Saturday, August 30, 2003

il fait du soleil et beau!

i went on a shopping spree again. yes. couldnt help it. the city walk began at target where i bought my winter hat and fur u can see in my previous entries...and then i went on to splurge myself at COTTON ON where they were having this mega "$10 under sale". And i purchased a good quality sparky sweater for $10! and 2 skinny polos (a baby pink and an elephant grey) for $25...and i also bought a chunk tear drop necklace (see photo) for $2.

enjoying the sunny weather, i headed down to melbourne central and walked into Bardot and got this beautiful victorian blouse for $25! it was on sale as well...usual was $59! can u believe how much they jacked up the price when victorian style was in this winter!!! and i believe they are still earning even though they are selling it at $25 now. But i know i wouldnt get this kind of quality in china if i were to buy them for $10 or quality over price this time round!!!

oh gosh, Bardot was selling so many pretty summer dresses! i wish i had the money to buy all of them...they cost so ex!!! *sadness*

my hat et moi

INDULGE ME! winter accessories on sale

furry fetish... i bought a fur wrap($5)...a heart shaped diamante brooch from carringtons...just $2.50! *weeee*

a cheapo hat from Target. cost me only $2.05!!! there was a brown knitted scarf which was going for $2.05 as well thot of buying it for wj then i saw that the ends had pong pong balls attached! muahahah...think wj will faint if i present it to it's a NO BUY!

woohoo! hope to wear all these stuff during this winter in china...if not sucha waste even though it's so cheap. sigh... as for the fur wrap, i hope during christmas there will be nice dinners /posh restaurants to attend at end of the year...then

maybe i will get the chance to wear it! but nevermind i shall store it first...

Friday, August 29, 2003

Thursday, August 28, 2003






Wednesday, August 27, 2003


lately i have been thinking, what is it after you die...why do we all have to pursue something in life or have a goal. so wat if life was meaningless when everyone will die at the end of the day. why are we pursuing this 'goal' or this 'fulfilment'?

why do i have to study so hard to get my degree? why is it so hard to find a job without a degree? why does Man have to make life so difficult and competitive for himself? because of Man, i have to go with the flow, do what everyone is doing and thus survive in this cruel world.

why is it that im facing a sudden surge of emotions and uncertainty. the mind is not with the heart. they are not one anymore. i cant concentrate...get out of my mind! i have become a loner...i was always a misfit but i never minded being a social misfit. i like it. becos i dun relish being everyone's friend. u dun have to like me and neither do i like u. just get out of my way.

i do not say what i feel. i do not tell them wat i feel. maybe i do and maybe i dont. i think of people whom i dislike more than those i like. isnt that weird? and im constantly affected by those whom i dislike...things which they do irks me and it disturbs me. GO AWAY HH! go far far away! u, urself, the way u behave, ur blog irks the living hell outta me. i hated the day i knew u...

my dreams recently are in a turmoil and it reflects my mood in the day. i drink more and more caffeine. sometimes i even want to take a puff. i hate myself for it when i detest breathing in other poeple's filthy and choking smoke. but then i think to myself. rather i take in their second hand smoke, might as well kill myself then to let them kill me! and u know wat's even better? they have pink ciggies now! they are so pretty!

what a contradiction my life has become.