Wednesday, February 28, 2007


"WOOHOOOoooooooooooo...." and echos away, away away away
Thank you so much my friends for your support and votes!!!!

We have won the photo contest in both categories for most creative and most romantic!!!! Will let you all know what's the prize once i get the snail mail! haha, damn excited now...Ling was asking me whether did i win a pair of air tickets! and elle was asking how much was the prize money!!! i wish i know too man! although i have this sneaky feeling that the prize is some cheapo vouchers....

here's the link to the results:

~velley velley excited! it's confetti time!

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i hate to admit this but i miss melbourne!!!!


you know mothers. recently there is the new year angbow TOTO draw which is attracting throngs of singaporeans to queue up at the singapore pools for hours in line because of the huge amount of prize money. (think of a mountain piling on top of you till u suffocate. it is that huge. $10 million dollars!!!!) So my mother told me to go and buy a lottery ticket as well.

you dun buy, you won't even stand a chance of winning...she coos and cajoles.

So yesterday after work, me and wj went to buy. Yup, the singapore pools have extended their working hours (9am-9pm) to accomodate working professionals like us to chip in our hard earn money into that enormous pool of prize money. Before i went over to the counter, i decided to withdraw some cash. And the atm ate my card. What a stroke of good luck!


mins later, abit aware of the current situation. i felt horrified.

wj called the helpline which put us on hold for 15mins which lasted like agony while i see people withdrawing money from the same ATM machine! how is that possible?!?! Finally someone picked up our line and told me not to worry and that perhaps the Atm at that moment in time was offline or had some flyaways. er....rite. So i cancelled my card (good riddance!) and now awaiting for the new card to arrive.

i am cashless and cardless.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Creating Outdoor Space

Transformation of window to balcony! DYNAMIC!

Bloomframe is an innovative window frame which offers solution for apartments in dense urban areas. The patented Bloomframe is an innovative new building components that acts efficiently as both window and balcony. It can be added to new or existing buildings and its design gives the possibility to use the surface of an apartment to the maximum. In the search of minimizing the surface of future apartments, this window cum balcony provides a solution. The small freedom in the city appears as an evident and necessary innovation.

architect: Hofman Dujardin


Hotel Everland is a project by Swiss artist-duo L/B (Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann). Everland is a Hotel with only one room which provides an exclusive travel experience for 2 persons. It includes a bathroom deluxe, a king-size bed and a lounge. Notable is the request to steal the golden embroidered bath towels as a momento.

It was first developed for the Swiss national exhibition Expo.2 and was located on the lake of Yverdon. Afterwards the mobile pavilion was brought to Burgdorf and placed on a factory roof at L/B's studio. From June 2006 until August 2007 Hotel Everland is placed on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig, Germany. During the opening times of the museum, visitors can take a peek at the Hotel. After closing hours it's reserved to the happy ones that have booked the room for a night. In september 2007, this mobile hotel moves on to Paris where it will be installed on the roof of Palais de Tokyo to be exhibited for one year and run as a hotel, but this time with a view on the Eiffel Tower.

how cool is that!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ikea on sale

i was there with wj on a sunday's afternoon. Checking out their sale, I was quite disappointed at my first glance of what was available. So folks, if u are thinking of getting some furniture, you can pop by to take a look cos u may never know whether that piece you were eyeing on is on sale. Mine sure wasnt. And so were my hangers....i needed black ones but red ones were on sale. BUT i dun use red hangers!!!! and their hotdog set + drink also not on sale. *hahaha* Something worth noting was the auction by the cashier counter which drew in a huge amount of on-lookers. There was a guy standing on a podium with a loudspeaker with his lackey on the china gong when the sale item was on bid. Really 'happening'. Many were there for the pure entertainment while others were hoping to catch a real steal. Ikea was auctioning off display items at a very cheap price (almost 80% off) and i must say, those who auctioned for their bids were very happy with their buys. i bought home my hangers, my hotdog set and clothes organiser all at full price.

what a terrific sale.

Feb New Shoe

check out! rainbow stripe across this pair of peeker-boos with a butterfly bow at the sides to mix and match all sorts of colours to suit the wardrobe!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Mphosis Sale

yeah! my office mail is finally activated. And i hope to edit my photos this coming weekend as i have spent some time rotating them in the right order. (yes those no brainer tasks...but still have to do cos my camera has no brain.) There are loads of things to do! And clothes not washed yet, room haven been vacuumed since cny! oh yes!

gals!!!! *HOLLER*

M)PHOSIS sale starts today!!!!
and it's 50% - 70% off!

i got myself 2 bags (leather bags are going really cheap!!!! quik grab them! i bought mine for $27 and the original price was $93!) , 1 pair of wedges, 2 tops ($10 each) and 3 culottes! woohoo!
then there were basic plain tees which were about $6? so cheap! i was quite tempted but i resisted!!!! and lastly, the sale are selling last season's clothings...well sort of cos i wanted to buy their really short shorts but they weren't on sale...and i was eyeing on their sequinne bags too...and those weren't on sale either. :( So well, guess we have to wait for the next sale to get this new year's clothings which are so MOD, retro (gosh, anything not now must be in retrospect, sometimes i wonder what constitutes retro??? okay im deviating here now....) , sixties style! and of cos besides the usual stark black and white as their staple colours, this season also sees pastel colours in trend with babydoll dresses team with leggings and belts.

Mod culture is really hot this season as u can see from the high street fashion windows of mango, zara, dorothy perkins, warehouse etc etc...SO if ur mamas havent thrown their clothings out of the window, u better grab them now! cos it's so IN!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

When will you have time, space and energy?

hmm...Have it ever happen to you when u have time on your hands but u can't do your stuff? and when u have time on your hands and you can do your personal stuff but u have no more energy?
Well, right now i have loads of time on my hands cos i just finished rushing a project. But it's still office hours and i have tons of photos to edit at home! Cant wait to post the scarlet hotel and Wj's surprise party picpics!!!! *complaints and more complaints*

and by the time i reached home, usually i dun have the energy to on jitsu and edit them. *complaints again*

and tonite i have to go and buy some more abalone, sharkfin and clams cos wj stole it from me and gave it to my mum. oh yah, i have to buy another set for my nanny too...she's getting real old now, 74 this year and still going strong. She called me up just the day before. I was quite surprised to hear her voice over the phone, cos i was thinking of paying her a visit this coming weekend as i was working thru the new year and didnt have the time to visit her personally.

shucks, wj is still at a meeting and it's almost off-time *more complaints*
i hope he comes back soon man, if not how to go grocery shopping?!?! talking about grocery...i spent so much money on the surprise bbq! my eyes popped when i saw the bill at the cashier. *complaints*

I spent really quite abit this month, angbows for my parents and sis, new year goodies for my mum, abalone sharkfin and clams for nanny and wj's parents and not to mention wj's birthday party, his LV wallet for valentines day....*faints* i think i hit 4 figure aredi!

*drops and falls*

~ i think i need to start to learn how to eat grass.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy boy

yesterday was the first time i ever planned a surprise party for anyone! And luckily for me it went quite well! thanks to birthday boy's cooperative friends and my family's help as well....

so it was pretty successful cos...
a it didnt rain as it was BBQ party (thank god man, it drizzled but by evening it was fine),
a all his friends turned up (phew again!)
a the birthday boy did get his surprise party cos he came back after his friends were here,
a birthday boy didnt need to go to china,
a i managed to get all the BBQ food after running to 2 supermarkets and 2 wet markets,
a i learnt how to shave a turnip! and had my rojak done
a sis did her beautiful canapes and mushroom fritatas for appetiser which fed everyone while the fire was getting started.
a everyone was happy!

Monday, February 19, 2007

CNY day 02

while people are out there collecting angbows, im here in the office working.

and i dun even have overtime pay.
even if they give me off in lieu
i also cannot get my angbows!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

CNY eve

Eating YuSheng has been a popular and traditional toss in Singapore. It's founded in Singapore incase anyone doesnt know. And it's one of my all time favourite thing about chinese new year! It's not about the angbows or new clothes or new year goodies (which i forsake almost immediately). It's all about my family around the big dish of wholesome veggie stripes, tossed to perfection,the higher the better and hailing out all the auspicious 4 letter words for the new year. And best of all, are the thick slices of salmon! *yum yum* The whole dish is not only sweetened by the plum sauce but most importantly is the presence of everyone.

it has specially been so poignant every since i left home for melbourne 2 years ago.

Friday, February 16, 2007

us@scarlet hotel along erskine road

Singapore's boutique hotel
The Scarlet opened in December 2004 after a S$45 million acquisition and refurbishment. Vivacious and uninhibited, this 84 room hotels interiors pulsate with an eclectic tension offering all who enter, an adventure for the senses.

Nestled amidst the vibrant Club Street community of creative agencies, specialty shops, boutique spas, trendy restaurants and cafes, wine bars, antiques shops and art galleries, The Scarlet provides a completely different 5-star experience. Historic Erskine Road leads you to a row of 1868 Early Shop Houses and an original 1924 Art Deco building, whose architectural detailing have been expertly retained and lovingly restored.
Inside, a variety of textures and colours are matched almost in willful contradiction, to provide a mood which is dramatic, daring and bold. Ambient lighting evokes a dramatic mood with the creation of contrast with light and dark areas. This sums up the total experience of The Scarlet - unexpected yet welcoming.
Rooms and suites offer luxury while being wired to the world. The Five individually themed suites, "Splendour, Passion, Opulent, Lavish and Swank" are set to offer guests new levels of elegant comfort.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


happy chinese piggy year!

Survivor Island no more...well for the moment!

It's the eve of chinese new year eve! the office is having a festive mood i reckon since it's half day today. Well supposedly, if nothing goes absurdly wrong. And i got my TianTian porridge from Maxwell market!!! Me and wj are planning to take a short walk around orchard this afternoon, hmm...dunno whether is it a good idea since it will be swamped with humans!!! And we are suppose to drop by my place to get some liquor!
*yes we going to get ourselves drunk tonite! WOOHOO*
And tonite, we have plans of taking a hike at chinatown to do some new year shopping...i have decided to buy the traditional abalone for his parents. I think he's gg to do the same for my parents. Anyway, our aim is to wake up late tomorrow morning! yippe yeah yeah, after working for a week, being able to laze in bed is a luxury!

and we are suppose to check out the roofdeck jacuzzi at scarlet too! think we shall do it after our brekkie at maxwell market. Then we will check out. And to each his own home for reunion dinner! my favourite steamboat! *slurps*

sigh, wj is leaving for china soon, on his birthday somemore, well nvm i think we have next year to celebrate together. Anyway, we aredi have missed last year, what's another year? (yah i'm kidding myself here! of cos it matters!!! ARGH!)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Scarlet Hotel

Pinky's really excited to leave exile island tonight, here are some photos of the hotel featuring the front scarlet entrance, the opulent lobby chandelier, the booth seats and of cos the executive room! Yeah wat a reward after being staying at exile island for so long!

will take more photos and post them later gals!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sitting Duck

wait wait wait.

after 20 years of living, i still can't wait for others. hmm, actually i waited for about an hour. well i've decided to go home first. tired man, especially it's only the first day at work. i'm yawning as i type and there is only so much that i can surf on the net and pretend that i have something that i want to do.

~pinky cant wait for the new year!

i'm a little contributer!

yes, i'm finally making a 'contribution' to society.

Well, i do see a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow now. The downside would be that it's a pro-rated month of salary(cos i started in the middle of the month)...i hope there will be at least a few hundred dollars at the end of the month then i can go shopping!!! YEAH, i have been eye-ing on this pair of NOVO shoe for the longest time and i have just the matching bag for it! (my pride got the better of me so i didnt beg wj to buy the shoe for me, sigh)
Anyway, the lunar new year is arriving and it's time to usher in the year of the babe! So it's harvesting time for angbows again!!!! YIPPEE YEAH YEAH! So im consoling myself that if my salary this month is 'pathetic peanuts'-like, i can still fall back on some angbows! Meantime, im still living of the bf for lunch money. Sheesh, i can be such a leech. Eeeks...but that's what bfs are for right! haha they are there to pamper us girls mah....

~pinky needs money money money...

Friday, February 9, 2007

OOSH my foot!

Remember PS cafe? well the interiors were done by Aamer Taher Design Studio, did the insides for Oosh. Following the dining fad of drinking and dining in nature, the outdoor Balinese-style al fresco (touted to be the biggest) concept was adopted from popular Little Bali off Alexandra Road with lots of ferns (think jungle), waterfalls (my mum sat there for half an hour before she realised that there was a waterfall, blardee dark lah, kuah boh) and wood.

okie so the landscape and interiors were done really nicely but this i must scream out real loud:

T H E___ S E R V I C E__ S U X X __B I G __T I M E
for starters: there were 3 door bitches who looked as if they got dumped yesterday or maybe suffering from the worst PMS ever. They look at you as if u were a piece of shit. eh hello, i spend my money here and part of it goes into your pay and u blardee gimme some fuck up attitude!

next, the waiters all look like they are in a hurry (they run... i saw with my 2 eyes but they run to who or where, this i cannot tell u, def not for my food!) to serve u your food but my family and I waited like 1 hour before our food came!!!! RIDICULOUS!
And 2 tables across us, were 2 ladies waving their hands furiously for the waiters' attention. One got frustrated and walked towards them and said something to the waiter. The other one just refused to budge from her seat and continued her frantic waving. Wave on gal, they might be there but they cant 'see' u.

and our waters were never topped up either. *bleah* and thirsty like a tongue nearly dropped to the table. After a very long wait, the appetisers came...okie, so-so. I shant be picky, i was raving mad with hunger. I arrived at the restaurant at 730pm and only got to eat my appetiser at 830pm. Anything into my mouth will taste like heaven.

While we were waiting ages for our food (main course) to come, there was a live gig by daniel purnomo@ lookout.

When the food came, the one and only candle which lit our table didnt do much to provide us the visual aid towards our food. Actually i cant really see a thing im putting into my food, but i will give credit that it tasted real good. i had the slipper lobster pasta while wj and dad had the beef tenderloin and mum had the chicken thigh.

then wait again for our dessert. YEAH! finally it came and not bad! the warm valrhona choc was good! and oozing out with warm chocolate and mummy loved the aloe vera jelly. okie some bonus points here.

WAIT AGAIN, this time for the bill. finally it came like about 15mins.
WAIT WAIT WAIT...u must be wonderin for what now...the valet, no car how to go home! the valet took 20mins to get our car!!!! FAINTS.

finally i left OOSH at 1030pm.
(15mins of eating, 3 and half hours of waiting)