Monday, September 22, 2003


the little black dress.
perfect for every and any occasion.

WORK: adorn it with a short cropped office jacket and pumps.

MEET the PARENTS: pearl necklace + granny cardigan and ballerina flats or kitten heels.

FLIRTY DISCO/COCKTAIL party: mini vintage belt, skycraper heels, clutch bag.

OUTING with the BF: mini handbag for him to carry for you, heels, buckle belt if u want something different or just plain jane for him.

PUNK ROCK BIKE... u name it

tired of being the sweet-looking innocent next-door-girl? Try being a rocker-chick for a day! ROCK combines bold eccentuating colours such as black, white and red! which im sure every fashionista (u gals!!!) will have in their wardrobes! so let the transformation begin!

use that daily mundane knitted top which never fails to give u a corporate look in the office and spice it up with a fiery rouge necklace and bangles. Change that A line skirt and opt for an ultra mini cropped shorts, paired up with those black leggins!

FINALLY...Remember to add RED to those lippies and dark black eyeliner for that ROCK CHICK effect!!!


ritey gals! it's time to spring clean those closets once more! and here's velle to assist u! nautical stripes are so Hot at the moment. think of navy blue and cherry red and lots of vertical stripes! And isnt it wonderful that vertical stripes just make you look SLIMMER AND TALLER in person! woohoo! and as Jubes babe way of exclamation... WOOT WOOTS!

so Jazz up that stripey dress with a kimono belt or the regular sash and u are all set for a day's of shopping with ur gal pals, picnics or even in school! and have fun accessorizing ur dress cos it's never too dull to add more stuff! just make sure u dun overdo it and end up looking like a xmas tree....*muacks*

Friday, September 19, 2003

Elle est Jolie!

yes i'm a self confessed sucker for shoes especially high heeled ones! and Peekers are sucha hottie trend now. these camel coloured back slinged peek-a-boos are really a must have for me to go with my skinny levis jeans on a sunny day!

i have gotten my eyes on those red peek-a-boos as well from Portsman and Country Road but they are very very expensive! *faints* I wonder why shoes downsouth here are so expensive...burns a blardee hole in my pocket everytime i buy one...*sadness*

Thursday, September 18, 2003


20% sale at Target and i just had to buy this pair of lovely heels. ankle strapped with faux leather. approx 3 inch tall to make any gal stand proud amidst this cosmopolitian city!

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Quelle bonne surprise!!!

535am: touch down at 101 earl street.

- slept -

12nn: brunch at flinders.
1pm-5pm: a long walk down swanston. together.
530: back at 101. cooking poulet soup for diner. shower and rest.
8pm: max brenners@ melbourne central.
930pm: back at apt. watch sister act on telly.
12mn: drink our poulet soup.

- slept -

morn rose.
8am: call starbus

- slept -
10am: woke up.
1130am: starbus arrives
12nn: melbourne airport
145pm: au revoir.

3pm: back at 101.

alone once more but a much much happier pinky.

Thursday, September 4, 2003

i need someone who will be by my side.

" lonely. im mr lonely. i have nobardy for my own......"

i hate it when i feel like this. makes me want to cry. feelings all messed up. Do not even understand why i have to be here. or why God made my path so. or was it that i chose this path. did he have anything to do with it. screwed my head?

or why did he not let me finish my education path back home but to let me have this route. i cant understand why. somedays it tortures me so. somedays i feel proud about myself. but when i walk down the sidewalk alone. who is there to see me. this girl alone. by herself. who knows what is she thinking. how is she feeling. will she want to live to see the daylights of tmw.

pain is how i feel when i do my grocery. the music from my ipod goes into my ears, goes into me. my heart feels so much for it. every line and every word. but i cant seem not to have it when i walk out alone. becos u see, that is my only company. the only thing that speaks to me like a person.

times when i hear a certain song. the feelings just gets overwhelming. the seasons of change. the new and the old. love lost; unrequitted love. the love that u had but u gave away. the past that you long to have when u never knew it was good.

i just know that there is a certain junction here that always turns green when im crossing. and as i crossed it today, i said ' thank you mother mary'

and i always do. sometimes i even smile to myself.

Tuesday, September 2, 2003


my new baby! from FEMME. cost me $40 aussie dollars! but i simply lurve it and got to have it! been thinking about it for nites and decided to spend that extra cash. i did ask wj to ask how much would it cost to get one in china and it will cos a whooping $100 sing! might as well buy from aussieland.

yippee yeah yeah

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