Tuesday, March 31, 2015


In case you are wondering where did we wandered off to during the easter holidays...we went HK!

here's a quick glance at our HK Itinerary. Sharing is caring! Basically, I usually cram my utmost list in the first 2 days (all the MUST EAT and MUST DO and MUST SHOP) and chillax for the rest of the trip....ho ho ho.

DAY 01
Flight to HK. check in.
MTR to Central
1st stop: Mak's Noodle at Wellington Street to eat their delicious wontons and beef brisket noodles
2nd stop: Lan Fong Yuen to eat their heart warming kaya french toast and milk tea
3rd stop: Da Pai Dang stall (very traditional) Sing Heung Yuen to eat their tomato noodles!
- Prada outlet store
- Horizon Plaza (only had half hour, need to come back as there are 28 floors)
- Fa Yuen Street (recce and come back to buy for the next 2 days)
- Temple Street (recce and come back to buy for the next 2 days)

4th stop: Yee Shun Milk Pudding @ watercress street
5th stop: Dinner at Temple street to eat roadside seafood
6th stop: 7-11 for supper snacks

DAY 02
Breakfast at local Cha Can Teng
Scenic Tour: Tai-O Fishing Village
Shopping at Citygate outlets
Lunch: Kau Kee Beef Noodles at Central
Lyndhurst: Tai Cheong Bakery for their super moist and thin crust egg tarts
- Night Market shopping
-Allied Plaza
Dinner: Cha Can Teng for their claypot rice
street side local delights
7-11 for supper snacks

DAY 03
Breakfast at Macau Tsui Yuen Cafe for their famous Portuguese Curry Bun and ice coffee
2nd round at Horizon Plaza
Lunch: Yat Lok Roast Goose at Central
- Ladies Market
Dinner at Tan Ge Guo Qiao Mian Xian (so-so, can skip, not sure why the locals like it)
7-11 for supper snacks

DAY 04
Breakfast at Australia Diary Company for their yellowiest and yummiest scramble eggs!!!
- Granville circuit
- K11
- Almond biscuits from Kee Wah
- Langham place
Dinner at Chan Kee Roasted Goose (not recommended, only good for quick fix)
Fei Jie Snacks

DAY 05
Breakfast at Cafe Coral, need somewhere to rest and spend the morning without having to rush or share a table
Flight back to SG