Monday, February 25, 2008



Liver Longer:

Beetroot & Apples with Lemon $6.50

Not bad and soiled taste of beetroot wasn't strong. Nicely done enough. Colour was fantastic! and so was the presentation with curly double twin straws.

Eat with me! Comfort. Freedom. Hippy.

Phat Fries for Hippy [COMFORT FOOD] Fries, hand cut and baked, with concoction of dips and an Oomphaseasoning. Whatever that means in the menu. What's interesting is that the dips came in test-tubes! and my sis was saying she's missing chemistry. yah back to school huh. There were 4 different dips and the tough bit was to pour the dips out from the tubes onto the wedges. Cute but so not user-friendly.


Good Sandwich

Avocado, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, spinach, melted cheese and fresh tomatoes sandwiched with toasted all grain bread.

This sandwich is packed with wholesome goodness bursting with delicious yummy tastes from salty, tangy, sour, crunchy to sweet! It's not that im advertising but this is really good stuff! *thumbs up*

Latte [skinny]

regular perk-me-up coffee.



Very quaint, funky, abit of cottage style mixed with victorian furniture. Pink painted ceilings with crystal chandeliers, nice chairs, painted wooden tables, coloured rattan armchairs, bottled cookies.

Great place for a cozy gathering.



163, Tanglin Road, #01-03 & 01-35/36
Tanglin Mall
Tel: 6733 9088

Sunday, February 24, 2008


venue: kitchen floor
agenda: having a cuppa tea

Swissotel the Stamford

A mini surprise for wj. Although it's such a pity that he has to leave the hotel 4am this morning to catch a flight back to shenzhen. actually i was pretty upset since i already booked a room in advance and even upgraded it. *hmmph*

just so not 'going' for me.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


i cant understand why 925 silver from Tiffany's are so expensive.
BUT i so so love them!!!
When i was younger, i love their mesh ring and their XOXO series by paloma picasso but as i get older, i especially love their charm series and the worst thing is that they make u buy one piece at a time to add to your bracelet or necklace. (of cos if u are so loaded u can buy a few at one go) So it's like if u like the toy-car bit, first u need to buy it then u can hook 'em up to your bracelet or necklace. So if u like lots of things or blingsblings or cutesy stuff (they have hearts, rocking horse, aeroplanes, lockets etc etc) on your trinklets then u will need to collect them one by one.
ritey but im quite a lucky gal!!! cos i just got my tiffany's charm necklace as my belated Vday cum anniversary prezzie from wj! It will be my second charm series collectable items now!!! One can never get enough of them!!!

i wish upon a tree that i may have more tiffanys in the future.
keep them coming!!!!

Ah Teng's Bakery

mummy ordered "Desire" for wj on his birthday.
It was a mousse cake with white chocolate layer in the centre and all covered with a silky dark chocolate on the outside. Topped with a gooseberry, raspberries and strawberries.
~ Happy Birthday WJ! ~
and Happy Lunar New year to everyone too as it's also the last day of the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Siem Reap Day 03- Morning half!

Good morning siem reap!
Today's our R&R day which means no planning, no itinery, no nothing. Just go with the flow.

Breakfast started late at 930am. Actually it's not really late but considering the previous 2 mornings, hmm this is considered late! hahaha....

Quite a wide variety, noodle soup, congee, beehoon, and your regular sausage, bacon and eggs. There's pancakes too!

Nice coffee too...and to finish off, fruits!

1030am: Centre market.
ON the way there, we were waylaid into Blue pumpkin. Told u it was a R&R day. too hot to walk in non-airconditioned places. Wj had his tonic water while i settled myself with a nice cuppa ice black tea.
Blue Pumkin
Free WiFi. Nice white interiors. Lots of angmoh surfing.
Gelato by the counter and some pastries, cakes and buns. They serve ala carte menu too.

here's wj "fluffing" his hair. (sometimes guys are quite hiao too)

12nn-1pm: Old market
  • Bought cushion silk covers (US$2 each)
  • A book "The Alchemist" (US$3)
  • Rattan fan, very traditional (50c)
  • Embroidered Coin pouches (US$3)
after walking aimlessly, i admit i was getting tired of this R&R day! Anyway i needed to pee badly so we went back to the hotel to shower. Watch telly till 3pm.
3pm: LUNCH!
Soup Dragon
Address: along Sivatha as well. Basically there's a wide range of restaurants here.
Price: about US$10 for 2
Try: Coffee shake (US$1.50), Sweet and sour chicken with lemongrass + rice (US$3), vietnamese roll

above: that's my cabbage with mince meat soup! + us + us again.