Thursday, June 1, 2017

Shoes from HK!

Just came back from hong kong and these are my shoe shopping haul!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Loving Hubs

WJ is cycling round Bishan Park catching pokemons for me whilst I stay at Mcdonalds having my cuppa latte. Recent heat wave in singapore has caused my eczema to flare up I'm staying away from all the outdoor and hot activities...

with the arrival of baby jade, we no longer can stay out late at night while the boys are asleep, catching what we can do now is during my maternity leave, i catch a 2 hour break when Jade is having her nap and quickly rush to the nearest "nest" to catch some pokemons which i do not have...


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hubs Birthday at Seoul Yummy

Throwback post as there are so many backlogged blogs to write, edit and think about. Now especially when we have 3 kids, finding time to do my blogging has become quite difficult. Plus I prefer to take my photos and download/backup into my server before I blog. So that takes up some time as well....

nonetheless. here's hubs birthday lunch at Seoul Yummy!
we managed to "escape" out for an afternoon break, leaving my helper with Jade.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Present

Here's my valentine's present to hubs...another watch which he had requested - Casio G Shock with Nylon Band which he had gotten online. He says it's quite limited. I probably agree with him since we purposely went down to Vivocity where there was a shop that sells G Shock and baby G watches and they have sold out on this particular G shock that he is looking for. And the salesgirl also told us that all other branches have also sold out on this watch.

For me, he bought me a Miffy lamp, a request from me for quite some time now. I haven't gotten the time to take it out from the box! so there are no photos of it yet...

i'm thinking of sprucing up Jade's baby cot area with the new lamp but seriously with a baby...i simply can't find a time that is long enough for me to clean, arrange things, pack and unpack stuff and do up a space. I guess Miffy Lamp is gonna have to wait in her box for some time...

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Macarons from Bonheur Patisserie

most days hubs after bringing Jules and James to their kindy in the afternoons, he will pack lunch back for me and my helper. But today, it's a special day where he brought me out for lunch. And we decided to drop by Grandstand Pasar Bella to see what we can find to fill our stomachs. Regrettably ,we didn't find anything to our taste buds at Pasar Bella so we went out and had noodles instead. However i did manage to buy something which caught my fancy! A box of macarons from Bonheur Patisserie!!!

it's a box of 10 for $25. $1 for character macarons like the ones I've bought - Pikachu, Hello Kitty and Pokeball. They taste really nice, not too sweet and perfect for an afternoon's tea treat.

try it. You will be surprise by how little things such as these will brighten up your day.


Monday, January 2, 2017

NIKE shoes - Walk together Stay together

it's the first day of the new Year 2017 that I'm heading out with hubs...and we are wearing our new matching shoes together! it's our christmas exchange gift last year 2016. Love the black!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Shoes - Bought online

Always wanted to try buying shoes online although I never did try because I was afraid that the shoes will not fit. Unlike clothes where there's more flexibility - we can wear it loose. Shoes when it doesn't fit means it will eventually bite your heels or toes if you tried to squeeze your feet into them.

So what I did was to visit the Charles and Keith shop and tried on the shoes before buying. Then I made an online purchase when there was a promotion on free delivery! Shoes can be quite heavy to lug home when you don't have a car. seriously.

so here are my online buys from our local brand Charles and Keith!

i super like this velvet strappy heels!