Thursday, June 29, 2006

HK day 01

the weather in hk was sweltering hot! so hot that i felt like a post-it sticker!!!

friday morning
i met alancia, her sis (serene) and her auntie neo at changi airport. my doting parents fetched me there in the wee hours of the morning and i could see that my pappy was so tired, think he was too ganchiong and afraid that he might oversleep that he didnt sleep that nite until he has fetched me to the airport.

me and pengz on jetstarAsia!
pengz and auntie neo! choosing a velley discounted polo!

and we are off to HK! heehee 3 velley eager girls and one super bubbly auntie! alancia is back to her usual 'sleep acting mode' on the plane. she doesnt sleep, she pretends to sleep. although the seats were rather tight, but hey we aint complaining cos we know tat it's afterall a budget airline!

met my darling wj. finally. took the coach back to our hotel and plonked our bags and we are off to comb the streets of hk! changed into my tee, skirt and slippers man...cos there's gg to be lotsa walking to do!

lunch was at me and wj's usual fave restaurant in mongkok. we had some timsum, one velley big plate of waxed meat (sweet lightly grilled charsiew and beautifully roasted goose meat). after that hearty lunch, wj and i brought the gals down to the MTR to get them their OCTOPUScard. first stop was at hk island...times square and it's neighbouring shops which included the esprit, yeeshun milk pudding and all the small little eateries (had my egg waffles!). Alancia has just purchased her first new pair of shoe! and more dresses on the way!

took the star ferry back to kowloon. had dinner at cafe coral. hk's reknown fast food place where they dun serve u burgers or fries but chinese food at a fast pace. next stop was the avenue of stars where serene wanted to see the handprints of the local 'hollywood' stars like andy lau, anita mui, jet li, jackie chan etc....

the gals were too tired to club tonite. it has been such a long day in the hot weather and so much walking...caught some bbq-ed squids on the way (wj fave roadside snack). i had my usual crepes but this time i tried a new flavour! spicy beef slices, cheese and mushrooms! yummy!

me and wj sneaked outta our hotel and got 2 plates of desserts into our stomachs! one mountain of mango kachang and i had almond sesame combo paste!


secret mission! 01

basic ingredients for a big surprise cookie!!!! :

secret mission! 02

secret mission 03

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

the coffee connoisseur

wednesday afternoon
mummy took half day off to spend time with me and tine. so we went to TCC for snacks, tea and dinner, all rolled into one. Thus u can see here that our table was filled with sumptous food!

ginseng and chicken soup of the day verdict: blah!
salmon kulua verdict: yummy and thumbs up for the pretty flower petals and an array of asparagus spears

our fried wantons again! and this time, tine was sharing a cajun chicken and mushroom sandwiched between 2 slices of wholemeal bread with me.

introducing our chicken/fungi sandwich! with rocket salad and crispy papadums on the side, on a very bright red plate.

Tine's dessert was...a romantic strawberry mousse with exotic berries while i had my regular ti-rum-misu...oh so yummy!

my pretty ti-rum-misu with a large waffle chocolate, gooseberry, strawberries and 3 slices of biscotti which got stolen by my lunch counterparts that afternoon.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

the not so yummy rochester north bar and grill

why we click

last nite joelle was saying that me and her will never have a meeting point. well maybe our love for our longchamp bags. then alancia was saying that perhaps that is why the three of us gum so well together becos...

alancia is our meeting point which also makes her our buffering system;
we all have our differences and therefore makes us so interesting as a triplet;
we never dress alike (from colours to fabric, frills to no frills and even shoes);
we use the toilet at different times/durations;
our mannerisms;

where joelle's main concern in moving house would be her books and shelves, i think i will faint in horror if i were to find out that there wasnt a space for my clothes and shoes. joelle enjoys her facials and rejuvenating spas, im more concern with my manis and pedis. alancia is really in the middle with her gym routine, facials now and then plus some cuticle pamperings.

joelle never dyes her hair, alancia does it now and then, i'm forever the chameleon. joelle enjoys being the spunky-designer-short cropped tomboyish girl, alancia is the demure sophisticated woman all waiting to bloom whereas im still stuck in the middle of being spunky ( i really want to but lack the guts) cum sophisticated (my then wavy feminine curls) cum babydoll look(my now rebonded hair)!

i guess when u put the three of us together, we look very mismatched but hey...looks can be oh so deceiving.

~disillusioned pink

Monday, June 26, 2006


It was quite an affording experience at VoxyNails (shop located at link of taka and wisma basement, besides Guess)...although the nail artist who did my nails wasnt very experienced but it was cheap. My manis cost me $12 and my pedis was only $14! a real bargain to be done in town area!

$3 rings for FarEastPlaza!