Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nail that big toe!

hello once again on nail art!
here's my new fave! - lace!!! and so very lolita gothic. Black and white, very basic colours but very powerful when it come ornamentation.
and the best bit, it's really easy cos i bought lace "stick ons".
Just choose a shiny pink base (pink is always my shade...giggles)
Wait for it to dry, add a coat of protective nail enamel.
Afterwhich u are all set to stick your lace on!!! u can do it like mine, near the nail edge or you can do it slanted which i have seen them in jap magazines...with lots of crystals...really "wah wah" effect... but this time i decided to go simple...
so have fun!

Shokudo@Raffles City

Shokudo! a new japanese concept dining, exactly like marches! But it's japanese.
There's quite a wide variety of food here like sushi, japanese bento sets, rice bowls, gyoza, miso soup and even japanese desserts like their macha float.
For those wanting something other then japanese, hey hey! there's pizza, spaghetti, pasta, rosti and lots of BBQ meat on skewers! Interesting yah!
The service was attentive. Probably we were early that day so there weren't many diners to serve. They passed us each a card to order our food and a wooden block to leave on our table to indicate that the table was taken.
Interestingly enough. Japanese paper lanterns, and geisha paintings hung on the wall. Decent tables and chairs with enough walkway along the different stalls. Each part of the restaurant had some theme to it. Not bad!
okay ,let's talk about the food.
We had the grilled chicken in teriyaki sauce ricebowl. - OK, not bad, edible.
Mine was the seafood pizza - $8.80 OK once more, very thin and crisp. The chef didnt give me enuff fish flakes though. my sotongs were abit too few too....and the cheese wasn't like pizzahut's kind..those that stretches on know what i mean.
Had to wait about 15-20mins though. But it was a hot favourite among kids.
Gyoza - not too bad. But again you have to better to walk around and recce the place once more.... think it was like $5 for 4?
Finally, some BBQ skewers!!! THis one was clearly the winner of the lot. Nicely done but again have to wait.
Patience pays.

we are about to go in now.....

eh, thot it was japanese market place??? not so jap afterall!

pizzas that come in wooden flat pans...and top with fish flakes.

Japanese concept decor!

me and my big pizza...but thin...hehe so doesnt really fill the stomach afterall.

so i had to order extra side dishes...and here's my gyoza! opps, forgot to take photo before i one gyoza is missing from the picture.. hahah it's already in my tumtum. *embarassed*

Again, not too shiok after my gyozas and there's so many to try!!! So we had BBQ mushrooms, and asparagus wrapped with bacon! This one was good!

Pedder Red

the Pedder Group sale is on girls!!!

in case you haven't found out. it's on from April 26-27. Enjoy up to 70% on shoes and bags.

Here's the location:

Bras Basah Room
Raffles City Convention Centre

Everything was going on 50% off. And there's more discount on avid buyers like me!

Purchase 3 items, get an additional 10% off
Purchase 5 items, get an additional 15% off

isnt' that wonderful?!?!?!

The size of the sale items were generally ok, i mean u cant expect much in a small ballroom space. Plus it was way way better than the previous CLUB21 sale which i went last week. That was totally a waste of time. So pathetic! *cry out loud*

Anyway, back to the Pedder Sale....there were enough shoes, bags, sunnies to choose from. Plus the sales people were very friendly and so were the shoppers!!!! can u believe that???
Usually women at a sale are quite vicious and rather "grabby". Today's ones were like nice.

2 actually appoached me to tell me that the shoe which i was holding on, didnt have sizes in xxxx.. so sweet of them rite??? hehe, but little me here has big feet!!!! muahahhaa....they couldnt find sz 35, 36...but these feet of mine needs a size 7 or 8!!!!So i happily held onto the shoes....*smug*

Wj almost bought a marc jacobs bag for me...but i pulled him away. I still think it's still abit pricey and anyway it was so heavy without anything in the bag!

There was this bunch of girls. (all the time....) they actually hoarded so so sooooooo many shoes and bags! Trying and trying infront of the mirror. Deciding what to buy. They are really loaded with money...too much i think. One bag was like afew thousand dollars and even with it half price. It's still a 4 figure sum. And they weren't buying one each for themselves. They were like grabbing 4-5 per arm...
Oh wells, it better not to compare. Some people are born with a silver..ah hem, gold spoon in their mouths.

Some have a golden tortoise to back them in their shopping. *bleah*

i'll just use my hard earn moolah to pay off my shoe fetish.

After shopping, we went for a tete-a-tete session at Shokudo, which i will blog in later time, cos now it's time for tea again!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Site office@Kallang National Stadium


we have shifted to the new site office at the Kallang National Stadium!

And IT'S OFFICAL..................
if you call my office number, you will hear yours truly on the phone speaker machine!not just my office number, but for everyone else!

!!! hoot hoot !!!

i'm your official Singapore Sportshub Consortium voice machine in real life...quite surreal.

i knew that i could make it to a recording room one day.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Aji Tei@Takashimaya Basement

*click on photo to zoom!
Hi all,
lately i went down to takashimaya's basement for a walk, after some window shopping. And i went to Aji Tei for some bites and dessert.
I'm sure for those who frequent here would know that usually at dinner time, there will be a snaking queue forming from the entrance to all the way back. Usually this is the time when i will stare at the colourful plastic displays of their mouth-watering desserts and think to myself "when will i get to eat those?" lines...repeating thru my little brain.
today is the day then!
i went in with mr goh. it's our virgin visit here! And according to some recommendations by friends, we tried the chicken mentai and tofu mentai.
They come in small hotplates and just nice for one. The tofu mentai has this pink hue together with the cheese topping. Later i found out that this pink hue is a fish roe! It's abit gooey, but the rubbery cheese makes a terrific contrast combi with the soft tofu. I lurve this dish!
The chicken mentai was nothing special, taste like your normal "katsu don" without rice. Little oil. Egg and onions.Quite healthy.
Next the desserts:
The sales rap recommended the Mango Anmitsu ($6.80).
For those who are just as clueless like me...Anmitsu is a traditional Japanese dessert that has been popular for decades. It is made of small cubes of agar jelly, a white translucent jelly made from red algae or seaweed. The agar is dissolved with water or fruit juice to make the jelly and it's usually served with azuki bean paste or anko and a variety of fruits. In this case it was mango. In ours, we found a few kinds of jelly. One was quite chewy, liken to those found in bubble teas. Another was like nata de coco but it wasn't sweet. And another was really soft! which was my fave!
Macha Parfait ($7.80):
This one is GOOD! the macha ice cream was just nice, wasnt too strong or light. The cornflakes went so well with the cream too! And topped with peach slices and macha warabi mochi, macha jelly and a very traditional sugar wafer! LURVE IT!!!!
*okie, prices vary cos i have a short term memory!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tanglin Mall Bazaar

okay, these were really not part of the day's plan.

The plan for the day was to:

  1. 1. have breakfast with parents
  2. 2. go to club21 sale
  3. 3. tea at takashimaya
  4. 4. home - rest for the weekend

somehow, after no3, on the way back, we saw that there was a bazaar at Tanglin Mall! And we have been missing so many because everytime we didnt feel enough for it to go.

So this time, i look at wj and say : wanna go?

And we spent our late afternoon there wandering and bought these 2 irresistable cutesy stuff! At first i saw the radio, check that it was working and asked for the price. $5! i thought it was quite affordable and still working. Plus it will be a nice ornament to my drab table currently. Next i saw the cushion sitting on the floor, looking all neglected so i asked for the price as well. Same! so i whipped out my $5. haha....feeling quite happy now...cos i've been searching high and low for the "right" back cushion for my office chair. THIS IS SO IT!!!

so at the end of the day, things are unpredictable afterall! because i actually thot that i would be spending my pennies at club21 but i ended at a bazaar instead!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

toothsome grin

i finally have my braces on!!!! muahahaha it's ugly pinky now!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Surprise Surprise

thank you once again!!!!

for a moment i was wondering how come someone didnt inform me of an impromtu meeting at the corner of the office.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bakerzin@ Vivocity

This is our 3rd visit here already or maybe even more...We just love the sunny bright lit decor here with eggshell lampshades, groovey retro stripe printed seats, cool drinks and of cos their light thin crust flakey pizzas!

Ham, Bacon & Mushroom Flaky Pizza

see! i couldn't help but took a picture of the lovely delectable slice of pizza!
(toppings: bacon, mushrooms, tomato puree and lots of sinful cheese!) And pizza comes with a salad on the side.
Tomatoes and rocket salad with balsaimic vinaigrette dressing - ommph!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Latest Gift!

My latest gift!
Let your fingers guide you with the HTC TOUCH WHITE, the world's first touch phone that gives you a whole new touch panel experience. The HTC TOUCH WHITE with TouchFLO™ revolutionizes the way you use the touch screen by allowing finger scrolling and panning.
(Really cool here, i've tried it and it's quite sensitive to the touch!!! very much like the iTouch! Plus they have many ways for you to SMS or MMS one another.)
It also features the Touch Cube which is a unique user interface that makes quick dialing and navigation a breeze.
(and the contact photos of quick dial is big! But rem to take your contacts in landscape instead of portrait. Dun ask me why cos i took portrait and it turned anti clockwise!)
Optimized for entertainment, the HTC TOUCH WHITE lets you enjoy your favorite music and movie clips on the go. It comes with a 1 GB microSD™ memory card for storing your media files.
(yups personally i think 1GB is enuff media storage for me since i have my ipod nano to hold my are just in case i forget my digital camera)
With Windows Mobile® 6 Professional integrated with the HTC TOUCH WHITE, you get instant access to your Outlook email and the complete Microsoft® Office Mobile suite. Also surf the web with Internet Explorer®, send and receive emails, chat on Messenger, and send photos to your own web space through Windows Live™.
(over here i get regular updates on my weather too!!! and i can use my Window's LIVE messenger!!! ^_^)
Stylish, smart and versatile, the HTC TOUCH WHITE opens up a world of media, communication, and social interaction. (very true!!!! there are many ways to take a photo! from sports, dark, indoors, zoom up close etc etc)
HighlightsTouchFLO™ Large 2.8" touch screen display Tri-band GSM with GPRS/EDGE 2 megapixel camera Internet browsing and Push E-mail Multimedia capabilities Stereo Bluetooth® 2.0 and Wi-Fi®
(And lastly, it goes so well with my white mac....muahahah)

Friday, April 4, 2008

AhRen's tee!

Check out ahren's new tee!!!

it's from the Underwater World! and it's a smashing tight fit too! hahaha....mummy says he looks very handsome now.

Amara Sanctuary Resort@Sentosa

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, a winner for the prestigious Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) Architectural Heritage Awards 2007, is nestled beautifully on a hillside, surrounded by 3.5 hectares of gardens and natural tropical rainforest. Its unique character derives from an exotic blend of colonial architecture and modern design concepts, as well as comprehensive five star hotel facilities that come together to shape an ideal resort experience.

Although it lacks a proper entrance from the main road, but it strongly places its emphasis on seclusiveness and exclusivity. The staff was friendly and inviting. So was the welcome drink! Especially on a hot sunny afternoon. Check in hours start at 3pm but you can check in earlier if rooms are available. And you can also ask for a later check out time.
I especially love the free "bag" of newspapers in the morning.
i hope you will enjoy your stay there as i have. Truly relaxing for a short getaway.

3rd April 2008

For those eager babes out there who are wondering where did our dear mr goh brought me to...

haha...we spent a night at Sentosa!

Yup too short a weekend for a great getaway. our island sentosa is just the perfect sanctuary for those we can't make it to bintan or bali.

We checked into the Amara Sanctuary. Visited the Underwater world, had a few close brushes with stingrays and god, the stingrays were so smooth and slimey!!!! i never knew that!

And the starfishes!!! i always thot that they felt spongey but hell no! haha they were as hard as rocks! and their mouths were found on their undersides...

Dinner was at il Lido. Very nestled in the warm embrace of its natural surroundings, very hidden and overlooks the south china seas. And for a thursday, it was fully packed on its alfresco dining.

not bad. not bad afterall.

Thank you so much!

Would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my sweetie girlfriends, babes, colleagues, family and friends out there who wished me on the stroke of my special day, the day before and on the day itself!!!

thank you for remembering ME.

this must be the only day of the year where i get tons of SMSes! hahaha...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sentosa here we come!

Our dear mr goh informed me the previous night that we were gg to spend a night at Sentosa. At first i was abit upset because we took 2 days off for a long weekend and i thought that perhaps he would have planned for something longer that drags through to sunday instead of just celebrating it on thursday.

yes...i was hoping for a relaxing spa at Bintan or Bali...certainly not Sentosa. *wince*
However, lucky for him that he told me that we were going to spend a night at Amara Sanctuary. that's abit better and more forgiven.

And after he told me that he has made a reservation at il lido for dinner. Then all was forgiven. Heehee...

After checking in

After checking into our hotel room, putting our stuff down...we decided to take a walk around the hotel's facilities.

Ritey, that's me heating up on the sundeck chair while mr goh is doing his laps in the pool. We are checking out the "private" seamless pool at the hotel's.

There's another "family" pool downstairs where there's a kiddy pool just for screaming children and concern parents who needs to keep an eye on their progeny.

this private pool is indeed private. There's nobardy here at all! haha all to ourselves. And it has its own pool shower, jacuzzi, view out to the seas, nice sundeck chairs in a row facing the pool and towels by the side.

So here i am, using my spanking new marc jacobs just for this sunny occasion! *grin*

if only they had waiters here serving cocktails and martinis, it would be even a better pool experience for me!

some pictures of Amara Sanctuary's pool deck areas...and of cos our complimentary couple slippers....aint they sweet.