Thursday, March 29, 2007


u better own up or when i catch u, u will DIE DIE DIE. And you had to take the red one!!! which was one of my favourite colour! ARGH!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Gimme some more

now that we are finally together, everything seems to be better even there days which are bad cos i'm not alone anymore. Even when im PMS-ing, i can whine away in front of him, pull his elbow skin, slap his chest and pull a long face with a pout. He can see it all! Yippee! It's no wonder why god made adam and eve cos adam sure will be bored to hell without naughty eve.

~ it's so great not to be alone.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


dunno what's wrong, it's been like these for the past few days, cannot clock in, cannot check email and worse, cant even see my own blog.


there he goes again

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Penang Hawkers insider's information

here's a recap on our buffet encounter at York hotel which hosted the infamous (stupid snake Qs) Penang Hawkers.

nothin to comment about

CNY tree!

okie christmas trees i have seen enough this lifetime, but have u seen a chinese new year tree? huh huh? have you? SO when i first saw this tree, i just whipped out my camera and had to show it to u gals!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Parts of l'hotel + me

love the shiny mosaic tiles in the toilet and if u look at the photo where there are 2 wjs in, u can see that one side of the toilet wall is full glass!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dumplings and McD

wj said he wanted to bring me to a place where i can eat good and cheap dumplings! and here we are at DA NIANG SHUI JIAO!

and we also went to Shenzhen's first McDonalds wor! Most of the china people there were Q-ing to go to the toilet instead of eating cos i think it was one of the 'better, well faciliated' toilets in the vicinity. Even wj went and i managed to find a seat while waiting for him and did some of my doodle journal.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Penang Hawkers!

here's what they offer and i have placed my ratings as well:
(i dun think i will want to go back there again becos
firstly it's a buffet and although buffet means self service but I HATE QUEUEING! it's like back to hawker centre in the first place! and
secondly, the food portions are so small! what buffet! make me have to Q again and again and THIRDLY, each person is limited to 2 portions!!! What the heck! and im going to repeat again, the portions so small and they still limit the food! *faints*)

penang laksa stars:***char kuey teow star:*oyster omelette (another torturous Q)star:*** Fruit rojak stars:*****

U herh yin cai stars: **** WuXiang Stars: ***Apom stars:* Chendol/Kachang stars:*
look at the Q! This is by far the longest Q for a buffet and it's the CHAR KUEY TEOW Q.

this is one of my mum's favourite buffets in town and she pays an annual pilgrimage to this place religiously. As religious as every saturday's church and colouring of her hair roots.

girls and boys

what a shock when alancia and i realised that we both brought hard spirits to joelle's house! and *redface* somemore both are opened. Okie, we are not the drinking sort, plus the fact that im leaving town soon, i reckon that my kahlua will be in better use with joelle rather in my room where cobwebs will infest on it sooner than u can say 'soon?' hahah. okie abit of a cold joke here.
anyway, we got the mistress of the house to get some ice-cream!!!! and her guy bought 2 pizzas back! yummy! the nite ended quite early as our social babe had to go off to meet her guy at cafe del mar. Sheesh...why didnt that ABNN come here instead? Why..maybe we can all make do and will put on some shoe shine on our faces and blend in with him in his same colour. okie, shant make life bad for my gf. Not that im a racist, im perfectly fine with it. See, 2 of my best gal pals are having a international race relationship and im REAL OK with it. One is returning our royal queen the favour of colonising our little island and married a british while the other is extending our government's effort of venturing into developing countries like india. And as for me, im so patriotic as well as 'listen and obey' type, i response to our govt's calling by working in china myself.
we all listen and obey as what singapore citizens will always be.

the CLASSIC laughter


Just wanted to recommend this tofu dish at Yong Kee Yong Tau Foo! There are many varieties to this dish as they have different sauces to suit your mood! We opted for something 'safe' which was the thai spicy sweet one. Leaves a tangy and refreshing taste to your buds! A crunchy texture of chilled cucumbers, sour sweet pineapple chunks, chillie flakes and sweet red onions to go with the tofu is just the perfect combination! Really wonderful. Maybe quite a few out there have tried it before...hahah wat to do, i haven been around in singapore for awhile, so those of u who already knows about it, can just skip this entry or perhaps it has refreshed ur memory that there is such a dish around the hawkers! and ur salvation as to the everyday question as to 'what to eat for dinner?'

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Penisula Stairs

So much in a day's work

today is my first day at work and i was thrown into the deep seas without a bouy! *cries to god* how can u do this to me oh god!!!! okie enuff of me complaining about work since that's the last thing i wanna talk about now. Let's get to ME.


well, currently im waiting for the IT boy to install photoshop for me so that i can do some MAGIC! seriously! i really need photoshop if not how am i suppose to do my work and after work to resize my photos? It's like 600kbs and will take ages to upload here! I'm in china okie... the internet here is like a snail. So it's better that i resize my photos to about 100kbs then i can upload quikquik. And as for editting my photos, yah so what. I edit my photos. I'm not afraid to admit. Tsk Tsk u must say that i edit my photos. (at least i can, some people out there dun even know how to resize their photos to a small size for god's sake!) But hey, with it, i can combine many photos into one and u pple out there can see more photos at one go! And seriously, with my natural talent (cough cough) in capturing colours and candid on my camera....Do i need photoshop to enhance my colour techique as well as personal emotions? *bleah*

ritey, got to wait till i lay my hands on my photoshop now! i still have so many pictures to show! Like the ones wj and i were at PanPac Triple9 deals martinis! and Photos of the PowerPuff Girls! and Gorging out at the Penang Hawkers fare at York hotel!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Yippee Yeah Yeah

hahah! the lady from LOVE is everywhere finally called! and they will me mailing my vouchers to my house AND the other good news is that wj has won a goldheart pendant just for voting for me!!!!

ps: that nite after returning home from dinner, my mum popped by my door and told me that she has won a return trip to BKK for voting for me!!! woohoo! winners in the house man! *lalala*

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A nite at 67, merah saga

pp: will email u and elle's head bending backwards laughter.

to all: i will post all the re-enacted moments in photos on this blog soon so that u all can have a laugh at what we PPGs do when we get together. oh and a picpic of the beautiful baron...yuk. i hate cats. period. i missing out anything here on the every moment of my non-existent life? well, i will try to update everything on my blog when i move over there (aka shenzhen)...but got to wait cos i will be staying in a hotel first before i get an apt of my own.

Thursday, March 8, 2007


that's me! and mr goh is on my left.

IT fair

yesterday was the BIG opening of the IT fair at suntec's!!! Wow my first impression wasnt that it was one of the biggest IT fair ever but how come on a thursday afternoon, there are so many people not working but are at the IT fair browsing about!!!!

okie u must be wondering how come i was there too. well we had a presentation going on, so we had some in between waiting wj and i went over to take a look! but it was so Blardee crowded, with the mcs shouting through their microphones and people shuffling here and there, pushing and jostling. By the end of the first level, i had a migraine with loud stomping music coming from all directions like arrows, piercing through my skull!

well, so we quickly browse thru the fair and went back to the presentation and there was an after party celebration at LOOF. very nice. will post photos when i get the chance!

~btw, im leaving next week for good gals....ciao

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

25th monthsary

here's the place where i was recommending on their triple 9 deals ($9.99) nett for all on the house pours as well as martinis AND their signature saketinis! (classic martini, lycheetini which was my favourite!, peach martini, james bond martini etc etc...list goes on) With every order, a complimentary japanese tapas was served with delicate and precise presentation. (we got a small saucer of soba noodle topped with salmon roe, a tamago sushi and another small serve of teriyaki chicken each) Service was impeccable as the nuts were always topped up and when u have finished your first glass, the waitress/hostess will quickly ask you whether do u need another serving.
Oui volontiers. Je voudrais un verre de peach martini sil vous plait!
CHECK out Oriental's deal as well, though their martinis come with extra service charge but i heard from a colleague as well as alancia babe that they serve roast beef sandwiches! How true is that, it remains for you to go find out yourselves aredi gals cos im no longer in town. :(

Radical Radiators

chance upon this design competition (on radiators) and its winner! So simple and visually eye-catching! There were many good entries showing how many creative souls out there waiting to be discovered.
name of design : archibald
design by : leo salzedo from italy

designer's own words:Archibald dries your clothes and towels in a perfect way, due to its intuitive shape, it helps to eliminate the wrinkles from your garments, reducing ironing time. The Archibald radiator solves the problem of hanging your clothes with little space, it's also ideal for bathrooms or laundry rooms. Recommended by C.H.W.O (Creative Housewives Organization).

tinis of all sorts

Triple 9 specials at PanPacific Hotel

  • here's a tip from one of my gal pals!!!
Lounge with a choice of saketinis, martinis and selected housepours at SGD$9.99 nett each at Keyaki Bar or the Atrium's Cabanas. To complement the tipple, enjoy the complimentary Japanese tapas served until 7:30pm.
Call (65) 6826 8330 for enquiries.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Movie tonite

Based on the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller, the movie is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy. The film brings Miller's (Sin City) acclaimed graphic novel to life by combining live action with virtual backgrounds that capture his distinct vision of this ancient historic tale. - source from warnerbros 300themovie website.

hmm....(shant comment now) shall blog on it more after my sneak preview tonight.


comments: reminds me of kill slow-mo..heads rolling off the floor, blood gushing like fountains, flying arms and legs, swords lashing thru flesh, cries of agony (sometimes sounds abit fake). The only thing i really like was the way the 300 men stood by their fort/wall and build the wall of persian men. Oh oh there was this farnie bit where they hid under their shields and one of their men, laughing ironically 'fighting in the shade'. okie this u have to watch the movie to appreciate his little humor.

bored at home is the best way to be bored

people are not easy to please. when they have too many things to do, they will complain. When there's nothing to do, they will also complain. Why? Becos of boredom and time crawls like a snail! Being at the comforts of your own home allows you as and when u feel like going to the toilet. Imagine if i go to the toilet 4 times in an hour, people must be thinking im sick in my asshole but hey if i do it at home, nobardy knows and who cares? If i was at home, i can just turn my tv on and not watch it at all, i can make coffee and not drink it, shower till i wrinkle like a prune, read my late newspapers and prop my feet on the table and there will be no one else to tell me what i can do or cannot do. And i have million and one tons of stuff to do done again at home. Clothes not washed yet! and Peanut's cage hasnt been cleaned for a week. *sigh* and bedsheets not washed for 2 weeks aredi. *double sigh* If i was at home, i neednt care what is the website that is currently shown on my desktop. I neednt be bothered at how loud my fingers are typing furiously on the keyboard or are my legs crossed in a fashionable manner, my hair's in place or my face is not in a contorted spot or whether my other colleagues are peering onto my screen. i neednt have to worry that my hp is running out of battery like now.


i ate a burger king meal today. becos i was famished and my gastrics juices were causing me hell of pain within my guts. YUCKS. i hate fast food. But i have no choice. becos i have no one else to go for lunch that doesnt want burger king. *bleah* suddenly i can understand why jubes rather tabao her lunch and eat it at her desk and surf the net. Cos i sure didnt enjoy my burger or my lunchmates. Maybe it was the juices at work. i feel out of place again.

alienated pink

sway sway

whoa did u feel that gals??? huh?! huh?! did you?

oh my goodness i tot i had surfed the net too long that i was getting seasick! At first i tot my head was swaying then when many of my colleagues all had this blank look on their faces and all looking at one another. We realised that it was no 'seasick'.


GUESS what i want

Another favourite GUESS bag that i'm currently 'eyeing' on, even my sis agrees that this is not to bling and so trendy to be caught on the shoulders on a casual saturday afternoon walk downtown or a busy day at the office!

This shoulder bag is made of woven fabric with ostrich embossed synthetic leather trim! Really Sweet! Dun be fooled by its appearance, small but nifty, it can hold up to a wallet, sunglasses, personal techic stuff and a small bottle of evian!
The top tab has a magnetic closure over a top zip and its interior lining has a back wall zip pocket and multi-functional slip pockets for your mobile and ID cards.

it's really weird that i have developed this fetish for GUESS bags this summer! I always thot GUESS bags were alittle too way over the top with their blings and studs and only aunties will be attracted to these flamboyant carriers! SHUCKS! have i become an auntie aredi???