Sunday, December 30, 2012

Star Cruise Superstar Gemini - Interiors

very old looking toilet. beat out and worn out. Old doesn't matter, the worse thing is that it doesn't even look clean.
 See how dirty the light switches?
Missing shower curtain. But it was the missing blanket that was more important, I can live without the shower curtain for 2 days. Oh yes, i forgot to mention, water is the most important. and we stayed in the cabin for almost 2 days without water. Can't shower, can't brush teeth and wash face, can't even flush the toilet bowl.
see how dirty, rusty and old the lights are??? YUCKS.
and that's the flooring of the shower cubicle. I don't even dare to zoom in. Think it will scare you all.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Garden Dwarves

cute little garden dwarves which I bought from Daiso!
it's just too bad that the day that i bought them and put them out in the garden and it rained like crazy. So they have sand and dirt all over them now.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

SHOP & EAT at Orchard

H&M post Christmas sale here I come!
hubs went for a haircut at Somerset 313's Shunji Matsuo while i "waited" at H&M.
Guess what, after his haircut, he called to ask where i was, and I replied:
" still at H&M."
hubs went " still at H&M????"

after so much walking, window shopping cos i only bought things from H&M, the rest were just pure staring at windows....we rest our feet at Paul.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery

Heard lots of vibes on this ALL DAY Breakfast place at Mandarin Gallery besides the infamous Ippudo. So hubs and I decided to give it a try. We went there really early about 10am and it was already full with 2 ladies in front of us waiting to get a table.

But it was ok, we waited only for about 15 mins and we got ourselves a table. The place is rather small thus can only seat a number of people each time, so that probably explains the long waiting queues on weekends.
Inside was warm and cozy, mainly because of the warm lights that they were using, retro tables and chairs, red brown wall tiles and an old fashion coffee bar.

the service was quite prompt. probably because you have to order your breakfast at the bar/ cashier area. so if you order fast, you get your food faster!

hubs had the Tunisian Breakfast + Cafe Latte
I had the English Breakfast + Cafe Latte

the portions are generous but they should be, given for the hefty price laid on them.
i guess the food is good to a certain extent, but hmm, honestly speaking, i think i rather go back to Forty Hands at Tiong Bahru for an equally hearty good breakfast.

this is abit too ah-tas for me!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day itself - Chocolate Fountain

After the heavy dinner of 3 types of sausages (black pepper, cheese and original), Wu Xiang from Toa Payoh, baked potatoes and broccoli, here's our dessert for Christmas Dinner:
 an assortment of fruits
biscuit sticks 
for our chocolate fountain.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pre Christmas Dinner Menu 2012

a sneak peak at what I'm serving this Christmas to my friends!

Christmas Party with Friends

 photos from friends' cameras...
excuse me from all the jumping scenes as they are taken from 2 different cameras thus the photos are not in sequence.