Sunday, December 18, 2011

Skinny Pizza at Raffles City basement

we shared the appetiser platter where you can choose 3 different finger foods to start your meal.

The squid paella....whatever it was called but it was squid ink and it was a paella.
ooo....but it was good.

me and the beautiful-trying-to-grow-her-hair long Miss Meow.

me and charms

I had fish and chips all to myself cos im feeding for 2 now!
heehee...but i couldn't finish it cos it was so much...the truffle fries were fantastic, but i had a sneaky feeling the batter for the fish is marinated with beer! I hope im wrong cos im not suppose to take any alcohol....but ignorance is bliss right? Plus it's fried till god knows how many deg celsius...would have burn/cooked all alcohol content away right???

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