Monday, January 23, 2006

Valentine Meegos

here's wishing all my favourite gals out that a Happy Valentines Day in advance...think most of us will be spending it alone...that includes me too...sobsob.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

$9 clock

WJ's amazing technicolour clock which lights up which touched on the top, dims on its own, 8 alarm ringtones, temperature check, day and date check, 24-digital time and of cos an alarm.
It even has this demo feature that changes and displays all the colours in a matter of a few seconds so that suaku people like me can "oohh-aahh" over it when it starts to act like a chameleon.

And oh, i bought a Jelly Belly dispenser for WJ so that he can start saving for rainy days! every coin he deposits into the dispenser, approx 3 jellybeanies will drop out. So he saves some, he gets some! Quite a bargain hor!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


> it was a velley chilly sunday and both of us were very excited to take our first ride on the disney MTR!!! which we have heard all about the soft cushie seats, Mickey Mouse shape handles and of cos the famous MICKEY MOUSE WINDOWS!!! they even have mickey mouse and disney creature statues in the MTR!!! amazing isnt it!

> 1pm: time for all the disney creatures to stop snoozing and parade! couldnt snap the facial expressions of the 7 dwarves, so their backsides will have to do!

> After the parade, we con't our adventure rides into Tommorowland, Fantasyland and Adventureland. The most thrilling ride was the Space Mountain, which we sat twice. haha... must make our money's worth. Thank goodness for the FastPass tickets which speeded the waiting time by loads!

> hot coffee to warm ourselves up before gg off to our next destination. 10degs...brrr. And of cos to show-off our mickey/minnie mouse ears!!!

winnie the pooh on pink balloon!
> Best way to end the disney rides is to land into one of the disney stores!
> And of cos there were lotsa colourful disney ornaments and souvenirs to bring home...magnets, keychains, rings and bracelets, Tshirts,racks and racks of tin cookies and biscuits...WJ and i couldnt resist the cute metal boxes and bought 2 boxes out of the gazillion collection. spoilt for choice...tsk tsk

> the pony i sat on the cinderella carousel, YES i haven gotten the time to grow up yet...which reminds me, i still haven sat on Dumbo-ride yet! and i need to go Q to take pictures with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and somemore somemore!!! weeeee!!!!!!!!!

> view of the Sleeping Beauty's Castle in the nitelite. the fireworks display was Disney-tastic! it was like the fireworks were swaying to the disney music and of cos the finale ones were the brightest and highest of all. what a magical way to end the nite.

jubes and goog: dunno what's wrong with my flooble chatterbox...cant msg u gals back...thanks for being so sweet gals!!!! i'm fine and dandy now, though once i see a brinjal i turn almost as purple as it! will show u more picpics of Disney HK when im back in Mel... jiayou for ur electives gals!!! MUACKS!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006


dearest all,
yesterday afternoon i was poisoned by a BRINJAL! yes, a brinjal aka eggplant aka aubergine. I was having stir-fried brinjal with slice meat rice for lunch, then by evening i was feeling quite nauseous and stomach upset. Soon i was rushing to the ladies to puke from my mouth and backside!!!

WAH PIANGZ! i felt the lowest of the lowest in the darkest pit.
and weijie had to OT that nite too...sobsob, i tried to stay with him and lay on my desk to rest, then suddenly, i "PIAK" another round onto the office carpet..."oops"...with tears in my eyes, i was very scare but weijie just went to get some toilet roll and started to clean my puke from the carpet. From then on, i looked at weijie with different eyes... and of cos he pushed the wastepaper basket into my laps and as i see him clean, i "PIAK" into the basket....ewwww...soon, i couldnt wait for him to finish work and he sent me back to the apt by cab....

according to studies, Brinjal belongs to a species of Nightshade plants which contains this toxin called Solanine. Sensitive stomach people who cannot digest solanine often will suffer from heartburn, vomitting, diarrhoea etc...

weijie and i think that i must have been poisoned by a white brinjal, cos i ate purple ones in singapore and in melbourne also no problem leh, but last nite was very very painful. After eating the PoChaiYuen then i felt much better, but still went to work the next day after lunch.

so GALS....beware of BRINJALS!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

new shoes for the new year!!!

hey gals!!!

i need new shoes for the new how about this pair??? there are NO SHOES in shenzhen cos it's winter over here, only have to quik quik buy when im back in SG...sobsob.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

silly goose's prezzies...

it was a really tough time choosing xmas prezzie for a certain goose. Didnt know whether to get gel for his feathers or a plucker to trim his feathers; an ID chain to collar his neck in case he gets lost; or prosthetics to cover his webby feet.

Finally here are the results!!!

-Clinique's facial scrub and moisturiser for his plummage
-Philips Shaver for his facial feathers
-Kenneth Cole 'Reaction' for his 'wingpits'
-Burberry Key Chain for his apt keys
-Shoes for his webby feet!

missing home cooked food

food over here cannot be compared to SINGAPORE!!! both weijie and I miss home cooked food, so we decided to cook something!
We boiled water cress soup, stir fried pork ribs and beancurd with veggies!!! and we even bought a chicken from Walmart@ RMB$10 = S$2. Although we took quite some time to get everything prepared but hor....WE ARE VELLEY SATISFIED!!!

bon appetite!