Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sour Spicy Fish

Another new dish which we tried in sz!
Worth every penny spent. Lots of huge chunky fish bits with beanspouts and salted veggie.
We ordered the non-spicy one (cos we saw many people ordering the spicy one and it looks like it was covered with chilli oil!!!) and it tasted really savoury even without chilli. Really good to go with plain verdict: very worth it! But... just abit too oily on the downside.


Suddenly, i felt a burst of need to do some shopping for my footies. So wj and I did some shopping on sunday... Whoppee! hahah, actually i felt really good = (refreshed! happy! and lotsa smug smug smug) after some shopping although along the way i did feel abit guilty but sigh, i have been working OT 3 nites in a row...damn shag i guess a few shoes to pamper myself wouldnt kill rite? Just have to think of creating space again for those new shoes now. So....hmmm *it's really hard to follow what my mind is going thru now, kinda like many things are racing at a time! Well like they say, women are multi-taskers!!!!* ....rite where was i?....yup and so I bought a few shoes and tops while wj got himself a new leather bag. But before we went shopping, we started the day early at about 10am and caught TMNT at noon (we wanted to catch Pirates but can you believe it! it's not opened here. Damn.) before taking the train down to 东门, 老街= A place where many locals frequent to get some cheap and trendy shopping done. Even though it was a rainy day, there were still quite abit of crowd walking around the area with coloured umbrellas. Splish-Splash. Many couples scuttering across the alleys and taxi honking at cars waiting to pick passengers. Honking is a way of life here in china BTW. Sometimes i think the locals just love to honk their honks as a way of destressing by making some noise. (Some even honk in a pattern!) As the noise went on, many others were seating at cafeterias watching the drizzling afternoon, as they sipped their chinese tea and ate their cheongfans. i wish weekends were here to stay.

~happy footies

Friday, May 25, 2007

take a walk with me

wj and i were cooped up in the apt last saturday. Well i didnt feel like popping by the city area so we stayed at home. Ate instant noodles and watch korea drama the whole afternoon. Finally i thot enuff was enuff and pulled both of us out of the apt for dinner. However, on route, we passed by the usual garden which is directly opposite our apt and decided to take a look. It's really funny how wj has stayed here for 2 years and yet he has never been to see this eco-garden before!
And my my!
The landscape was impeccably green, lushed bushes, timber planks with benchs, pebbled paths and stony tracks with water streams trickling down some areas. Bamboos lining jogging paths and manicured hedges along seating areas. There was a glass bridge over a pond of fishes with toads croaking and the park was an acting green buffer sandwiched between the residential area and a school which was filled with students playing basketball at the court.
The landscape was so pretty, neat and green! and i simply loved it. So now im looking forward for my next weekend at the eco garden again.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


cant stand OT-ing in the office!
it is blardee hot in here! becos after working hours, the main system will shut down by itself, super duper right on the dot, reminding everyone that IT'S AFTER OFFICE HOURS... uhu people...time to go home and eat and make babies, okie forget the plural part since china is still a one baby system so tactfully it's time to go home and eat and wear a condom unless u havent made one (baby) yet....rights, back to me again, since im always deviating to some remote conversational bits of trash...rites where was i...oh yah...but no, we are an architecture firm and what do we do? we slave (echos aways) the nite away coal miners in a BLARDEE HOT coal mine. Needless to say we are all 'sauna-ing' in the office like little rats in the musty sewers.
I wonder issit becos the main building didnt charge all the offices after hours 'aircon' utility bills. And so they off the aircons! Off with their heads! Crazy! And there is no singular unit system in our office. So literally we are airconless!

~Should i cut my hair?

Monday, May 21, 2007


Summer is here already!

let's take a moment to pause.
do not ask me how many shoes i have. (no comments)
do not ask me how much are these shoes. (S$12; S$4)

Communities which shape and being shaped

Let's take a moment to pause.

The collective memory of a city is based on common places that a community remembers. Buildings that evolve over time are key to the collective memory of a city: they are shared memories that shape a city's identity. These buildings urban artifacts, and likened them to works of art because they help shape and are shaped by the public's unconscious. These urban artifacts evolve over time: they change their functions, they grow, they shrink, but the core stays the same.

Aldo Rossi

Friday, May 18, 2007

Growing Guangzhou

was up in Guangzhou for a meeting and it's developing real fast! too bad i didnt bring my camera along with me if not i would have taken bits of their built environment to show here!

oh wells, im sure there will be another time to visit Guangzhou again!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Friday nite: and we were all geared for a nite's out! Unfortunately for me, i had quite a late meeting the nite before and so i was down with flu and a runny wet cough. (the kind with yellow orange phelgm, seriously contagious. you wouldnt want to be near me.)

okay, away from me. Yups, our mr goh didnt know of my condition, happily agreed to a friday ktv nite to which he had to refused our colleagues thus putting him in an embarassing spot. And of cos, he put the blame on ME for a second+seconds+seconds, saying how malu he must be infront of all our colleagues. especially when they have booked a BIG room for the nite. Anyway, like i said, we (wj and i) were rather guilty of not being able to attend the KTV outing, so we decided to join them for dinner before retiring back to our apts. And so here are the pictures of that nite's terrific claypot congee!

shrimp and crab filling topped with parsley and simmered with water-chestnuts.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

kaleidoscopic blings

im still under alot of self-control. Really.
i know u gals must be thinking that who am i kidding. But it's true! imagine u walking from tangs to paragon, u know how long that path is rite? okie imagine every step u walk, there is a really sparkling and dirt cheap bling bling emblazing at you! waving and crying buy me buy me. For christsakes, how can you resist that unimaginable long road filled with sparkies? It's like going into a tiffanys that is never-ending with a price tag of $2.(some are only 40c!!!)
Now how's that for self control?

Monday, May 7, 2007

New members in the family

im feeling so unsatisfied with my shopping! After hearing the amount of stuff my female colleagues have amassed over the golden week, i realised that i haven done much shopping at all! and the last 2 pairs in the photo are bought weeks ago. So in actual fact, i only bought 5 pairs of shoes during my golden week! i did do some resisting at the shoeshop becos they had so many pretty shoes. okay back to my female colleagues...The gals not only did they bought shoes and dresses, shorts and 3 quarts and tees, camisoles blah blah, they even did their hair!

i did do a checklist for

1. visit my hairstylist (didn't make it)
2. check out charles and keith (resisted yet again) and vincci (didnt have time)
3. check out tangs(nope didnt go there), paragon (skipped) , isetan (went and left) , ThisFashion (missed it again), FarEast ( i made it to the bridge but turn back cos it was too crowded).

and i only bought dresses, skirts, tops or bags!(okie i did buy a pair of Paul Frank sleeping shorts but that does not count!) nothing! what has happened to me!!!! sobsob. Am i not the shopaholic that im infamous for? huh huh? im doomed. doomed. doomed.
What was i doing the whole week? Let's see....Rite i have to attribute that i came back on a monday nite which was near midnite, actually it was midnite. So i just went home, gave my prezzies away and slept. Tuesday i was at lunch with my parents (cos must celebrate daddy's birthday) then i was 'going grocery' (stocking up for the next few months) for china, wed, thu, fri was all spent at the hills, accumulating cobwebs (which is another story altogether), sat was buffet with the parents and evening was hotpot with the PPGS, sunday was spenting packing, cleaning my rabbit and moving back to Wj's place. Monday morning was spent at a local kopitiam, catching up on my roots, realising that hey so many pple are not working either on a monday, called my dearest cousin to say that im going off and didnt have time to catchup and realise that she too, was in bed and not working . Afternoon was spent at the airport and off i flew to china.
okay maybe i was alittle picky during my stint back home. Then again i was feeling rather bruised at the fact that the Great Singapore Sale was arriving and that i shouldn't be buying stuff at this time when prices are going to drop next month rite? But then....

*lamenting. howling. weeping.*
~ okie i will post my gentings pix soon
+ the return saga of the PPGS,
ABNN and Angmoh Gao

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Swissotel Merchant Court Ellenborough Market Cafe

gosh! these sweet stuff need the Clinique Pore Minimiser! LOOK at those huge pores like moon craters. But once they went into my mouth, yumyum, cant see the pores no more!

okie, back to the real stuff, the buffet is definitely worth its every cent this i swear. Their durian pengat is what my mother swore on returning and she had 3 big helpings on top of her 2 regular servings of the normal and continental buffet. Their buah keluak was good too i heard from my dad who managed to scoop up 2 nuts before everyone else did. So he was the only one in the family who had tried it.

As for me, i had 4 huge servings of my salmon sashimi, scallops, 2 baked oysters (yucks! cos fresh ones are always the best!) mussels, sushi, crab brisque (dunno how's my spelling over here but heck) some steamed fish which my dardar got for me. And of cos these green delicious pore thingys.

~burst on the sides

duncha just love us

Friday, May 4, 2007

Bursting on sides

look at mum's plate. Full to the brim with seafood! (scallops, prawns, oysters....)
here's my fair share of sashimi, oysters and scallops. Sis here is eating her veggies away in a buffet.
~ worth every penny spent.

Genting Day 03 and leaving the hills

this is the longest and fastest cable car rides in southeast-asia or so they claim.
Breath of fresh air compared to the First World Plaza which we were stuck in. They actually allow smoking in the shopping mall!
After this cable car ride, it was back to the hotel room\prison cell to check out and wait to board the coach to get down the hills.
Boarding time was 2pm and we only reached singapore tuas checkpoint at 730pm. Can u imagine the 5.5hours on the coachride? My whole precious afternoon in a stuffy bus with a snoring uncle behind my back, a smelly foot uncle infront of me and a drooling bus guide to my left, when i can jolly well spend those hours and minutes combing the rest of orchard road for clothes, bags and more shoes!
Bet u say: nvm it's comfy...well heck no! they gave us normal (non-inclined) seats to go back!!! So UNCOMFY!!!!!!! IM SHORTCHANGED AGAIN!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Gentings Day02

much better day!

we took a public coach ($5 ringgit per pax, velley cheap!) down the hills to Titiwangsa, took a LRT to Masjid Jambek, change to MRT to KLCC and voila! we are at SURIA KLCC, the famous twin towers of KL! =PETRONAS!!!! And we did it all by ourselves! muahahah, didnt get lost leh!

Had our daily dose of caffeine from starbucks. okie, a daily doze for me and not wj who had a mango frapp. And what can we do in a mega shopping mall? SHOPPING! so here is the place where i got my 5 pairs of shoes from. When we were Q-ing to pay, i saw 7 boxes of shoes with the name Yenyen on them. Hmmph! so i wasnt the only shoe freak princess around here. mr goh stared big-eyed and i think he was quite relieved to know that he was quite the lucky chap who has a gf, who was in control of her shoe spending.

Ritey, so besides the usual shopping, we even managed to catch 'Spiderman3' at the big screens here and they only serve caramel popcorn, no salty ones. *bleah*

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

in the room, on the tummy

ah ren's little stint

Gentings Day 01

assemble at Bukit Timah Plaza Taxi entrance. Freaking early. my eyes haven even split open yet, wearing my coke bottled specs, wrapped in my red quilted jacket, we got onto a cab which was still running on midnite charges. Waited for about an hour plus, ticked our names off the list, boarded onto our GOLD cruiser. WHOA. Automated sofas which inclines and stretches forward to become a bed with in built leg rest. COMFY. rite, it's snoozing time.
Finally we are on the move towards Tuas Checkpoint. Go down, checkin our thumbprints. Go up the coach. Reach JB checkpoint. Go down, chopped our passports. Go up the coach. SNOOze time. Drool abit. Got caught by Wj yet again. *redface*
i woke up and saw we were in the forest.
Going up the winding road now. anytime now. Hey didnt we just drove up the hills? how come we are driving down the hills again. weird. Now we are going up the hills again. Time to sleep again.
ohoh. die lah. i need to pee. i twitched my face, pressed my tummy, pulled my hair. Grabbed and squeezed wj's hand till he bit his lower lip in pain. Anytime now. TAHAN!
Reached the hotel lobby and i stormed to the tandas.PHEW. relief. Now we can check in. BUT. HUH! we have to take a Q number for checking IN! maciam like seeing the doctor!
yeah! Room 7910, here we come. Open the door and WHAM! a puny toilet like 3mx3m. a queensize bed, corner tv, 2 stools, a small dressing table with an attached pole above us with hangers. GREAT. Bedsheets were as thin as muslim. EVEN BETTER. Both wj and I cant wait to get out of our rooms. Rites so it's time for lunch!

First World hotel

rites, pinky is back from her Genting trip and has lots of complaining to do.
Like my mother said. I was shortchanged. But i really had no choice. Firstly i can only go back to SG during the first week of May. Secondly the hotel which i was supposed to stayed in was fully book: The Resort Hotel. (hey i tried booking like 3 weeks in advance and still didnt managed to get a room, so it's not a fault of mine.) So the lady in charged booked us a room at First World Hotel which btw is in the Guiness World Record of having the most number of rooms! 6118 rooms in total!
holy cow. Look at the beautiful pictures i have of my room, hmm or rather outside of my room. *bleah*

this is the 'wonderful' view im getting from my hotel window.
im wondering whether was i staying in a hotel which is in the Guiness world record or a prison cell. I had to close my curtains all the time when i was in my room to remind myself that i was on holiday and not in bootcamp.