Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hubs and I - Fullerton Bay Hotel High Tea

Hubs and I were doing a research on Hotels as we are designing one in China. So that weekend we visited the Shangri La, Fullerton and Ritz Carlton. Next on the list will be Capella but we are taking our time to get there since it's across the sea.

By the time we visited Fullerton, i was so tempted with their afternoon tea set because I chanced on their 3 tier cake stand and I saw a group of chi-chi mothers chit chatting with 2 strollers by the side. I went WOW.

Enough said, here's my verdict on the afternoon tea set.
It's $43 per person (price not inclusive of GST and service charge yet)
Their speciality teas from TWG is Happy Birthday and Silver Moon, both we tried.
I must say I love their Happy Birthday because it's so fruity and fragrant even though it wasn't my birthday..but makes me wanna celebrate!!!

me in the teapot reflection

scones, jam and clotted cream
love their buttery scones with Jam and clotted cream. The scones were warm when they were served.
The tea came first and we were told to let it sit for awhile first before the scones.
I only wished that the jam had some fruits in it for their extra oomph bite to it.
Happy Birthday Tea
It's a blend of mild black tea with a festive mélange of sweet red berries and a touch of vanilla.

 2nd tier
they have egg mayo (what is so special about this??)
cucumber and cheese (again, nothing special at all)
The rest in the photo above:
pumpkin (not nice),  Smoke duck - Not bad
Bottom Tier
hazelnut chocolate - we skipped this cos we were quite full.
apple pie, too much pastry and too little apple sauce with bites.
Strawberry lemon tart - Not bad. 
Kueh lapis - not bad too!
Top Tier:
Macaroon - too sweet for my liking but then again, all macaroons are sinfully sweet.
Oreo cheesecake - ok, can do
Green Tea with Jam - erm. Not to my liking.
The one with the cranberry on top - seriously i have no idea what i'm eating.
Creme bulee - ok.

Salmon in a cone - Hubs favourite, he had 6 of these. 
Blue cheese - one is enough
otah on bread - not bad, reminiscence of local taste.
one of those rare moments where we get to spend one afternoon just by ourselves in sg.
after 2 hours,
i'm starting to miss my son already.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

DIY - Canister Labelling Project

Do you have so many canisters filled with white stuff and sometimes you can't tell what is what?
i know that when my confinement lady was cooking for me, she mistook my white sugar for salt!! but it wasn't her fault because it was placed side by side and both were white.

but after awhile, yah she got used to the position. think it was left sugar, right salt.
was it the other way around???
actually I'm not very sure myself too!!!

anyway, here's a quick DIY which i did for my canister project.
I printed the labels on a sticker using my printer.
Sticker was bought from Popular Bookshop.

here's a close up!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY - we are serving SEAFOOD Hokkien Mee

thank you hubs for the wonderful lunch

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Shoes for ME!

it's been awhile since i last bought myself a pair of shoe. and I've been searching for a certain pair, until date, i have yet to find it yet!!! Although it's killing me but i guess buying shoes isn't my priority nowadays or where to get them.

back to my new shoes.
was at Great World City's Jack's Place for dinner and I walked into Tangs after dinner and saw this pair of Martina Pink shoes which were on 50% sale!

so i bought it.

then the other day i was having dinner at Anchorpoint. after dinner i walked into Pedro and saw this pair of camel coloured killer heels. my heart skipped a beat. ooo. looks really pretty.

until now, i have yet to wear my camel coloured killer heels yet.


saturday night.
mouth itchy.
took out a can of campbell's clam chowder soup and heat up.
Added fresh celery and breakfast ham.


it's good to have a pantry well stocked.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hougang Maisonette - Surprise Feast!

iron lady chef made this huge tupperware of stingray prawn curry for us!!!
so sweet of her!


Saturday, April 6, 2013

DIY - Moppe Project - Finished Look!

Dear all!

I've finally finished my DIY vintage drawer from an IKEA moppe. This will come in nifty for keeping all my crafty items plus hubs has his own little drawers too.

And I'm pretty pleased with my accomplished look!

here are some of the details:
I've printed some coloured paper and used my own handwriting for "his" and "hers"

here's a closer look at the edges of the drawers where i've sand down to give it a worn out look, so that it will appear to look old. 
And i bought a cherry wood varnish from HomeFix for a new coat of paint.

click here for previous post on DIY process.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How I celebrated my XX birthday - Part 3 the cake that was made from 5 slices.

How I celebrated my XX birthday - Equinox Lunch Semi Buffet

a great view while dining but after dining here for many times, i always request for a seat away from the window. Because it can get pretty hot during lunch and tea time.
For starters...COLD SEAFOOD and lots of sashimi is the way to go!!! CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!

i concocted my own sashimi salad.
hubs had the beef tenderloin
i had the herb crusted salmon, though my herb wasn't crusty at all.
i think i could just stuff my face from all the food at the buffet counter - so I wasn't very interested in my main.

i'm using my raffles feed card, so it's really worth my money because hubs only had to pay like $70 for the both of us...which breaks down to $35 per person and look at all the seafood and pretty dessert!!! plus it starts from 12 to 230pm. Enough time for you to pig out and enjoy Singapore's city skyline.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Holidays - Tioman Day 3

last day in Tioman.

8am: breakfast
12nn: check out
1230pm: Ferry to Mersing
3pm: Catch a bite from Mersing and back to customs
6pm: Reach SG - Home sweet home!

 the sun, the sand and the sea

 my colleagues playing cards to pass time.


 ramli burger and us at Mersing - we ordered the special burger $5 ringgit.