Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pretty Phoney

Pretty in pink.
Saw it in a japanese magazine and i thot it was so pretty!!!! Think it comes in 3 colours.and wj got it for me!!! hahaha it was surprise gift from him cos it was our monthsary day coming soon....*grin*
Although it's very much for the phone but i have attached to my camera instead! *yeah* Another pretty addition bling!

Monday, January 28, 2008

New shoes to usher in the new year!

Tupperware party!

here comes the annual tupperware party in shenzhen!
Rules of the game:
  • tupperware is a must
  • bring your own rice
  • bring 2 homemade dishes
  • SMILE!

Post Christmas Photos

It's been awhile yah??? hahahha

Been so busy at work that i haven had time to pee!
but still managed to finally steal(actually it's not steal since it's not office hours!!!!or put it this way, steal some of my personal beauty rest time...) some time off to post some of the Yeo's family and friends' post christmas photos!!!

big bird is always part of a big celebration here....with lotsa fruity salad and baked potatoes.

that's dessert! looks berry-licious!

our darling peanut is doing her hoppity rounds in the kitchen...

star of the nite! oh hmm should i say Heart of the nite? Not very christmassy here...more appropriate shape for valentine's day! oh wells, chef is the big boss, cannot question her taste in shapes. Unless u want a whack from her big spoons.

wine and card games.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

GUCCI Charm shoulder Bag

*big grin*
wj bought me a new bag to usher in the new year!!! Comes in light gold and real nifty to stuff all my angbows in it when i go visiting!
and best of all, it has this charm bracelet as a handle! So pretty and charming!

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Bag!

My latest collection! The LV monogram Neverfull bag.
Very roomy and like its name, neverfull! Best for this winter since i can put extra stuff like my beanie and scarf when im indoors. And lately there's so many light showers so can bag my brolly in too!
And the other good thing is that is quite light and perfect for putting all the other small shopping bags together!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

D & D 2007

Beginning everyone was so prim and proper....a few groupie photos to commerate the occasion BUT after more food and alcohol + games...things got wild.

Lots of "Yam Seng"... so funny to bring in the Singaporean way of toasting, many of the local chinese didnt understand but they just yell! JOIN THE FUN!!! haha. And i won myself a pressure cooker!!! while wj won something too - an MP3 player.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


one word to describe:


Korean fOOd

Above: the guy with our charcoal stove! Next is our fatty beef being bbqed (all sizzling red) and last photo on far right is the lady flipping our meat!

wj had this sudden urge of having teppanyaki! But to have it was pretty far away from the office. Since it was a working nite and to take the MRT would need half an hour or so (PLUS WE ARE STARVING).... So instead, we had this korean BBQ beef platter thingy (it was called Grilled Pig Ribs on the menu) which was pretty good too!!!! and very yummy of cos. And we had a waitress to help us set the table and BBQ up too.

First came all the little side dishes...and there were so many!!! and colourful and... by the time we were half way thru them we were like 50% full! hahaha....i was gorging myself on the delicious red spicy kimchi!!! while wj ate the cold potato salad and egg rolls.

wj ordered bibimbap (traditional korean stone pot rice which is called on the menu) for himself while i had the spicy kimchi soup+rice!!! *slurps* really good and warms me up during the winter night! woohoo...thought it was almost near heaven! These days the winter nights can be soooo cold!

Above: here's the BBQ hotstove with the silver lid on top...and that's our beef being BBQ with hot white ashened charcoal underneath.

Verdict: VERY good food!!! dunno about the MSG though, i think there are traces of it in all the food i suppose. But i totally LOVE the kimchi soup!!! Keeps me warm in the cold weather!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Since coming back from HCMC, wj and i have been bumming around, enjoying the cool weather, occasional drizzle + abit of shopping, mostly in the late mornings. There has been so much buzzing around Orchard road with most shops having the word SALE splash across their windows.

an amazing word. a word that draws the working class, the homestead mother, avery confused dad,the college student eager to buy a right present, the techie who yearns for the itouch, a shopaholic frantic to get the best buys.

i dunno about u, but when i see women at a zara sale, sweeping hands across the racks. a gush of adrenaline swims thru me. i panic. sometimes i even break into a cold sweat, thinking right at that very moment, she might be taking the very last piece of XXS, XS or even S size blouse, skirt, dress or tee that i have been eyeing on!

but age has been catching up. And i can no longer do a full day shopping. Nowadays i start about noon and by 4pm, im almost dead. i even left wj to do his own shopping at Zara and Guess while i sat at the bench waiting outside for him, playing on his dopod. But the guy cant seem to do his shopping without me. heehee...he came back to me empty handed.

oh wells, what is a blog for anyway but to write everything and nothing. SO this festive season, despite my cramps and backaches, headaches and occasional grumpyness...i'm pleased to announce that both wj and i caught a 10:25am Golden Compass Movie and we have done some shopping afterall with swarms of people flocking down orchard road + loads of window shopping as well.

(for him)
2 Zara jeans (denim and black)
1 Zara pants (black)
2 Zara tees
2 Giodano short sleeve shirts

(for her)
1 GUESS tube
1 GUESS tank top
1 GUESS bag
2 Zara dresses
2 Zara tees
1 Zara vest
1 Miss Selfridge denim vest
1 Dorothy Perkins skinny
1 pair of mphosis slipper
3 LaSenza underwear!

~ pinky is resting at home, tea mug on hand occasionally, furiously typing and recalling the past lazy days.