Sunday, June 29, 2008

湿滷味 Stewed Noodles@People's Park Food Centre

that's the name of this stall.
How seldom can you find a stall like this!
And its egg noodles are only going for $2.50 a bowl!!! Topped with golden-fried beancurd strips, a huge piece of cuttlefish, fishcake, taopok and a good serving of kangkong veggies. hmm, was there half a hard boiled egg in there? can't rem...anyone ate there can tell me some other time yah??
The soup stock was flavourful enough, although it could have been stewed longer but it bears nostalgic moments for me as I used to eat this when i was young.
Although the taste can never be compared to the past, but I'm not really complaining here as I know how hard this sort of food is to find.
Besides their $2.50-a-bowl of egg noodles, they also serve a bigger portion which includes 3 layered pork, pig skin, more taopok, kangkong, chicken wing that comes in a metal bowl, in a rattan basket. I see many people ordering that too with their bowl of rice. Comes in 3 prices: $4, $6, $8
Ritey, that's all i wanna blog about this time round...and of cos i'm always on the look-out for more interesting finds in Singapore!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

While Resting....During a shopping spree

The gals were all resting as we began shopping at 10am in the morning and it's almost 3pm now...haha yes we are die hard shoppers! Even beauty sleep sometimes cannot defer us from our retail therapy! So while TY was looking at the mirror, i was trying to get a candid shot but caught by her.

So okay, we all agreed to pose for this special XXX shopping mall, in XXX room...

TY: eh our heads not fully taken. Take again.
Me: {hands camera over to TY} okay u take lah.
TY: is this anti-shock?

ME: alamak so blur
S: Take again lah

that's it! i'm sooooo going to complain to mr goh for not buying me an anti-shock camera!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lego Doggie Accessories

Above are more of our LEGO creations! wj and i spent many nites trying to create new stuff from LEGO blocks. Here's one of my personal favourite - 2nd photo which is a scottish terrier!!! Reminds me of Tintin and his doggie! (use your imagination) hahahaha....
the last 2 were wj's creation as "wedding favours" for your guests at your wedding dinner. Quite pretty and so sweet! we sold a pair at the flea mart too.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Lego Accessories for Everyone!

Hi there!
As promised, here are some more photos of what we sold at the flea mart!
One of our friend was so happy over her "elephant" pendant that she even wants to get one for her brother!
And of cos there were special requests of adding "crystals" on their lego pendant sets

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lego Earrings for sale!

we sold these at the flea mart for $5 a pair. they sold pretty well especially the black and white ones...and here's your last chance to get some cos there a few leftovers from the sale..
erm...but there's no more black and white ones hor.
If any of you gals are interested just leave a message,email me,text me whatever and i'll mail it to you at a discounted price of $3! All pieces are genuine lego trademark blocks and are lovingly handmade by mr goh himself.
will post more soon...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hello Kitty 3d papercraft

hello gals!

wondering what mr goh and i have been up to this weekend after last weekend of bazaar sale???

well, we are paper modelling!

Yup, i found a webby that allows downloading on 3d papercrafts for free! It comes in pdf version and all you have to do is to print it yourself and you are on your way to some paper handicraft work!

CLICK here

There are tons of free paper models in there but of cos kitty here is by far definitely the cutest!!! There's also a Mimmy white (a yellow version of hello kitty here)

This little fella took us one whole afternoon!

Things you will need:

  1. penknife
  2. UHU glue
  3. cutting mat
  4. last but not least..PATIENCE.

Have fun!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jubilee June Shoes

this month i have been rather a good girl! so far i only bought 2 pairs of shoes! The first pair is from our local shores - Charles and Keith. Yes yes, their shoes are painful to wear but this design is rather pretty! And because that unfortunate morning, my heel broke and i had no spare shoes in the office, leaving me with no choice whatsoever to buy a pair to tide me that day.
the second pair is somewhat i have been eyeing on for months now. heehee...yeah yeah for the great singapore sale so River Island was on sale too!!! Finally bought this pair of beige Mary-Janes! I was also eyeing on one of their low-rise jeans but sobsob! even at size6 (the smallest) it was still too big for me!!! And it was so cheap! going at $80!!! Was tempted to buy it then alter later but the wiser brain said ..."no" So my thumping heart relented. I did went back to the store like 5 times a week. Practically everyday until every single size 6 piece was sold. Heartbroken, i even went to the store at Vivocity to search for the same pair. But they didn't have it either.
sometimes it's just not meant to be.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flea Mart

we are setting up our 'store' now....more like mat store. Really! we are so clueless as to how to arrange our stuff!

Next, friends and cousins have arrived to help out! Even our colleagues came down to buy stuff from us!!! heeheh. Soon the hot scorching afternoon sun was shining down on us, and out come the umbrellas! okay i didnt take any pictures here cos we all looked so auntie-like! how unglam!!!

More photo taking here...all smiling away...of cos, if not how to make business? I keep smiling at my customers ok...from 3pm till 1030pm...and i bend and crawl till i had a backache! So tiring this flea mart business. I was telling wj that this will be the first and last time for me!!!!
Kudos to those who have been doing this for alternate saturdays every month!

See...the people here ah, drive such a hard bargain! $1 they also want to bargain with us...crazy man and i'm selling zara, mango, topshop, miss selfridge over here! They think im selling pasar malam clothes....sheesh.
There was even this blangah ah, walked up and down our stall 4 times! 4 times and every time he wanted the tee for $2 instead of $3. In the end after the 4th time he came down to bargain...we gave him for $2. We really admire his perserverance, determination and of cos bargaining skills. *bleah* we give up lah, no fight against him.

Lastly i really want to thank my friends and colleagues who made their way down just to encourage and support us!!!! and of cos my family and cousin who stayed almost the whole day with me, buying me drinks and food and of cos looking after my things in case someone steals them!!!!
It was a wonderful experience despite the backaches! hahaha...and wouldnt be a success without our family and friends..and of cos a sunny weather...gosh they should really put cooler fans attached to the ceilings or columns...phew!
now i'm proud to say that

"I've come and done it all!"

ps: just in case you are wondering how much we made....we managed to sell $300 plus worth of goodies! *smirk*