Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lovely Thursday Afternoon!

wat can beat a good company of chocolate addicts and coffee?

the sun was shining and the cool breeze blew across our cheeks as we headed down to vic mart this late morning...i looked up to the sky and saw fluffy white clouds and a really blue blue sky!
Into vic mart here we come! i bought a whole tray of beef!!! for $10 which i think can last me for 3 months!!! *big big grin* yups!!! and our bidding photographer was tracing me and sheree's footsteps all the way!!! after my cheap buy, we went scouting for strawberries!!!
As usual , i bougth the regular 2 punnets for $2....
Next, was...a big head of iceberg lettuce for my daily sandwiches!!!

haha..and i was done marketing for the rest of the week!!!
we walked along the sides into the non-edible section....and lingered at the musical box section...turning and twistin the handles....jubes was tuning in to moon river!!! it was soo sweet!!! as the music tingled in the ear...AAWWWWW.....

then we passed by a section of the market which i have never been before and saw sooo many earrings and necklaces!!! oh i'm such a sucker for such things!!! and couldnt resist the temptation of 2 pairs for $5!!!!
And i bought 2 dangling with sequinnes and another with small pink sweet and girlish!!! we strolled down the aisle, sheree happened onto this stall..where they were selling wooden and bone jewellery!!! and i bought another pair!!!

quik quik! i must get outta here!!!!

the next stop was at M A X B R E N N E R S!!!!
me and jubes had the frothy DARK mocha while sheree settled for the white one. We shared the decadent strawberries and waffles...and a babka...which was like some huge cinnamon muffin toppled with hot creamy chocolate!!!

OH!!! how i wish i neednt go to skul tt day!!! i left the gals at 3pm to go for my elective...sob sob.
~chocoholic pink

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

wat's wrong with the internet!!!

it's always off and and on...cant chat with my dear on msn!!!

and wj is running from GZ to SZ (mon and thur) and from SZ to shunde (tues).
this week he has to travel so much on the stoopid coach!! and everytime the client makes them stay so long for the meeting!!! from lunch to meeting. meeting to dinner and back to meeting again!! till 12midnite???!!!
it's was so late that there isnt any train or coach back to SZ...and wj had to catch those illegal cabs tt travel from city to city...which costs quite the time he gets back it's soo late and still have to turn up for work the next day at 9am...and the client expects so much dwgs when he spends 2 days travelling up to GZ...where has he to find the time to design, cad, photoshop etc???

where is the logic, where is the reason, where is
the time?

anyway, this week is easter not much school for me, except tmw's extra easter elective class...which i think i need it! haha...anyway, me have been slacking abit and doing shopping instead!!! i actually managed to grab a steal tee from FCUK for a mere $19!!! and @COTTON ON, i got a tube for $2!!! and becos winter is coming, i tot i might as well buy a scarf..and they were selling hat and scarf combos (pick anyone, any style) for just $10 from Accessorize! so i got a RAINBOW scarf and a liliac beanie for $10!!! YIPPEE!and i got things for u too wj!!! excited? *grin*

it's been a good week i far...
cheery and pink velle

Monday, March 28, 2005

wat is my form of exercise?

haha..i finally thot of one!.........clicking the mouse!!!

now u know sheree!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

wat's wrong with me?

Couldnt say a word on skype...and i was very irritated. there are so many things that i want to do but i dunno how to go about it!!!
i wanted to build frames.. is it too literal?

Time frames = moods spaces of past and present trade life carnevale sign

Frames of existence till the division of spaces becomes a blur, then the notion of the place of indivisible existence.

oh god...Zoe is Zilch for me.

and i have 2 other cities to go....

>>>>The background sound was very vexing...i ended skype aruptly, the last thing i wanted was a bad moody me...the little devil in me is coming out!!!

me... eating mini ritz now and having a cuppa earl grey at earl street...i need a break..and a timeframe of recluse and self reflection.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Monday, March 21, 2005

message for jie

ma fripon don juan, au revoir ce soir via MSN. je suis attente vous

je t'aime!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

me and my ixus

life as a student

when i was working, i used to think that the student life is way the best! and i still believe it is so...although the workload is piling by the week and it's going to be mid semester crit which is very important here!! argh!! but i will overcome it!!! i have overcomed all trials and tribulations since the day i put my foot in Melbourne!

last nite was a very good one with lots of girl talk and a touch of 3dmax...exchanges of our past lifes, laughing at which school we came from, the CCAs which we took,the market that was near our houses and my oh my how we all love the west part of sunny singapore!!!! pls jube, u must go find the taman jurong market..where they have really good and cheap fish head curry!!! YUMMILICIOUS!, our mini travel escapades, our love lifes how tangled and messy..tsk tsk! and how all of us want to travel to europe see people pass us by, cafes by the sidewalks, the cathedrals, the cobberstones, the trees and shadows that we have never seen before, the smells and sounds of europe! and not forgetting the etiquette & behaviours of the angmohs!!!

Oh how wonderful life can be...even with a packet of arnott's slice mint to share with frens and of cos a cuppa apple and strawberry juice!

viva le amie!

Friday, March 18, 2005

remnants of the past

Have u ever been to these places where suddenly u feel alone?

becos these places once brought u laughter and joy
becos these places shared the times u both had
becos these places had so many memories
becos these places had time that stood still
becos these places now have become black and white

becos these places reminded u of someone.

here the little secret we share darling...
j mpwf zpv hpi xfj ljbu.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


i m i s s w j .
watermelon juice anyone?

hime qi koyishigaru kime! totemo!


Although i'm not much of a gaming person, but i remembered the nites where i watched my girlfriend played her RPG games on the playstation2!!! and perfectionista me would make her collect all the treasures, weapons and duel enough to get experience!!! and we spent nites not sleeping just to go from stage to stage! and i even go online to check the cheats!!! hahaha....

now i have to design a game environment for a presentation! imagine that!
it was a really overloaded 3 weeks! starting from texturing, learning the metrics of a game engine, putting lights and playmodes, and from physics volume to teleporting down to matinee, next it was sound recording on the DAT at 18bit, mono , 44.1k???? next was to digitise it,then back to 3dmax to create a form afterwhich export as .ase files to unREAL and then terrain editting!!! in short.

and i still have work to do on my studio and prof prac....

~really tired.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

technology makes us and breaks us.

i rushed back to the apt after lecture only to find out that i can't access to the internet! no downloading of lecture notes, no emails, no msn, no blogs, no skype, no jie.... no connection to any parts of the world.

i realised how much my life has revolved around the internet.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Invisible Cities~italo calvino

Cities & Desires . 2

At the end of three days, moving southward, you come upon Anastasia, a city with concentric canals watering it and kites flying over it. I should now list the wares that can profitably be bought here: agate, onyx, chrysoprase, and other varieties of chalcedony; I should praise the flesh of the golden pheasant cooked here over fires of seasoned cherry wood and sprinkled with much sweet marjoram; and tell of the women I have seen bathing in the pool of a garden and who sometimes - it is said - invite the stranger to disrobe wiht them and chase them in the water. But with all this, I would not be telling you the city's true essence; for while the description of Anastasia awakens desires one at a time only to force you to stifle them, when you are in the heart of Anastasia one morning your desires waken all at once and surround you. The city appears to you as a whole where no desire is lost and of which you are a part, and since it enjoys everything you do not enjoy, you can do nothing but inhabit this desire and be content. Such is the power, sometimes called malignant, sometimes benign, that Anastasia, the treacherous city, possesses; if for eight hours a day you work as cutter of agate, onyx, chrysoprase, your labour which gives form to desire takes from desire its form, and you believe you are enjoying Anastasia wholly when you are only its slave.

i believe you are enjoying architecture wholly when you are only its slave. ~pinkitectura

Sunday, March 13, 2005

some people just think they know it all

some things back home can be done in 3 days,
we thot it will be the same here.
esp with a referral letter to make things easier.
it was not.
not many knew.
even close ones too.

how can u know wat is happening?
when u dun even know?
when u are not even here?

pictures of my blog do not show the pain that i have.
is it necessary to remember these scars?
do i have to openingly share my trauma
which i bear those nites?
then u will believe.
then u will come to understand.
wat u see is the surface.

instead of wallowing in pain, i choose to go out into the sun with my love one.

we told u the truth which u chose not to believe.

ask yourself.
what do u know.

technology brings us closer.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

velle on MSN

Last nite when i was still happy with you...

MOOMBA festival@Yarra River

the most beautiful stars that nite!
9pm: the fireworks started!
935pm: all of us reached the yarra river...

ooohhhhhsss...wah......*clap clap clap* it was such an eventful nite, the game stalls stretched the whole of yarra river! there were so many people! GOSH! so many lights, so many kermits, nemos, carebears, scooby doos, dinos....

there were so many couples...holding hands, the girls smiling smugly at their bf's win. oh how i want a big big carebear too! the yellow one with the flowers on it's tummy...flashback...eons ago, back at toy'R'us...i was so tempted to buy the pink carebear..but until today i still haven gotten it...maybe someday i will go back there and claim it for my own. Self satisfaction.

the nite was warm. the stroll at the beginning was tight and tideous, but after awhile it got looser. the crowd was dispersing. the people were leaving.

we were leaving.

kawanKAWAN! (bahasa)

if it hadnt been for them,
i will never have gotten my 3dmax.

if it hadnt been for them,
i wouldnt have spent such a great afternoon.

if it hadnt been for them,
i wouldnt have know CKS and CSY existed!

if it hadnt been for them,
i wouldnt have known where to buy my cds.

if it hadnt been for them,
i wouldnt have 3 more WORTHY frens.

just for jube, sheree & xiuwen.

Friday, March 11, 2005


my first clubbing experience in Melbourne!
but i left early. cos i was tired and cos it was really smoky.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

3 kilos in 3 weeks.

i'm still having my regular 2meals a day.
Plus i eat alot of Smith potato chips!
And lots of tea and milk everyday!

how about that!
~thinking +positively+ pink

Tuesday, March 8, 2005


1st bloom of the bouquet! and it's not a TULIP!
my dearest jie,
even though the florist doesn't have tulips,
like i said,
it's the concept and idea (of bringing a smile to my face),
that i read,
the form or colour is only perception.

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet". Romeo and Juliet ( Quote Act II, Sc. II).

baby, lilies, roses or tulips it really doesnt matter to me...what matters is you.

Monday, March 7, 2005


1.OOOO!!! 2.WHOA>>> 3.PSST...


I love how your eyes glows, whenever you kiss me.
And when i'm away from you, I love how you miss me.
I love the way you always treat me tenderly.
But darling most of all, I love how you love me.

I love how your heart beats, whenever I hold you.
I love how you think of me, without being told to.
I love the way your touch is always heavenly.
But darling most of all, I love how you love me.

I love how you love me.
I love how you hug me.
I love how you squeeze me,
tease me, please me.

I love how you love me.


1st time for me..hope everyone gets used to it!

Saturday, March 5, 2005

from Pisa to China

5am melbourne time

"...hello dear, sorry sorry, u asleep aredi ah...i was mugged...still outside..not at the apt yet..."

last nite was truly a nitemare for wj. his good intentions went wry. and it was all my fault.

if i hadnt told him that i wanted a corsage, he wouldnt have gone to DongMen And he wouldnt have been mugged!

after we chatted on msn, wj decided to head down to DongMen to see whether he could get something for me. As he was looking,he placed his bag down and before he even knew it, someone had come up from his behind and took his crumpler bag away!

in a state of shock and panic, wj tried to chase the guy. but it was so crowded and the thief got away easily amongst the crowd. at that time wj was really panicky, his passport was in the bag and along with his hp. he couldnt call for help and as a foreigner in a country, the last thing he ever wants to be missing is his passport!

he asked passerbys where the nearest police station was, luckily one person directed him. he went to the police station and reported his lost and telling them that his passport is really impt to him. Fortunately, the policemen there were quite helpful and after recording his report, they decided to scout that area again with him. So wj and the policemen went to the crime scene...

after walking many lanes and alleys, and the crowd has subside as it was getting late, wj saw the thief and his accomplices! he pointed to them! the policemen arrested the guys, brought them back to the station and interrogated them.

after hours, the thief didn't have wj's bag. apparently he had passed it onto someone else aredi. but was wj lucky cos the policemen actually managed to retrieve his bag from his accomplice!
wj managed to get back his bag and the contents inside.


i too was mugged at pisa 3 years ago. and i was lucky and managed to retrieve my bag too. thanks to the police officer there. nottie gypsies.


he sits there alone. everyday. every minute. he waits for his master to come home.
i'm like the bottle, waiting for the one to return

Friday, March 4, 2005

many after thots

today the weather was sunny, so i changed and wanted to get some grocery from VM. However after i changed, it started raining...aiyoh.

so i changed outta my jeans and went to download the some programme which i got from shilynn's frens yesterday...when i was downloading, the rain stopped and it was sunny again… so i opened the balcony door to air my room abit!
then it started to rain again..aiyoh!
so i closed the balcony door...thinkin that i really cannot go to VM today.
after i downloaded the programmed it was sunny again!
so i quickly put on my jeans and rush to VM...

*things that i bought:
2 punnet of strawberries $2
1 big lettuce $1
5 tomatoes $1.10

yup yup..i didnt know where to get the ham..cos the place that i went to, the ham and cheese section...i couldnt find the normal picnic ham..they have so many variety..and it just blurred me...

yup yup, think today the weather is just gg to on off on off..dun think i'll open the balcony...
OH! i mopped my room yesterday!

after eating my oranges and drinking my milk...a surge of feelings!

"independence and freedom is wat many has sacrificed to get in this world..." -hime_QI

i believe home is where the heart belongs, freedom and independence is just physical characteristics that is needed in many to feel released. my home has no restrictions or awful rules and regulations to abide. so in home, i have freedom and independence.

but somewhere, somehow, i realised that being away from home, is not purely just freedom and independence, i actually have a small happiness welling in me, a little joy and pride to be alive and living on my own, doing everything myself...appreciating the chilly winds that blow against my face, the white faces that i see so often in my daily life now, the tram tracks which i have never seen before, the different pavements, the new route back to my apt...the lonely nites by myself that i alone share with no one, the before thots of wat to have for dinner, the after thots of having a hot cuppa tea with the laptop in front of me...oh wat we can make out of LIFE!

Thursday, March 3, 2005

my first snail mail!


thank god for the inventors of skype!
i finally can hear from my dear dear!
cos the prepaid card here is too expensive!!
u know i only talked 20mins and it costed me AUD$50!!!

i'm so glad to have a earpiece and mike...AND
it's so good to hear from you baby!
u made my day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2005


GrandPrix 10th AnniversaryMelbourne
the queue started even before we reached there! we had wanted to see the parade from FedSq..but throngs and throngs of pple! and we couldnt even get to we had to settle at collins street to watch the parade...the sun was scorching but the pple didn't mind...and the crowd just got more and more. we waited in anticipation and took out our cameras...
and still no engine sounds..the crowd was getting excited, and bustling...pple started climbing the trees and some even got out of their windows and perched on the building's canopy to see! the lucky fews sat in the apt, gazing from their windows arcoss the street...there were security men handling out ear plugs...Earplugs? at a parade...hmm...
Ah..the mayor arrives in a beemer...and of cos the official sponsors like cadbury who sent their freddy frog and fosters who sent their bevy of blondies...
---Zoom---went past the first racing car! huh! i thot it was parade?? the car swept past us even before we had time to focus!
---ZOOM!!!----went the next car...this time i managed to catch something...
----ZOOOOOM!!!!----this car was too fast!! and it's engine was so deafening!!! no wonder they handed us the ear plugs! and the next one and the next one...
...we all thot the parade had ended...we walked away from the barracades and bought ourselves some charity hotdogs. and munched on them hungrily..when suddenly we heard that familiar engine sound and swept past our ears...and then came another one...we pulled our necks high up..but the racing cars were so low to the ground and lots of pple were blocking!!!

...and then came the end of the parade...
the security remove the barracades and the people started moving out...and so we went back to our apts...
thinkin...A lifetime experience hey?