Friday, January 9, 2009

Korea Day 03 - Teddy Bear Museum Part 1

Dear all...
here's the very beginning of our teddy bear museum blog tour.
Where i'm standing is the entrance of the museum which is a bulletin board of the teddy bear's posters!

and once you enter the big glass door, there's this huge life size plastic yellow bear that is perching on the board to greet u!

some pictures of ahren enjoying himself at the teddy bear museum...i bet he must be thinking that he is one lucky bear that goes globetrotting around the world every year and not get trapped in a glass case like these fellas.

1st photo: Titanic! can u see the bear doing the Jack and Rose position? with arms spread like an eagle?
2nd: me and a montage of bears
3rd: Blue and pink bear showcase
4th: the atrium of the Teddy bear museum; overlooking at the souvenir shop

Superman...ah-hem, superbear actually.....orh--ee, orh---ee....why! it's tarzan and jane bear!

Plus lots of other Disneyland, the beatles and of cos Man's first landing on the moon...hmmm was it man or bear?

back tracing to china history on the terracota soldiers...and look! it's my favourite Paddington bear!!!! ok, the last one i needn't introduce sure everyone knows who that bear is.

ritey...that's end of part 1 people!

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