i came back from my PP3 meeting, i saw this gold chain hanging on my mr goh had been pretty busy whilst i was at my meeting. apparently, he went to collect the holga photos and happened to chance upon this store which was closing down soon that sold beads, chains and all sorts of accessories to personalise ur ta-duh...

and he also pieced up this necklace for me too...he had gotten this idea from it's my lucky charm necklace at the moment! it has a terrier ( my doggie)...a heart, a locket, a key and a pearl...all parts each sold separately...according to mr goh, the terrier is the most ex cos it has bling blings on it... and he bought me tulips too....yah i know im really a velley lucky gal...the flowers are still at the corner of my balcony door...

"staying alive staying alive...hi hi hi hi....staying alive......" ~beegees....lala

630pm: famished from all that walking and shopping...we decided that we had quite a fair bit of chinese food from chinatown the whole week, so dinner was at little italy!!! - lygon street

Bought a bottle of white wine from saveway for $8.99! so CHEEEEP!
can u see the before and after effects of wine on mr goh's face! flushed he looked! and with that ATTITUDE look....*hoot hoot* quite a hottie!

waited quite awhile for the food to come but it was worth the wait...though mr goh was quite grumpy wor...a hungry man is an angry man! i had a porterhouse steak and mr goh had the baby back ribs and wings...*slurps* the potato wedges were the best...the steak was so-so... but the wine was we kept on a continous flow of it!

8pm: gelato! better get some more before wj flies off...which is gg to be in 2 days time...actually we both know that we dun have much time left together so we tot of gg down to lygon and have some fine dining...yes our fine dining over here is quite cheapo, cheap wine and western and gelato!!!....haha well a student's life! cannot complain!

"....mai hiam buey hiam kanna sai...."

mr goh is GONE aredi....GONE with the wind...

10pm: mr goh ends up in the toilet...then i didnt want to end the nite so i dragged him out of the apt...and we went back to lygon street again...this time to KOKOBLACK.... we shared a Belgian spoil...which includes ...(see menu) haha...and i had hot mocha while he had an iced mocha...velley gao wor!

and finally the nite ended....

~ with a velley full velle and a splitting headache mr goh...