Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Handicrafts made by me

getting very hands on

since i've started doing some handicraft for Baby Tereo's gift packet, might as well do something for my notice board too! I've had these "V.E.L.L.E" letters for the longest time, wanted to do something constructive or creative with them and now it's my chance!

Bought these letters at a shop along beach road,or rather it was a shop in a textile shopping mall where everyone goes to buy fabric?? I just followed one of my bestest friend that day when she went shopping for stuff...

anyway back to the real stuff, Friday, i dropped by PaperMarket and saw these pretty paper flowers selling for about $6.75 for 6 pieces??? and i went "HUH" ...i mean i can do these myself. I've been telling my colleagues that actually if you paid enough attention, there are lots of paper and scraps which you might discard like brochures and sale postcards which i get loads from the mail and i keep all these stuff for making handicrafts like these...i also keep the spare buttons which are tag onto new clothes which i buy. So over the years, I've accumulated quite a number of buttons too! all sorts of shapes,sizes and colours. And PaperMarket were selling buttons for $1 a piece too! I mean not being a cheapo but it's quite expensive!!!

I guess fate and chance plays a part. There was one time when i was at Spotlight and they were having a sale, and i bought 7 buttons for $1 only!! and they come in so many solid colours and were very pretty! your pennys for raining day and watch what wonders the mailman brings to your mailbox!

Going for a baby shower soon!

this morning i went to Poon Huat, needing some baking stuff and i couldn't resist buying some dollies home and this is what i did over the quick 1 hour before heading into the shower and changing to go for our fave photographer's baby shower. Yes! Baby Tereo turns one month on 22 June and his parents are celebrating this milestone today!!!

so here's our little money packet for him....hope his mum loves the card which i made.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Velle Can Cook 01 - Simple meals under 30mins

Hearty Chicken Soup with Fish Maw
*Handful of Fish Maw, pre-soaked in hot water for 15-20mins till soft, wash and drain water away.
*3 cloves of garlic
* Shallots
* Chicken breast for 2, cut to chunks
*Chicken stock 2.5 bowls
* 2 cups of cabbage
**optional: carrots for more sweetness!

How to cook!(Velle's recipe!!!)
  1. Stir fry garlic and shallots till fragrant
  2. add in chicken breast
  3. add in chicken stock
  4. bring to boil, add in cabbage and fish maw.
  5. simmer for 10mins and serve with freshly grounded black pepper on top!

Puchi Babie

Found this cute little playmate at Clementi Mall after one of my site visits.
It's a little charm to hang around your bags or whatever you like to hang on too...

There was one time where Topshop carried this little deer too in a form of a pendant and i bought myself one too! Now you can find it at PaperMarket although it's not one of a paper kind thingy. But i guess they sell all kitschy cutesy stuff which will entice the females.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


please vote for us!

Last sunday we happened to be shopping at ION and entered a lucky draw and woohoo! we are one of the 60 shortlisted shoppers vying for the $1000 ION shopping voucher. However the catch is that the shopper photo's garnered the most votes via SMS will win the grand prize!

Not to despair peeps if you have missed the Happy Shopper contest!
For voting via SMS (pls vote for me in this case) will get yourself a chance to win $200 ION shopping vouchers!!
So please vote for me!!!

Here's how:
SMS to 72639
Example: Shopper DSC0231 S1234567F Velle

Ritey! please take up your mobiles and sms for me!! and good luck on winning the $200 for voting!
ps: can only vote once a day for the same photo!

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