Wednesday, September 28, 2005

jubes at BigW too

on this fateful day, i was trudging my feet to BigW. Trust me, i haven seen people for the longest time. I have became an anti social pinkie.

so when i saw this tall lanky gal looking at the underwears at BigW...i gave a huge scream of disbelief!

hahaha...a familiar face once more, u wun know how happy i was to see her!!!
plus the fact that WJ was coming tomorrow morning of cos made the whole day better too, but the waiting was really unbearable and so i decided to head down to BigW to get some party stuff to surprise and welcome WJ arrival! *wink*

yups so off we went to the party section and i bought some balloons and fairy lights. What 3m...all bluff me one. i open the box, the 3m of fairy lights were bundled parrallel to each other and so in the end it was only 1.5m.

Cannot stretch from my power plug to the balcony. no matter how hard i tried to pull and tug. stoopid. how to celebrate Mooncake festival like that?!!
*shucks* then like linus, i dragged the fairy lights all over the apt, trying suitable places to plug them in. I even tried it in the toilet...desperate mah

anyway, i gave up and i stuff it all back into the box where it came from. Maybe i might just bring back to singapore and put it on some mini xmas tree....

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Highs and Lows

wj and i both saw this red checkered sundress with big pockets on the side at Bardot which was selling at an exhorbitant price of $89.95. It's still available at all leading stores as well as on their website. it was really pretty and casual and girly. and i love it! but it was really too expensive to spend that kind of money on such a simple sundress!
Then today while i was combing for the melbourne show tickets, my 2 feet walked into Valleygirl and i saw the exact same sundress that bardot was selling but at a different palette of colours! and they sold the same design in solid blue (i highly recommend this although it didnt have my size anymore), purple and white.
Just for u fashion conscious girls, bardot is also carrying solid colours as well but only in the shades of chrome, mitt green and white. And of cos this red checkered dress as shown in my picture. And comparing the prices from both shops...what a difference! So head down to valleygirl this weekend if u have the time!
ps: valleygirl also carries many designs which can be found in supre as well!
1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Lighting lanterns in the park.

Pinky, Jubes and Sheree were off to Chinatown to meet Shilynn, Xiuwen and Joy. Woohoo! It’s Mid Autumn Festival aredi! Xiuwen brought us to the corner of Exhibition St and Lit Bourke's Oriental restaurant which sold quite yummy food. We all have milk tea to celebrate this joyous occasion and after a good toasting of GanBeis around the table, we put the milk tea to our mouths and all of us went…..YUKS!!! hahaha..there was no sugar in the milk tea! Usually over here, they will add for us. So all of us grabbed for the sugar! Jubes could just pour the whole canister in...she is such a sweet tooth!

The menu totally had too many dishes to choose from and most of us took quite some time to figure out wat to eat! After Xiuwens persistent recommendation, Sheree and Joy both ordered the same thing: Triple layer Pork with Preserved Veggies. Not bad!!!

YAK YAK YAK the hot topic was non other then Mr "Hen".

the restaurant was too cold to bear. All of us were huddling the hot cups of water in our hands. We paid the bill and left for Pinkys place to get the lighter. When we reached there, "oohhh...aaahhhh" the comforts of warmth and the girls little room! haha. and most of us had a TimTam Truffle except Shilynn who was still recovering from a bad flu, and xiuwen who couldnt stomach another thing after her triple layer pork.

Alfredo Gelati!!! Muahahaha... flavours of roche, toblerone and baileys and rum and raisins! Sinfully delightful!

We are finally off to the park to light our lanterns!
Y I P P E E !!!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival GALS!!!
What prove to be childs play…turned out to be a mean feat for all of us! We had all the necessary equipments… the lanterns, candles from Coles, lighter….what could possibly go wrong? Firstly, it started to drizzle!!! The weather was superbly cold, the moon was covered by the clouds!!! And finally it was so tough to light the lighter cos all our fingers were so numb with cold!!! And the lanterns could last us more than 15mins walk cos it was so small and we had to light a new one so often!

Shilynn was so numb with cold that after the festival ended, we went back then she realized that she had burnt her finger!
But all in all, we had lotsa laughters and cramped knees, awful squats under a tree, candid photoshots, swearing at the wind for blowing our candles off! And loads of Merry Making!!!

Friday, September 16, 2005


"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you going to get."
-Forrest Gump

if only life was this simple and sweet.
or maybe my box of chocolates is dark and bitter which explains why alot more!

i need strawberries and orange flavours into my chocolates!
lotsa of sugar and milk...
caramel and truffles
praline and nuts
raisins and more raisins
mint mint mint!
champagne and cognac

and of cos ..... the occasional sweet and dark bitter chocolates.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

goodbye velleyjie blogs

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dearest readers...our velleyjie blogs has lost one of its most potential writers...sad to say, CHINA has banned that website and so our writer is not allowed to pen his thots and emotions there's always a page error when he tries to enter that website.

but rejoice readers...for as the chinese saying goes "old things go and make new path for new things"...thus velleyjie will move to Friendster blog instead. well i suppose there wun be any posts on velleyjie as yet since our writer is currently jetting from shanghai and sz.

be patient! sure he will starting penning after his trip from melbourne! woohoo!

petite pink

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Targeted Undies

melbourne is truly the perfect place to collect pretty eye candied undies!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

MidAutumn Agenda!

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me, jubes, sheree, shilynn and xiuwen are deciding to carrying lanterns at a nearby park around lygon this coming saturday! though it's not confirmed yet. but i hope it will become a reality!!!

haha! it's been 2 years since i last carried a lantern!!hmm.. i missed my chance last year... and i have never gone to the jurong garden to see those lantern exhibitions before...i hope WJ can fulfil this wish of mine one mid-autumn! i think it is soo romantic to see those lanterns and take a walk in the park at night. i dun like dark dark parks one...

sigh....over here i only have my table lamp-tern to keep me company in the nite. or yah and the street lamp outside that shines into my balcony...what a BIG lantern that one is, have to draw the blinds down if not i cannot sleep ah!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

how does whiskey dry taste like?

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my 'exciting' life: woohoo...
skul > back to apt > skul > supermart > back to apt > computer labs (thks to my limited bandwidth) > back to apt > skul > back to apt

how cool can i get.

3 at bridge road

Image hosted by Photobucket.competite pink goes retail therapy!
date: 10 september 05
weather : disappointing drizzle but cant drizzle our enthusiam away!
accomplices : the infamous Jubes and Googie

velle: "who said i was from the mad people's hospital??!!....oh well that was long time ago. Don't worry! I was let off years back already." Ignore those posters! there are not true!

off to CrownPrince Hotel's Cafe Greco!! as Jubes always say..."WOOT WOOT!!!" hahahah

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

all of our MidCrits are over!

Image hosted by Photobucket.combridge road here we come! i need retail therapy!!! and lotsa of coffee not for late nites but for joyous occassions like these!! woohoo!!

*sigh* bad news is that i have 2 design submissions this sem...but i will jiayou! nothing is gg to prevent pinky on her way to pinkitectura!

Thursday, September 1, 2005