Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bibigo at Raffles City Basement

oh wow! this place is swarming with people!!! We made reservations and the lady said that she could only hold our table for 15mins!!! so we rushed from work like mad and thankfully it's certainly was worth the effort coming down here to eat!

For the bibimbap, you can choose your own rice - mix, white, brown, black and choose your meat - beef, chicken etc and even sauce - green tea, spicy, not so spicy, sesame, citron soy sauce etc...can't really remember as they are in korean names but you can get the waitress to explain them to you.

I took the original korean sauce that's really red and spicy! WOOT!

and we ordered a seafood pancake to share too! which was delicious with the light savoury soy sauce! and another plate of tofu and fried kimchi to share as well!! that was generally acceptable to most vegetarians, but for our carnivorous friends, i think they didn't really enjoyed this dish much!

Groupie photo - gathered to celebrate after doing our written papers!
A terrific break and gathering! Now is to await for our results...

here's me(4months preggy now!) and wj

seafood pancake with light soy sauce (very tasty!) and my rice bowl!!! comes in a set with pickled vegetables, kimchi and soup.

tofu with kimchi which we shared....

my bibimbap (hot stone rice) all mixed with veggies and sauce! YUMZ!

will definitely return for more sumptous food!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Breakfast morning

Really cute buns from Green Pumpkin from this bakery at NEX.
Bought and tried their top 2 buns:-
  1. Green Pumpkin bun (green tea and pumpkin paste)
  2. Strawberry and choco chip bun

It's Christmas and the doggies are wanting a walk!

Christmas Eve 2011

Xmas Eve at my Mum's

roasting turkey instructions

Frosty always enjoy a festive occasion. See how happy his smile is!!!

here's a family photo. Missing my sis here cos this year she's spending her xmas overseas with her bf.

here's what we brought over for xmas dinner - aglio olio with shrooms

and a huge dose of fibre - salad!

wj's no-no finger pointing at Owen.

yup even our bed buddies are here to join us...

us in front of the huge turkey...and nope, we didn't manage to finish it!
Only ate half of it!

ahren + she-orh-orh: wooo (standing back)....the log cake is huge....
actually no...it's you guys who are little.

see our xmas presents on stool cos we are afraid our naughty dogs might pee on them!!!

and we bought a little present for ah-ren.

at the stroke of midnight...it's time to exchange and rip our presents open!!! and WJ has gotten me a MUMMY BAG!!! whoppeee!!! Just what i wanted to hold my baby bottles, diapers, pacifer and what-nots in future.

and i got a camper shoe for wj this xmas cos he wanted one.
Daddy got him a BMW vintage.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Skinny Pizza at Raffles City Basement!
Raffles City Shopping Centre (City Hall MRT)
Opens from 11am- 10pm

had a girls nite out! The basement was crowded with people!!! every diner was having a long queue and so was Skinny Pizza. The waiter was very prompt with the service.

share 3 tins sides - sweet potato nibblets, some prawns and opps the last one i don't remember!

Kat had the squid ink paelle - verdict : good!!! $18
Charms had the Elegant Black Pepper PrawnLinguine - verdict: very good!!! $25

i had the fish and chips! $18

they serve ice water, warm water on the house! - i likey....notice some restaurants and diners are charging water!!!! tsk tsk...

my beer battered fish and chips...i think...don't tell hubs, he'll flipped at anything alcoholic that will eventually go down my esophagus! So super strict on my diet now that im preggy!

Skinny Pizza at Raffles City basement

we shared the appetiser platter where you can choose 3 different finger foods to start your meal.

The squid paella....whatever it was called but it was squid ink and it was a paella.
ooo....but it was good.

me and the beautiful-trying-to-grow-her-hair long Miss Meow.

me and charms

I had fish and chips all to myself cos im feeding for 2 now!
heehee...but i couldn't finish it cos it was so much...the truffle fries were fantastic, but i had a sneaky feeling the batter for the fish is marinated with beer! I hope im wrong cos im not suppose to take any alcohol....but ignorance is bliss right? Plus it's fried till god knows how many deg celsius...would have burn/cooked all alcohol content away right???

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our new BMW 3.20

this is considered a late post...since i haven't really had the time to take some photos of our new car. Ever since the confirmation of my pregnancy, the following weekend, hubs changed cars! From our previous cute red mazda to a silver BMW 3.2 series.

i must say i feel good all over again! Because i was so used to sitting in a Continental car compared to a Japanese made. The closing of the door just feels so much more secured and steady.
Plus the engine is more powerful and now when hubs changes his lane, he can zip in and out so quickly unlike the previous Mazda which needs a longer pick up time.

Plus it has quite a few automatic functions like wiper can adjust it's own timing, the evening lights also will come on on its own, seats can recline up and forth, move back and front all automatic.
Plus when reversing, the side mirror will move downwards for you to view the ground.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Handburger at Raffles city basement B1-65

"THE WORKS" -MINE! complete with mushroom soup
Grilled 150g of 100% NZ grass-fed prime beef, topped with battered onion rings, cripsy bacon which i gave to hubs, sunny side up egg which i told the waitress to have it fully cooked, sauteed basil pesto mushroom, sweet onion jam, cheddar cheese, handmade barbeque and aioli sauce on a bed of coral lettuce and a tomato on a toasted caramelized onion bun!

wj is also have the works with fries on the side

cus is trying the veggie burger ala " Stuffed Portobello" with salad.
she thinks the salad is good but the veg burger was a disappointment...or rather she wasn't very used to the taste of her veggie patty...
Stuffed Portobello: Oven-baked portobello mushroom stuffed with spinach, walnuts, Parmesan cheese and beancurd topped with breadcrumbs served with handmade tomato herb sauce on a bed o coral lettuce and a tomato on a toasted spinach with Parmesan cheese bun