Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy

Usually it's rather hard for all the yeo-s in the family to come together to celebrate an occasion. So this was one of those rare days where the youngest in the family was off (her off days are irregular so which makes it really difficult to plan anything with her in it), the eldest sister was back from china(she comes back only twice a year), both mum and dad are off from work as well. And mr goh was back in SG as well.

So Happy Birthday in advance daddy! and hope u and mum have a real swell time in BKK!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

year end resolution

i will give myself just to the end of the year.
getting real sick and tired of this environment.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Girly Stuff

New coin purses to keep my shinies in! The red one was even big enough to hold my lip gloss and mirror, a few hairbands and bobby pins!
Anyone wants me to buy for them? I bought my small one for $8 and the big one(has 2 compartments) for $12. Both are from Anni Sui. And the small purse (ivory colour) has bling blings on the handle twist. Comes in all sorts of colours!

yum yum

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Up Up we go!

hello saturday morning!
And we are off to one of shenzhen's hills for a morning climb. Too much meat last nite, now it's payback time. Luckily for us it wasnt a sunny day (although i slapped tons of sunblock on my face like a mask!) and it didnt rain either although grey clouds were loaming near. The beginning was quite tough as there was quite abit of construction going on at the foot of the hill, the dirt track was dusty and loose. So many stones on the way were actually quite deceiving as strong footholds but they turn out to be so roll-y. One of our colleagues brought her popo(read grandma) along, poor popo had to climb down and go back home as we all reckon that it was really too steep for her age to go climbing!

By noon, we were up at the peak! munching our nuts and bananas. (so ape-like) ... sitting wearily on the dusty sand with our mineral water. i wonder did i lose any calories at all after eating all that tidbits! *shucks* might as well dun climb rite! sobsob.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Faint Hearted

When one of my colleagues asked me whether would i like to have dinner with them. My immediate reaction was...SURE!

And he suggested that we were going to eat roast lamb... okie! i dun mind lamb, really. In fact when it comes to satay, i love mutton! cos it's always very savoury, sweet and tender!

Food here seems to hold alot more surprises and it was quite a big surprise! As really in big.
It was the whole lamb.
Like a sacrificial lamb in those bible story. When i saw them put it in our dining room, i nearly fainted. I saw the head, the whole body, binded hoofs...i guess the only relief bit was they didnt put the whole lamb on our table like a plate of steam fish for us to cut it up into pieces. The next photo, im really sorry if it offends anyone of you but i really have to show it!

IT'S EDUCATIONAL! so don't eat roast\grilled lamb when u hear it in china. Cos it's so cruel to have it eaten this way...:( i know i wun do it again, i rather have mine on a satay stick just like the others.

Definitely not for the faint hearted, animal lovers or vegetarians. But it was delicious. Very heaty but still deli-ci-ous

Monday, April 16, 2007

write blog write

U know how sometimes it's so easily being inspired by someone else greater. This time round would be bloggers.
Well, after been blogging for some time now and as an architectural student, i would like to see myself as a student for im still young and in a stage of learning the ropes. Many a times i wanted to just blog about architecture and gadgets and even living stuff ( things that are cool and nice to have in your living room, that sort of stuff, mind you, nothing to do with plants.) which i have succumbed many times as i couldnt resist not spreading those kinda 'good' news to everyone who reads my blog.

And after reading so many architecture+blog, there's always an urge in me to show my view to this world. Especially my built surroundings.

However, at the end of the day, i figure out that there are so many better and stronger writers\bloggers out there and i rather leave that 'superhero' rescue mission of the built environment to them to voice their opinions and take a seat back and rest.

Becos what i do best is to blog about the simplicities of my daily life for my friends and family.

i was never a superhero; just a simple shutterbug.

Friday, April 13, 2007

HaiKou this week

A bench sheltered by a faithful old tree. A textured column.

More texture. And a beautiful resorty entrance to my meeting place.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New tastebuds in Haikou

Those 窝窝头really surprised me! When it first came in the woven tray, i thot

'whoa, these coffee-looking buns are actually so-so, i wonder why it was so costly on the menu...'

Until one of my colleague lifted one up and turn it upside down then i realised that it has a dip on the underside!!!! WOW. and that little dip, like a dimple on our faces, was meant for us to put our fillings inside. So cute!!!! I started immediately taking photos like some mountain turtle from kusu island. The diners must be thinking i must be real damn suaku.

Actually not only those buns caught my attention, there were those huge claypots outside the restaurant which caught my eye as well! First thot was they were mere decorations like big vases in china. Until the chef opened the lid and used a metal hook and hooked out another mininature claypot out like a rabbit pulled out from a magician's hat! WAA!

Then our colleague explained to us that those individual pots were designed to boil and keep their famous claypot soups hot. And they only boil a few pots a day, once they are sold they are gone for that day.

And wj thot it was keeping vinegar!!! MUAHAHAHA who is the mountain turtle man!

okie, so much for foodie in 海口 folks! Next time i shall try their famous 文昌鸡 and tell u all about it! Hopefully i get to go to 海南岛 again soon!

ps: they even sell packed WenChang chicken in the airport! But wj and i thot we rather eat the fresh ones first.


Last weekend, wj and i caught a glimpse (a glimpse as we were in the clients' car and i only wound my window down to take some photos) of Haikou city's famous 老街 after a long meeting at the clients' office.

simply put. It was dreadful.

No, not the old street. But the meeting. It was held early in the morning and I was like a vase the whole time. Why, becos they were speaking in a dialect which i didn't understand at all. The jokes that they made, i didnt even bother laughing. What for? When i dun even understand a word u are saying mister. Okay i did try my best to listen to what they were saying and pick out certain words which sounded like mandarin. But it was tough and i end up losing my concentration. At least i didn't pout. Hmm, then again i may have done so not knowingly.

Rite, back to sightseeing...It was a very long stretch of old shophouses, dilapidated and run-down. Electricity was generated in big kettle drums at junctions of roads. i think back home, nobody would want live in these sort of slum-like places anymore, it reminded me of those squatter housing which i saw in my history textbooks when i was young. However the street was bustling with activites, it was very much alived and not abandoned; an old man pulling a wheel cart packed with cardboards and recycleable products, women with pointed straw hats riding on bicycles and lots of roadside hawkers selling WenChang Chicken. Suddenly i felt that i was wheeled back in time to the 40s.

maybe next time if we both ever come back here again,
we should really pay wj's relatives a visit.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

after office hours

The Dvds\vcds over here are really very cheap, like dirt cheap & in good quality too. No heads popping during movies like those being dubbed in the cinemas OR funny coughs. Crystal clear and with chinese or english subtitles. And i bought them from Walmart so i suppose they shouldnt be pirated. hmm...then again, anything can happen in china.

anyway, what im going to say is that...i have watched so many movies these couple of weeks here aredi! I've watched the whole series of HuaYangShaoNianShaoNu which i missed it in singapore as it was aired at 7pm and i knock off work at 630pm which concludes me not being able to watch a single episode at all. This TCS ah, so clever of them to put it at that kind of timing where working people like me cant catch it at all! HMMPH!

And i have even covered movies like: The Protege (yucks, didnt like it at all), Casino Royale (i failed to catch it yet again on the big screen), Spiderman2 (yes i re-watched this one, i'm that desperate) hmm...wat else, i think there were 2 other movies but it was those forgettable ones with adam sandler in it. Farnie ones but still forgettables.

And NOW i'm currently watchin the GONG korean drama serial.....*sheesh*

pinky = (O_*)

New shopping Mall - COCO park

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Love Nest

our make-do love nest for the time being and maybe the rest of our lives in shenzhen.
  • new bedsheets
  • quilt
  • pillow cases
  • lamp
  • mugs
  • kettle
  • clothes rack
  • hangers
  • clothes peg
  • alarm clock
  • curtains
  • toilet bowl cleaner
  • scrubber
  • toilet disinfectent (for ceramic tiles, floor and walls)
  • dvds
  • more dvds
  • stock up pantry

Shenzhen this week

  1. McD conquering all parts of the world
  2. Lots of human on the street
  3. Cubism

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ajisan Ramen

we got abit shy about returning back to the same cafeteria after going there everyday 2 times a day 7 days a week.

So we decided to dropby walmart's Ajisan Ramen for dinner. Although it was expensive, considering in China's standard but at least we didnt see the same familiar waitress' faces.

After eating Ajisan, my verdict is still the same as before.

I dun like Ajisan.

I dun its msg.

I dun like everything about it.

~ i still like japanese food just not ajisan ramen.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


although the office is small, but the atmosphere was very warm and cosy!
although wj wasnt around (stupid goose was at a meeting! hmph!), but his presence was not lost cos we left an ugly piece of cake for him!
although the cake wasnt pink, but my birthday card was! and had pink tulips on it!
although when i was making my wish, Ian said something which made everyone laugh and i missed the joke, but I hope my wish will come true!
And that wish was (cross my heart and hope to die and i know it sounds cliche):
to all u gals+boys out there, have a wonderful and blessed day like mine and be healthy and happy always.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Blow out the candles

today is the first time i celebrated my birthday with wj! Even though we have been together for 2 years plus, we never got the chance to be together whenever my birthday's around the corner. So finally we are stuck at the same place and when the clock struck 12, wj took out a hidden mango mousse cake in the fridge and sang a birthday song to me.

yippee yeah yeah!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bursting of stars

dun irritate me when im PMS-ing becos u dun understand what it feels like to have blood gushing out from your internals. And i have it every month. Do you? Yes, i guess every woman out there suffers the same fate as me if you would want to protest it being a lame excuse but TOO BAD mister YOU AINT A WOMAN. U wanna say something, u dun have keep staring behind my shoulders, do u expect me to know that you are there, quietly peering? I'm sorry, im not so sensitive okay and i do not have eyes behind my back. Just tell me. I dun need another party to transfer hidden msgs from you to me.

i find you somedays terribly irritating. i hope we can stay amicably together but somedays i think it's best that we are so far apart. You can keep coming, i'll just ignore you as best as i can.