Friday, February 15, 2013

Hokkaido Day 6 - Shopping in Sapporo!

one of the local Hokkaido Shopping malls here, cheaper than the city shopping malls. Momo brought us to eat here for dinner last night, but hubs and I went shopping instead because we already had our Ramen dinner at BIC camera.
This is the famous Li Xiao Lu to buy your snacks, souvenirs and candies. We bought quite a bit here but couldn't compare to the uncles and aunties.

Maruimai is another upscale shopping mall, well considered upscale in Hokkaido! it sells international brands and the local Burberry Blue label. So girls if you are interested in buying Burberry Blue Label, here's the place.
Went into a pharmaceutical shop and bought HAKU facial products. Not sure of how good it is but since I'm here, might as well buy some to bring home and try. It's supposedly to be some number  one brand here! and bought Kai eyebrow scissors and some other small knick knacks.

so we back on track to locate Tokyu Hands, where hubs want to find some leather tools and leather to buy.
Here I bought 3 small scale rulers for colleagues, fricton pens which i really adore at this moment in time... erm what else...I think that's about it, the rest are all hub's stash.

remember to claim your tax refunds once you spend more than $3000 YEN folks!
and the tax refunds are to claim from the shop and not at the airport, so remember to bring your passports when you are going shopping.
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