Friday, June 29, 2007

So shit at times

u say u wanted a feasible mall. But u said that we needn't have to do the interior spaces. Just a roof plan for the masterplan. okay. I can quickly sketch out a roof plan for you with workable spaces of the shops plus corridor without drawing the shops and corridor out for you.

After an hour or so, so much cadding with alfresco dining, abit of landscape and workable skylight areas to the roof plan. You tell me to use back the old roof plan of the shopping mall which was not even based on the correct dimensions of a shop units, corridors or lift cores. Why becos you are afraid that our client will not be happy with the new workable mall.

IDIOT. how can you tell me not to be angry.

Monday, June 25, 2007


BOYS AND GIRLS: wj and i have entered 2 photos in a contest but we need votes to win! So please vote for photo number 34 & 46.

Voters who have voted for the most popular photo will stand to win $200 worth of F&B vouchers. So make it happen for me and you! The last contest one of you won a LeeHwa Diamond Pendant and another won a round ticket to Bangkok just for voting for my photos! So start voting people and vote as many times to increase your chances of winning!

Here's the website to vote (just register as a member, it's free and fast!)


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Flower Hairclips

here's what i found at the $2 shop. Pretty pastel flower hairclips! Came in baby pink, Rose pink, mustard yellow, monochrome (like zebras) and red.

Pearls and Crystal

Remember i was telling you about pearl necklaces with chunky blingy pendants?Well girls, one is never enough.

Yups i got myself yet another one more over the weekend. Well it wasnt entirely my fault cos wj's brother and girlfriend was in town and they requested to do some light shopping. Which i think it didnt turn out exactly light. Anyway, which normal girl will settle for one pair of shoe? Wj ask me how many pairs of feet do i have and i repeat his question to him: how many pairs of ears do you have? becos the man brings 3 hps with him everyday to work. sheesh. if he needs his gadgets, well i need my accessory!

Anyway, this was the most expensive accessory i bought that day cos afterwhich i refused to step into another store and went for lunch instead. (read. i spent REALLY alot at the mango sale. PERIOD. i didnt buy many if that's what you girls wanted to know, the dresses there just cost alot. hmmph! i know you girls must be wanting to know what i have purchased, i shall post them if i have the time. heehee) After lunch i dropby the usual $2 shop and checked out their wares and happily purchased 10 items which in total was $20, which translates back to S$4 back home. So i'm still quite under control.

Strawberry Delite

Hail to Kenneth Jay Lane who make us strawberry lovers beam with delight as he set this cherry red piece of pendant on our necks. Of cos i didnt get my hands on the original ones and settled for a china piece. (i got it for $15RMB if you girls really want to know) Looks pretty much the same to me and to all Sportsgirl fans, it's exactly the same one that sportsgirl was carrying last season in their stores too.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Weekend Madness - FOOD!

Sunday Dinner

***牛肉蘑菇肠粉 ***猪肝粥***

Sunday Lunch

Oriental Soya chicken pasta for me _-_-_-_ California chicken pasta for him

Saturday dinner

Teppanyaki package for the both of us which includes prawns,oysters, sirloin steak, daily dose of cabbage patch and a bowl of hot steamy soup and short grain rice.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Out of nowhere

***here's a quick look at my new blings blings! ***
Pearly ones are really hot this seaon, although plastic beads are found on the streets worn by some...but pearls are still my best bet. Please dun misunderstood those granny match cardigan short length pearls...i meant those long pearls with a blingy pendant attached. See picture on left....Best to match blingblings on plain tops or dark ones. (not that u girls dun know, anyway i will just say it here again.) So they will really really really be eye-catching. Next are those shoulder dusters! hmm, well in my case, not really shoulder touching, but u get the meaning, of cos you gals do since you are reading my blog and my readers are all very smart and trendy ladies. Remember, to pull back your hair to show those earrings but also leave a small lock of hair at the side of your ears to have that wispy effect. Now, that's the Princess look of the decade.
Have fun!

Sunnies SuperSale

Updates Again!
Ritey, it's the weekend once more and i promised wj that treat of the infamous Jack Sparrow and his crew of pirates in the carribean sea!
So off we went to the shopping malls and booked ourselves 2 tickets for the show. It was SO CROWDED, PEOPLE! and to think each ticket cost us $90RMB and it still drew such a crowd!

Anyway what i really wanted to blog about was the huge mega sunny sale at the plaza! From far away, it caught our eyes! From Dior to Armani, Gucci and Fendi! All were on discounts and yes, it's real lah, not the fake ones.
The sale was too good to resist that we bought a Gucci for me to make it into specs and an armani sunny for him! I'm starting to wonder am i becoming a Gucci fan cos it's my 2nd pair of Gucci Spectacles, so weird when i really thot i wanted an Armani or a Dior (deviating here...there was this aviator Dior which was really a blast! with silver rivets on the rim of the metal frame but it was still quite expensive after the discount! :( ) one for my reading. Instead wj got the armani!!!

*Gucci for me* *Armani for him* *Squeezing people!*