Friday, August 29, 2008

Hen Party!@Gotham Penthouse

okie these were the more decent ones, the private lap dance by the fireman is so CENSORED i'm not going to post them here in case the bridegroom comes after me!!!!


love you so very very much jubes my darling.
So happy for you!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sakura@Orchard Shopping Centre

This place was swarming with people on a friday night!
My colleague was telling me about this place for its value and wide variety of buffet. At first i thought it was pure japanese buffet restaurant, but hell no! Not only did they serve sushi, cold soba, sashimi, teppanyaki but PIZZAs! and TOM YUM SOUP!!!!

i think for price on a weekend buffet, it's quite affordable. Just the two of us, the bill came out to be $60 (inclu. of taxes and service charges).

But i will never come back again.

Because i didn't like the flooring, the partitions, the whole noisy fish market ambience, even the clearing area for the dishes were left too "open" for everyone else to see, some parts of the floor was wet and all, once is good enough a visit for me.

here's a quick summary of what we tried, i had 4 full plates of salmon sashimi (i had a mad craving for salmon that day), baked oysters, fresh and baked scallops, some broccoli on the side, mussels, tom yum soup(this ah i got to complain, when it came there was hardly any soup in there!), lamb rack teppanyaki (this one was a clear favourite amongst the diners cos it has the most clips), dou-miao teppanyaki, some very forgettable sushi, beef teppankayi....i think that's about it...of cos, mr goh washed down all his food with 2 cups of coke while i had 3 cups of lipton tea...gosh i missed hot tea that night too!

That's the clips which u will find on your table. You are suppose to take them to the teppanyaki or soup counters , clip it to the item that you want and the chefs will prepare them on the spot for you. But of cos like the hot favourite - lamb rack, we waited a good half's hour before it came!
So in the mean time, it's more salmon sashimi for me!!!!

it's retro night that friday...hahah so im all dressed up very "boogie night"

And we met our colleagues there too! what a small world rite? So everyone is dining out here....but it's so mass-market..i felt abit like i was back in JC where everyone dines at Seoul Garden or Ponderosa. It was really weird. Hmm, back to the food bit, the dou-miao had very nice chewy sliced mushrooms on top of it. This was hmm, quite a good effort.

Next, beef teppanyaki - Not nice, small pieces, tough and not well marinated. Came luke-warm. Not piping hot.
So it's more salmon sashimi for me again!!!!

AH-HA! finally the lamb has arrived! But again, not hot at all!!! And the Tom yum soup..can you see how little the soup was in the clay pot???? huh huh? aiyoh...

lastly, this is the partition i was telling you about, chicken mesh kind...tsk i feel like a chicken man.

Orchard Shopping Centre
321 Orchard Road 2nd Storey, Singapore 238866
Tel: 6735 8197

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Frosty at the barber

that's Frosty after a haircut! Doesn't he look like a schnauser from the back?

looking all smart and happy! and best of all, he smells good! Mummy says that his hair dries so fast now after a shower and short hair is so much cooler for him.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy National Day Singapore

from all of us at the National Stadium.

Painting our Pedestal

we are beginning our little homework here...

it's a little souvenir which we got from our workplace and we decided to give it a new fresh coat of paint!

and voila!

Friday, August 8, 2008

FIR concert@SIS

we managed to get 2 free tickets to watch FIR on a friday night. and guess what we missed the opening of the spectacular beijing olympics. Singaporeans ah....damn terrible. The concert was suppose to start at 830pm and people are still strolling in at 9pm! They maciam like going to a wedding dinner! Hey what's with punctuality nowadays? issit fashionable to be late?

we got rather good seats compared to some...aiyoh dunno what they can see up there man. those on the 3rd rows from the stage. At least ours was at a wedge corner and not much blockage. When the concert finally started, i must say i was impressed with all the stage crew, costumes, phyrotechnics, lighting..but the Band was so loud that i couldnt hear faye's singing... which is so sad cos i thought her voice was so sweet. TOTALLY covered up by the horribly loud drums, bass and guitars!!! Didn't enjoy it at all. no no no.

To me the music is too loud. Or should i say noise? it really bothers me. And the sis chairs were so uncomfy!!!! After 1 hour of the FIR concert, i was so ready to leave early and catch a cab home. Till today, I think i rather gone home to watch the opening of the Olympics instead.
what can i say. i'm old and i really can't keep up with the times.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Monthsary to us AGAIN!

this time he got it right!

And she's off!!!

to the netherlands. for a month!!! my sis is sure going places. sigh. envious. and here i am, stuck on an island.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Come august!

Introducing Sandal of the month from Topshop at a very special price of $33. Genuine all leather and suede all around with frills on top!
pretty, sweet and so much fun for a summery weather here!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fulfiling Weekend!

woah! i just came back from the Singapore Zoo!!! and we visited the Singapore Flyer for the first time too! will post photos soon!

To the Singapore Zoo!

we took the Bus Hub service ($4 per adult) to the Singapore's a rather long journey as it winds around orchard road, stopping by at some hotels and to little india as well. SO mr fluffy here is playing with his PSP here.

Finally we reached the zoo around 1pm

nice plants they have here! so fiery red and all welcoming! and the litter bins are "dressed" up in animal prints! Check out the giraffe and zebra ones...and the 'open' concept toilets! i just love them! very close to nature don't u think so?

me beating the drums, call all kangas and roos to join me in the hippity hop frenzy dance.

overlooking the seletar reservoir, so peaceful and tranquil. And we managed to make it to the elephant show! it was really enjoyable watching the big clumsy looking mammals balancing on the log. Elephants are actually very good at balancing themselves!

k..let's wave to the photographer..."hey...why are u following me??? shoo!"

some of us got lost on the way...."let's look at the map, shall we?"

Next we caught the polar bear feeding time. They were throwing fishies into the pool and thus we could watch the bears in action, diving and swimming down to catch the live fishes!

a flamingo about to spread its wings ....and fly???

hmm...they have horse carriages here at the zoo! how gimmicky!

rhinoceros eating from the same trawl of food. Next i saw a leopard from afar, behind glassed windows.

as u can see, there are so many different mammals at the zoo! from giraffes, elephants, hippos, baboons, lions, leopards, rhinos to even sqwaking parrots at the exit (which i didn't snap).

here are the details on the zoo:

Opening hours

8.30am to 6.00pm daily

Entrance fees (admission only):

Adult S$18.00
Child (3-12 years old) S$9.00

All prices include 7% GST

for more info, visit: this website