Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ah ren and his hamburger

this is one of my favourite picture of ahren...
have u gals tried the 'hamburger' sweets before?
really gummy and sweet, and oh-so-cute!!! and just the perfect size for ahren too!
too bad he doesnt have a mouth. So he can only 'eat' with his eyes...hohoho.

Review on Pump room

Just went to the pumproom (clarke quay) with my gal pal and turns out great!

jammed packed with so many people and all sorts of colours! my friend was telling me the other day that it was like united nations...hahah

Dun expect puberty teens in there cos u wun find any. Instead it's just regular knocked off workers, all wanting to seek some fun and enjoyment. Plus the live band was very entertaining with their retropective songs and they also do pop ones too like "apologise" in their very own way.

oh yah, cant order the regular beers here like heineken or corona. They have their very own beers. it has its own microbrewery! try it, i think it's not bad.

Otherwise u can always rely back on your gin & tonic.

Bouncers here are very friendly too! one even offered me a mint! *grin*

sorry gals no live photos of the party place bag is too small to bring my camera.

Friday, March 28, 2008

TCC Shaw

R&R day@ Orchard

it's been awhile since i last saw my cousin. So we met up and gossip. haha that's what most girls do yah!!! Well she's still watching her usual anime on u-tube... must be one of the current trends to do so while u are at home and with wifi. Cos my sis is also doing the same thing at home in her room!

oh wells, anyway she bought me a sticker for my ez-link card too!!! haha so cute! didnt know that they have stickers for such things! Needless to ask, hers was an anime sticker...

we had our drinks at Shaw Lido TCC...cuzzie is enjoying her ice freezed tea...and donning a spankingly new polo from COTTON ON, yes they have finally brought the girls skinny polo tee in!!! woohoo!!! im a COTTON ON fan while i was back in melbourne, i have most of their polos in all the colours!!! yellow, pink, white, black, grey, baby grey, red ...u name it i have it! hahaha....

anyway it was so good to sit and drink and relax after a week at work. And plus i think i was suffering from a hangover, too much partying the nite before...teehee.

1. TOfu tortellini (a must try) very savoury!!!! and the cheese combo with tofu is terrific!
2. My passionfruit ice tea. A good smooth drink for a hangover. haha of cos before i came out i had a carrot and celery booster to wash and detox my system...and not forgetting my 3 cups of water too!!!

Big head photo 1

Big head photo 2

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Brazil Nut Body Butter

For Dry SKIN: ( for those who goes to wintry countries...this one will keep your skin supple and smooth!)

An intensive, creamy all-over body moisturiser. It absorbs into the skin easily, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin and prevent dryness. Contains moisturising Community Trade brazil nut, shea and cocoa butter.

usual: $29.90
NOW: $9.90

Strawberry Body Butter

For Normal Skin. (this smells really nice!!!)
An intensive creamy all-over body moisturiser, offering up to 24 hours moisturisation with a sweet berry fragrance. It contains moisturizing strawberry seed oil and Community Trade shea and cocoa butter.

usual $29.90
NOW: $9.90

Vitamin E Body Butter

This sumptuous body butter contains a host of moisturising ingredients to leave the skin feeling divine and hydrated up to 24 hours.

usual $32.90
NOW: $14.90

Bilberry Colour Protect Detangler

An ultra-light, leave-in conditioner for manageable, tangle-free hair. Bilberry extract helps to protect hair from color-fade and damage caused by sun, pollution, sea and chlorine water.

usual $20.90
NOW: $9.90

okie people there are tons more at Suntec convention level 3. From gifts to fragrance to well-being to body to make-up! of cos im not gg to blog on everything that is there...go see it for yourself!!! Nothing beats seeing it for the real thing. Plus UOB members gets a free gift worth $19,90 when you spend a minimum of $50 on your credit cards.

Sale starts frm 11am to 8pm!
Best to go with a girlfriend or girlfriends cos u definitely could use someone to Q while the rest goes to do some browsing!

word of advice.
i browsed, squeezed, got pushed, scratched, stepped for half an hour, lugging my white plastic bag along the carpet but i queued 2 hours just to get to the cashier.

Monday, March 24, 2008



Sunday, March 23, 2008

Heartingly Pink

i think this line from LV is so pretty! with all the little LV logos attached to the straps! So charm-ing, u know what i mean....just like tiffanys!
plus, all those LV lovers out there, it comes in black ,red, violet, silver and gold!
Since i've already gotten the HP strap, so i decided to get the coin pouch as well....*giggle*
Now, it's just left to get the bag!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fluff Mad


i finally gotten my basket full of eggs!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fluff-ing Good Time

Flowers and Eggs

lately, i have no time to blog cos im busy finding easter heehee...

will blog when easter is over!