Monday, October 30, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mushy but I like it!

If the world was a rainy day, I'll carry an umbrella to follow you around.
If the world was too hot and sunny, I'll bring you somewhere to have a cool latte.
If the world was too cold and weary, I'll hug you every minute to give you some warmth and comfort.
If the world was too windy, I'll grow fat to block the winds for you.
If the world was too bright, I'll buy you ten different kinds of shades for you to choose one.
If the world was too dark, I'll guide you along your path.
If the world was too dull, I'll play a clown to cheer you up.
If the world was too playful, I'll hold your hand and we will play together.
If the world was round, I'll try my very best to travel it together with you.
If the world was flat, I'll jump off the edge with you if you ever wanted to.
If the world was ours, I'll make you the queen.
If the world was everyone's to share, you'll still be the center of my universe.
If the world has no words, I'll kiss you and hug you every second to tell you.....

I Love you.
~ wj ~

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Target Sale on Shoes!

top left: $4.80 top right: $15
bottom left (Jaksbad): $29.90 bottom right: $15

Friday, October 20, 2006

Gourmet cheese

haha...took biaojie to Vic Mart for a walk and i ended up buying 3 cheeses for $10. There was a huge variety of cheeses to choose the end i took the safe choices. Ended up with the normal brie, a spicy brie (the lady recommended and so i opted out the cheddar) and blue cheese to go with my arnotts water crackers from saveway. So that's for dinner gals!

Bon Appetite.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Shoes again

Brought my cousin down to the famous factory outlet street - bridge road for a walk on a sunday's lazy afternoon.

i bought a few pretty ck bras for just a mere $20 each, in very rainbow cheerful colours. too bad they didnt have matching undies...cousin was succumbed by the huge variety of Kayser underwear over here. she complains that singapore's triumph is way too expensive and that she has settled for wacoal bras now.

so that was it at bridge road... nothing much. OH! the kookai factory outlet store has closed down! it wasnt there anymore when i was there. So i was pretty surprised.

Back to the city where most shops were closing by now. it was 6pm. we brisked walked into 7 angels and this shoe caught my eye.
Succumbed yet once again. Even the Cousin couldnt resist the temptation and bought 2 bags from here.

Dinner: instant noodles...haha spend the money on shoes again.
i'm so sorry mummy, i'll try harder next time not to buy anymore stuff...*wince*

2nd day in Melbourne

weather: il pleut
venue: camberwell market ...bridge road (one of those scattered cafes courtyard)
mood: comme ci comme ca

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

new toy

5.1 mega pixels.
3x optical zoom.
2.5” LCD screen.
Auto focus.
Image stabiliser.
Li-on rechargeable battery.

it's not silver but P i n k !

Monday, October 9, 2006


dear gals and guys...

u pple must have been wondering where the hell i went too! well frankly speaking i haven logged into my blog for the past 10 days! amazing isnt it...when im like a regular freaking fanatic blogger who sometimes blogs like 3 times a day to whine and whine.

back to bloggin routine once again becos the BF is flying back to SG as i type right now. yes we had fun (1 pair of shoe and a bag of Bardot warehouse sale clothes!) and i didnt do my studio work *so spank me*

...and in 2 days time is my 2nd mid semester crit! WOOHOO! bring it on man...who is afraid of who! *ding dong ding dong* velle is going looney...

rights, off with the alarm bellings ringing in my head and telling me that im so short of time ALREADY.

i promise...

i will post my photos soon to show u all the Springy Photos of me and my BF.
i will continue to post all my whiney blogs on a regular basis.
i will strive to do my studio work and study my frenchie for this coming friday test.
i will concentrate on my work even when the COUSIN is coming here for 2 weeks during my most UTMOST ULTIMATE hectic schedule.

i will try to brush my teeth twice a day and drink less caffeine and try my very best not to baby talk to ah ren.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Another day's out

Dimanche cet apres-midi. Il fait du vent et du soleil. Wj et moi aller a VicMart. Ritey back to anglais if not im just going to take forever to finish the blog correcting my grammar and sentence structure and spelling and wat nots. haha...

basically, we have walked many times up and down swanston so today we decided to give it a miss and spend sunday afternoon at Vicmart along the alleys to have our brunch. Although we didnt have our usuals aka bradswurt..but we had our usual coffees! A stroll along the many stalls, with all the colourful fruits and vegetables beckoning me to buy them, we ended up bagging home seafood instead! Wj bought about 300g worth of marinara mix and 200g of fresh scallops. He was the chef of that nite....hehe whilst i do my studio work.
me and ah bing ge + alley

monsieur chef and disturbance.
the 'star' for the day! yum yum... sadness, tmw must book starbus cos wj is leaving melbourne once again...

Saturday, October 7, 2006


Bardot has just opened a new warehouse at Abbortsford and they are holding monthly sale! Needless to say i was velley excited! Cos im a real big Bardot fan..besides Supre! Well, i was so looking forward to the sale that i couldnt sleep at nite and i woke up late. Me and Wj wanted to be the first few to reach there when it opens...But i cannot make it. I dragged myself out of bed finally at 10am and we reached there at 11pm after walking around looking for that warehouse which (trust me) werent exactly at the train station. Heng i got a map. Anyway i was so impressed with the sale! it was selling "CURRENT" stuff that you find at the stores at quarter of the price! OMIGAUD! i regretted not coming here early cos when i was there, the 'Q' to pay was super long aredi and all the clothes were on the floor!! sobsob and not many 'S' sizes left!!!! wa......*teary eye* and the worst thing was i started to queue to pay at 1pm and I only reached the cashier at 2pm. Yes i stood there waiting to PAY for an hour! *DUH...*DROP*

hungrys man. and as we stepped out of the warehouse, there was a security guard who limits the number of people going in! and there was a snaking queue of gals just waiting to come into the warehouse!

velle: too bad girls, u aint gonna get what you came for...heh heh cos by 2pm , practically there was nothing 'worthy' left.

dontcha know this phrase?
'early bird catches the worm...' im not the earliest bird but hey at least i got there in the morning! tsk tsk. so much for them standing out in the hot sun for hours just to come in!

need i say more?

~ velley happy but VELLEY HUNGRY!

After the long awaited SALE....

wait..wait..wait. my neck 'tia' aredi lor... *wince*.. slouch on the table...i have no more energy to prop myself up.

wj: gosh is it here yet?....*tummy rumbles*...look elsewhere...hmm, that girl in the bikini not cold ah.. 10mins later....*tummy rumbles* WHEN IS THE FOOD COMING???? argh

wj: heh heh heh...euh which one should i eat? hmm..where should i start...gosh it's alot of food hor darling. Can we finish anot? I dun think we can leh. Tabao ah? Maybe can keep for breakfast tomorrow...
velle: WHAT! of cos we can lah, mai play play, i can eat okie. I can eat a cow right now.
*sssslurps* Happiness is Food at that moment in time.
Pardon us as we were too hungry to take anymore photos. so that's the last one up there!

Friday, October 6, 2006

San Churro

pretty flowerbed at Carlton Gardens, we took the shortcut thru here to get to the chinese saying goes..."zou ma kan hua..."

very very sunny afternoon at brunswick street! Heng i wore my sunblock...SPF 60! Hoot not scare of the sun no more! dunnid brolly! and no more freckles!

after a long walk, we decided to rest our feets at San Churro. A spanish chocolateria place with serves churros dipped in their spanish chocolate.

the decor here is very very ornamental...from their branding, logo even down to their window frames. WJ had his coke here can u believe it...must be the hot weather...he forsake his coffee and chocolate. Oh wells i had a spanish hot chocolate. But i still prefer the Max Brenner one..then comes KOKOblack. Eh i think i like the school's cafeteria the best...cos it's the cheapest!

oh oh! the couple who sat in front of us left behind his WJ dashed out to give it back to them...according to WJ they moved in matrix like slow-mo. The couple were in their 80s...dun say others time we also will slow-mo our way to the kopitiams.