Friday, February 27, 2004

Irritating with a capital I

some people are really very irritating! take for instance, a craftsman who is doing something for you and suddenly out of the blue you asked him to stop his work and to do another craftwork for you. Okie, he listens to you and stops whatever he was doing and went to start on something fresh. *time ticks on....*

One hour later. You tell the craftsman that u want him to go back to what he was doing previously. hello! you idiot or what? This time round the craftsman said this:

Actually all these are quite easily done. Why don't you go home first missus? I can manage better on my own than to have so many people around me.

Get the hint?
No...You still ask him to do his previous craftswork. And he unwillingly agrees. Sometimes it's easier to finish one thing at a time than to jump from one project to another. i totally agree with the craftsman. I even pity him. Next you ask Indomee to plant numerous trees but to take them out again and drill more holes on the other site. So what is going to happen to those holes without trees? So smart of you. You tell Indomee to sand the balsa wood to powder *eyes rolling* and fill them up. *argh* rights, so the rest of us quietly goes back to helping you plant your trees. And because you keep walking up and down, checking on everyone's neck, you clumsily tripped over a whole glass bottle of ethanol. The glass broke, the ethanol sips through the entire floor underneath our model with lots of wires going pass and poor Indomee's rubber shoes were dissolved. Literally. We had to go downstairs, hunt high and low for a Mama shop to buy a pair of slippers for Indomee. How idiot can you get?

Now the whole room reeks of ethanol, making everyone dizzy and unable to work. We had to open all the doors and windows, on all the fans and stop working. We vacated the premise to downstairs. So you suggest bubble tea. Great. After bubble tea, you tell us...

Er...actually there isnt much for us to do aredi. I think we can go home soon. Dunno whether should we all go for dinner? Cos my other half is jamming, dunno when he will finish...i better call him first.

So just becos your bf is jamming so we are all stuck here to accompany you as spare tyres till your bf is free to meet you? *double argh* this i cannot take it anymore. I AM GOING HOME. But before i started to find faults with the craftsman again and make him do another task. I can see that his patience was running dry.

Craftsman: I can finish these by tonight. No problem.
You: No no...can you do it now. I want to see it now.
Craftsman: ok...*he brings the model over*
You: No...this is too big.
Craftsman goes and measure. And wince. He suggests You come and take a look for yourself.
You: *Hesitate* cant you just make it smaller? And can you finish up all these now. Cos i really want to see it now. The trees doesnt matter now.
Craftsman: Is it that i don't finish this now for you, you will not leave?

if it was me, my face will turn red. But YOU's skin must be seriously thick.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Survivor Day 03

Pinky is down with a right red eye. Must be the late nite over at exile island. What a terrific way to celebrate Vday. After she went back to her tent, pat the dog who was crazily wagging his carrot tail, showered, packed her bags (yes she and wj are spending 2 nites at the scarlett hotel!!! yippee yeah yeah!) Anyway the minute she hit her bed, she fell asleep snoring.

Yesterday Spekkie had the most heated and verbose argument with Planty (member from GreenIsland). They were complaining about each other's working attitudes, shouting and raving. Yes infront of everyone of us here at dpislands. Oh wells, so much drama at conference island. The twins were the first to leave conference island as usual. Next was ahHuay (must be rushing to meet the other half), followed by Floppyhair (another Vday's date) and finally Spekkie who announced that if he doesnt leave then he will be in trouble.

Shinyhead left next together with Pinky and wj. IndoMee was the last to leave. Pinky and wj had their 'fast' dinner at Carl's Junior (830pm cos the challenge took so long and still not completed) along with many other lovey-dovey-eyed couples. They look so out of place and very uncouple-ly like cos they were tired and still have to go back to conference island.

Currently, Pinky is sent to plant numerous gazillion amount of trees at exile island. Good luck to her and her swollen eye.

Survivor Day 02 update

READ all about it!
shinyhead has bought the whole team fresh fruits! issit another strategy from him to buy over the team members?

Friday, February 13, 2004

Survivor Day 02

This morning, pinky's laptop was being confiscated and Spekkie decided that it was high time that she should have a cpu to connect herself to the rest of the team. Back at the island, Spekkie was disgruntled at the fact that Shinyhead has introduced a new member to the team without him knowing.The new member: Horsetail was using the spare computer which Spekkie had wanted Pinky to be on, so Pinky remains back at exile island yet again.
Later in the morning, Spekkie had a little chat with the IT jury and after a series of discussions, the jury gave Pinky a spare computer but she was still to remain on exile island. Yeah with a cpu, Pinky started to cad some constructive dwgs for the time being (she better make herself useful to her team or else they might just take her for the weakest link). Now she has to wait for the jury to send her photoshop for her to start her challenge.

Plus points: Pinky has her own island to herself. Privacy and space.
Minus points: Thankyou never left anything for Pinky while the rest of the female team members got chocolates ce matin. Hmm, was it a strategy to get more votes? So much for Vday at exile island.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Survivor Day 01

Survivor on dpislands.
First episode and Pinky was sent to exile island by her team mates with just a laptop with no internet access. Luckily for her, her laptop is able to hook onto the free wireless service set by the government. She has no connection to the main server or any email accts and desperately needs to find a way to communicate with her team members.

The rest of her team members are back at the conference island table where they work as a team on solving their latest highly confidential project. Discussing and strategizing who is the next one they are going to vote out. Spekkie is the 2nd commander who had a heated arguement with Shinyhead this morning. Blogger and PimplyGirl have sworn as siamese twins. They visit the pantry and toilets together and always are the first to leave the island. As for the rest, it remains more to discover.

~stay tune on dpislands.