Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Can dogs be of something else other than a pet?


~frosty is both a pet and a foot rest.

velley Brollywood

here's what my dad got for me! a kitty brolly! and i have been using it almost every single day as there are heavy downpours. At first when i first received it, i was quite surprised as i didnt think of a brolly as a necessity but it seems that daddy was right afterall!!! and wj is not afraid to use it with me too, provided that he is seen with me lah....
see, these are the tears from heaven on my new brolly!!

Monday, December 25, 2006


it's me and wj first visit to Vivocity!!! and we decided to give our feets arest at Bakerzin! and we had une tasse de cafe au lait each and shared a warm chocolate cake which was their signature cake. Ozzing fuzzy warm chocolate fudge on the inside when u pierce your fork through, and when it went into my mouth...ooooh! so thick and velvety on the inside and chilling cool on the outside as the cake is topped with a scoop of fresh vanilla ice-cream. And it comes on a pretty plate with a ring of berries.
~happy boxing day tout le monde!
lotsaluff from pinky tis xmas...

joelle's crystal!

shiny shiny! although a big too big to hang around my neck! Abit hesitant as to what to do with this bling bling of mine. My initial thots was to hang on the xmas tree but what if the wind blows and it drops to the ground and smashed into smitherins? *eeks* Better not play play.

in the end, still in a box, untouched.

ringing tis xmas

rainbow crystal baubbles melted down to a white gold ring from mummy dearest (really didnt expect this from her)...and she made daddy got her a mini version as well!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Potato Salad

2 green apples
4 potatoes
bacon bits
5 spice powder. pepper. salt. sugar. milk

serves 5

Boil and peel the potatoes, cut to cubes.
Cut apples to cubes. Mix potatoes, apples in a big bowl, add mayo, salt, pepper, salt, spice podwer, milk and sugar to taste.
Before serving, add the bacon bits on top.

See. told u it was the easiest thing to do.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

XMas Dinner!

look! tine is taking the whole turkey to herself!
so many things are happening in a sec!!! pypy is kissing mummy before he eats, im posing for the camera! wj is taking photos for us and ofcos the chef tine is too busy eating her food and poor daddy (missing in photo) is searching for a knife in the kitchen to cut the bird!

ta-duh and dad is back with his fork and knife!

Xmas Appetisers - ala chef christine

alfalfa wrapped smoked salmon drizzled with caviar et tutti frutti canapes

Velle can cook! - Chocolate Mousse Ingredients

hello!!! out there to my beautiful gals!!! just the other day i was chatting with cassie darling on msn and she shared a secret with me that she loves to cook (hmm, make it bake!)!!! hahah...welcome to the cooking cum baking CLUB!!!

i still remember the day when me sheree and jube(3 ah xiao gals) in the kitchen preparing a supposedly apple pie which turned out to be a peach pie!!!

well, here's my sharing of my chocolate mousse! and it's really simple but looks so deliciously sinful and maciam very difficult to do!
(cos my ah pa said: huh! u do want ah! sure u never buy from the supermarket?? huh! u do one ah! shakes head and puts spoonful of mousse into his mouth until it was all gone and smacking his lips!!!!)

Chocolate Mousse
200g bar of baking chocolate
284ml (1/2 pint) whipping cream
10ml (2 tsp) dry instant coffee
4 egg yolks'40ml (2tbsp) coffee liquer
strawberries/ gooseberries for decoration
serves 8 small serving glasses

Heat the cream with the coffee to boiling point, then pour into blender & liquidise for 1 minute, until chocolate has melted.
Add the egg yolks and liquer, blend for a further 30 sec and turn into a bowl.
Refrigerate for at least an hour until cold & thick. (i was short of time so i dumped into freezer for half hour! still works! no worries!!)
After refrigerating, serve them in their shot glasses! (shot glasses can be gotten from ikea, very cheap!)

voila! Chocolate mousse! (in shot glass) & chocolate mousse cake...

Xmas Preparation Part 01

Every christmas, the Yeo family is like a hub of buzz! and this year we decided to do things abit differently with the addition of a goh! SO instead of the usual turkey order and poor mum slaving in the kitchen to prepare a sumptous and filling diner, everyone of us were suppose to prepare a little something and so here's the order list:
  1. velle - dessert
  2. christine - appetiser
  3. wj (who calls himself JayWu now, *me: snigger & starts to roll on floor*) - salad (who chose the simplest one to prepare which is potato salad)
  4. mum - main course
  5. dad - order turkey

Xmas Preparation Part 02 - salade de pommes!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Joelleous Occasion

congratulations my dearest friend.

Sis's Bday Cake

here is a series of me and wj...the whole family is waiting for the birthday girl to come out from her room to blow her candles...(my sis is very very addicted to the internet, esp now that her 'man' is back from the war..sheesh...)

mango mousse from secret recipes.

the starving dogs...all they could do was to wait...

omigaud..frosty are u okie? help help! someone help! anyone knows cpr?

finally sis agrees to come out so we hurriedly lit the candles. and frosty was awaked once more but still very grouchy.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

New shoe rack and a bag rack too!

this evening we were suppose to attend joelle's wedding reception at the art museum! so we had le apresmidi free and wj took the opportunity to do something useful with his hands and put the racks together for me! Now i have a new rack for my bags and shoes! YIPPEE!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Here's THE biting LINE

let the party begin!

dad and mum over here...enjoying a laid back seat after seeing all the food!

trays and trays of sumptous seafood! from slipper lobster, fresh scallops, tiger prawns, mussels, cold crabs and of cos fresh oysters! *slurps* Then at the sashimi counter, there was tuna, salmon, swordfish, octopus, scallops and cuttlefish! Colourful mouthbite sizes of sushi and handrolls to cold noodles like soba and udon and hot hot miso soup!
Besides Japanese there was indian cuisine which served the usual satay bbq-ed to perfection which is so tender to the bite! and slivers down your throat! The peanut sauce was impeccable that goes so well with the crunchy cooling cucumbers and rice cakes!!!

Then there was murtabak and prata and lotsa of curry & rendang! okie...u get the point...of cos there were more counters which serve HK delicacies, salad bar, noodles (laksa, dumplings and wantons) Italian food which has 4 different types of pastas to choose from and sauces and of cos ur meat! and Continental buffet...and last but not least a shelf full of creams and puffs and decadent cakes and mousses! and oh oh! a ice cream counter which serves 8 different flavours for the nite! WOOHOO! and i almost forgot a glass of wine for those who can carry their liquor and to sum the nite was complimentary coffee or tea.
present giving time... she's ripping and she has...OPENED!

Birthday girl with birthday card (we even got the dogs to paw print their autographs on the card!)
And what's a buffet which doesnt have a fountain of chocolate?

perfect evening for a happy birthday girl who just turned 20.
The Line @ Shangri-La
Tel:(65) 6213 4275
Breakfast: 6 am - 10:30 am (Weekends and public Holidays to 11 am)
Lunch: 12 noon - 2:30 pm (Weekends and Public Holidays to 3 pm)
Dinner: 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm (Weekends and Public Holidays start at 6 pm)
Supper: 10:30 pm - 6 am