Friday, July 27, 2007

Previous Weekend

Last week, wj and i managed to have some 'us' time and we went Eating! haha, we ate at Sakae Sushi as usual (red plates were 1 for 1, although there was a limit to the number of plates u can have. Sheesh), walked around the crumpler, the apple shop, FarEast ( where we ate Shilin oyster vermicelli and had a cuppa YaKun kopi), abit of wisma( i saw the BIG charles and keith shop, the newly renovated space just outside Topshop, Warehouse and Karen Miller) and takashimaya (not much of a change, there was a huge ToyFair at the atrium).
And we caught Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on a sunday morning, i managed to get a cheap top from ThisFashion (the one im wearing in the photo), ate Hokkien Mee at Gluttons Bay, Korean Kimchi rice, Popiah, Prawn Dumpling soup, CharSiew and Duck Rice (the famous one at Marinasq Food Loft), Yong Tau Foo and BanMian from the Foodcourts, drank lots of teh-c and kopi-c till i was almost diabetic, Q-ed for the supper teochew porridge at a hotel along Balestier (cant' rem the name already but it's at the junction, okie i rem's called "Quality Hotel"), had a quick dinner at sketches for their pasta although i dun want to give any credit to them. Firstly, their service suxx, secondly their food was so-so.
Daddy bought loads of breakfasts for us while we work everyday...from nasi lemak, mee siam, CheeCheongFun to chicken porridge and there was always the Teh-c to compliment them. And we had XiangWei RouGan (Bak Gwa in case u haven caught what we ate!) Roti Prata from Casuarina too last saturday with mutton curry and Teh-C again. I also tried Pokka's new Promegranate Tea! *slurps* i lurve it!

And we ate pork porridge and mutton soup from Yishun food centre, the mutton soup shop acclaimed that they hailed from the famous? Bukit Timah, funny cos i never really heard of them.
Finally, im hoping to catch a glimpse of the National Library this weekend and the Toy museum before i start another week of work again.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back once more

hi all,

im back in sunny isle now. although im not entirely enjoying what this sunny isle has to offer.

saturday: First day when i was back, it was grey skies and drizzle.
sunday was grey skies and soft needle like size rain.
monday was back in the f-f-freezz-z-z-ing working cubicle.
Rain when i was having dinner at cafe cartel.
Rain that nite when i was sleeping too
tuesday: rain again

what a wet wet weather.

ps: office disallowed msn. boohoo

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Hong Kong-style tea cafes, or 茶餐厅, serving simple, hearty fare are sprouting all over town just like the one at Takashimaya, Central.Although it has been there for some time already but it was me and wj's were first-timers. Nice decor and fast waitresses getting all our orders.

The menu was quite similar to what normal Cha Chan tengs in Hk served, so me and wj were quite pleased as we simply love HK food! BUT, there was a hint of Singaporean likeness in the menu as we browse thru and saw....Durian Fried Rice! Now how weird is that! Anyway, we ordered the many layered tofu (picture found on right), almond milk tea for me and beef noodles, lastly 3 special balls noodles for wj.

And there was the instant noodles with spicy pork cubes which a girl sitting next to Wj was eating! So HK! i mean literally! in most 茶餐厅 of hk, there's always the instant noodles with a slice of ham and egg for brekkie top up to meal with hot milk tea or coffee.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Magical Last Book

here's what i saw at Hong Kong's airport! A wizard and a witch! Haha, what a nice surprise to see them dorned in magical folks' attire to welcome JK Rowling's last book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Already before i reached the bookshop, many passerbys were carrying an orange tote bag bearing the name of Harry Potter on the cover.
And of cos, myself, a Harry Potter fan, immediately grabbed a book from the bookshop entrance display and held it all the way to the cashier.

Friday, July 20, 2007


ritey, im going off soon to get those blingbling stuff for you girls!

Blings to get:

pengz: nice ones are what? are u referring to strawberrys or apples? i think u wun wear those ice cream cones hor. *giggle* whoa $20plus for those pendants huh....quite ex hor, it's about $4SGD here leh.

ps: you gals ah, keep saying u trust my difficult leh.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New blings on the block

yup girls, u can start placing your orders now cos im coming back in august.

Fruity pendants

after the strawberry craze, here comes the apple! and soon, biscuits and ice-cream will be popular too! (which already are selling in korea now)

They are really cute and comes in all gummy colours! Now im just hoping for them to come in solid ones instead of these plastic-ky transparent ones. Does anyone know how much they are selling in singapore?


Over the weekend, wj and i went to catch Transformers at the big theatres. and it was very expensive. 2 movie tickets costed us $180RMB = $36. Yups, each ticket is $18SGD. But we are quite deprived from civilisation. Let's just say we are tired of watching from our little laptop screen, and we miss popcorn+coke+BIG SCREEN+ boomboom sound systems.

And! i must say that i really enjoyed the show! It wasn't scarey like those really 'ugly and alienated' looking monsters, not much blood spilling all over the place and the autobots looked so kind, yah i know it sounds cheesey...and chivalrous and agile! (crazy huh imagine the size of them and they still can look so nimble like monkeys climbing trees)

The only thing which was quite off putting was that radio morphing machine. When he was in airforce one and downloading some 'Iceman' file, my god, he shook in estacy like he was in some kind of orgasm! *puipui* and he was like doing some kind of shrieking giggles. EEEEEEEE!!!!! so gross.

And one of the funny parts which i can rem was the fat black guy eating all the doughnuts to prove that he wasnt guilty and when the govt people came in, he just started pointing fingers at the white girl who was supposedly to be his good friend. what a dumbass.
oh oh and i lurve that part where bumblebee got the boy and girl to step out of the car when the girl said bumblebee looked so old and ragged. And for a moment i thot bumblebee was angry but no, he make a swift turn, FLASH and came back brand new! woohoo! so cool!
last bit, jazz said "...huh huh u want a piece of me? huh huh?..."
2 bits of jazz, hanging from both hands of the bad guy.

Monday, July 16, 2007

It's mid July already!

i guess for the whole of this year, which isn't much left anyway. The shoe trend will be consistently stuck at these peep toe shoes, whether in ballerina flats, skyscraper heels, stilettos, kitten heels...anything!

And shoes bought from here, some are really ain't lasting at all, i have about 3 pairs in total which the heels totally got shaved off just by that one day of walking which ain't pretty much, considering that i only walk a short distance to work and back!
So cheapo shoes do come at a price and time wasters too since i have to bring them back to the cobblers to have them re-heel again. Sheesh.

~ time to buy more shoe racks again

New Love

rem i was telling you about the Miumiu bag which i was so fond of? Well, i couldnt get my hands on the imitation one cos they are not in the making anymore. *boohoo*

so i have found another new love once more.


see, this is why i was keeping my fingers cross,

can't go to vietnam aredi.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blue.Green. White


Monday, July 9, 2007

Little Tripping

The office planned a little getaway trip over the weekend. Lodging and food were not provided. So pathetic and many thot it was quite miserly of some corporation, but it didnt dampened our spirits at all and there were a strong turnup of 15 people out of the 25people in the office!
And we had lotsa fun!!! especially the nite when all the young people were sitting at the timber bench with poker cards stuck to their foreheads playing the guessing 'Who is the smallest loser' game. And the nite were really crazy when we started playing 7up , multiples of 8 and 9 and most of us were so high that we couldnt even count from our fingers!
ritey! will post more photos of nan-ao for you gals to see!
im so surprised to see such beautiful beaches in china!!! Now i dun even need to look forward to phuket or krabi, it's all here and within 2 hours of travel!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Goodbye 南澳

ritey, and i'm back here once more to post and tell all about my beachy trip. Yes. and it was bumpy ride on the speedboat, i reckon the china chinese were very thrilled on it every second of the way. Within minutes, we had reached our kelong! and one of our colleagues started ordering our 'live' food straightup! While the rest were snapping photos away at the sunset including yours truly, ah ren was napping in my new pink AgnesB voyage bag.
whoa, the nite was truly a feast on seafood! we had 3 different kinds of shellfood, 2 different prawns, squids, 2 ways of cooked fish, mussels and crabs!
Then we had veggies and stirfried seafood rice.
left the kelong about 8pm and jammed all the way back to the little hut. Becos china people ah, always want to cut queue then in the end block a single lane traffic. Can you imagine that they will go opposite lane, against the traffic just to be slightly ahead of you? Siao man these people.
anyway, by the time we got back it was 9pm plus and the whole bunch of us were sleepy but wide awake! and raring to go man! Bring out the poker cards!!! and it was a poker nite till 12mn. Bugged eye with booze and maths in our heads. Drunken laughters hit the roof, hands waved across tables, chaotic ah!
what a way to end the nite.
china isnt so bad afterall.

Tripping in the hot sultry afternoon

Finally after 2 or more so hours on the mini van, watching bits and pieces of shenzhen; parts of the terra firma which i have never seen before.... im pleased to announced that...
*holler* WE ARE HERE! *holler*
haha, take in a deep breath of the salty balmy breeze and soak in the sunshine! As the van drove to a halt, everyone was so glad to come out from the rickety rackety van. Guys and girls in shorts and tees, hastened their bags to their shoulders and jumped out of the vehicle.
As i stepped down from the van and walked alittle up the slope, i saw the whole seaview.
The whole place had this laidback atmosphere which puts me quickly at ease and a sense of calm although i was still abit apprehensive when thoughts of the little hut's toilet came to my mind. I shall quickly chuck those moments aside for now! Truly, these few months had passed by like a blink of an eye but not without stress and many late nights. I keep telling wj that from May to October, there isn't any public holidays for us and we really must take a break cos although it was only july, i already felt like a overly stretched rubberband.
My little get-away was way overdued.
Hammocks were swaying in the wind and there were a few young lads half naked walking abouts. Dogs overturned and laid on their backs for me to rub their tummys like i was some kind of familiar face. I think they must be very used to strangers by now. i scratched afew and decided that it was enuff. Never know how clean these dogs are. Chances are nil. Keys were given out to us by now. Whoppee. Let's take a peek!
After putting our things down, we went to the seaside, without hesitation, wj jumped into the sparkling waters leaving me by the big umbrella, slapping on cakes of sunblock, and i was wearing my hat and sunnies, just incase the SPF50 sunblock doesnt work. If there's one thing in life which i have learnt, it will be: We must always have backup plans.
After about 3 hours or so in the hot sweltering sun and gotten myself a new spanky green swimwear. Notice i didnt say bikini! cos i didnt buy one! haha i got myself a sporty bra top and a little skirt in limey green! woooo......and just for the price of $30RMB. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.
After all that sun, wj and i decided to join the rest of the other guys at the cafe hut who have long abandoned the sun and sea for a cuppa ice cold beer. *slurps*
But hey, im really not ready for alcohol so early in the day! and thanks for the invite guys! wj and i decided to opt for a cuppa hot milk tea instead.
ever heard of ....心静自然凉.... you get the point.

and the silky milk tea came in such pretty petite plastic cups and pot. So lovely! make my day even cherrier. I just simply lurve pretty little stuff along the way to brighten everything up!
okie, will tell you gals more on dinner later....keep tuned in!

Saturday, July 7, 2007


these are the little wooden huts which we stayed overnite in. very minimal with almost clean white sheets (i found a few strands of long hair! So tells me that...okay before me it was a woman, if not must be some wacky hiao hiao man!!!) on top of 2 very hard supersized single beds, a barred up window with green panels, a squatted towel bowl, okay wouldnt even fit saying it's a bowl. So it's a squatting pan, yah that was the word which i was looking for. Yah so i peed in a pan. EWWWWWWW! and on the side of the wall was an attached shower. So close to the squatting pan that when i move im so afraid that i will stuck my foot in it! So it was a very very very small toilet, kinda like the ones which u see in maids' toilets. Hmm, maybe mine was even worse than theirs. So the most fortunate thing that the hut had was hot water and AIRCON! and oh.... we had a black cockroach visiting us that afternoon too.

hi roachy.. you should have quietly stayed in that corner, why did u have to go flying about the little hut which we had to share together? too bad u are dead now.
i never like insects. hate them.

Friday, July 6, 2007


we hired a mini van to take us to 南澳,which was one of the famous beaches in Guangdong province. It is slightly off of shenzhen and takes about 2 hours drive to reach there. On the way there we stopped for some kampong (local) dishes like the 窑鸡 and the bamboo pot of assorted meat. The eating venue was stringed up with huts, and each hut was an eating room. So you walk along the path and u will find huts on your left and right. Quite interesting and each hut had a balcony which cantilevered out towards the mountains.
After eating, we continued our will continue soon too!

Jewel Ear Drops

happy 29monthsary to me and wj. *giggle*

Japanese corporation Elecom announced Ear Drops, their new line of earbuds and IEMs designed with the woman in mind. SO COOL! dun you just love them! of cos along with motorola who created the shocking pink phones! okie okie back to earphones...
The artificial stones are available in various colors and combinations, all of which add that extra bit of sparkle we all crave for our ear canals. The Ear Drops themselves come in either black or white, so no matter which jewels suit your fancy, they're always sure to match your outfit. i think women around the world will dig it cos it will go so well with all the apple products!
i got a heart shape one encrusted with white sparklies for my ear from wj.
~Jewel eardrops + nano
now every girl on the MRT will
be jealous of me.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Green Hills

here is another Residential project done by architectonica in shenzhen.
Took some photos when i was passing this place in a cab. Massive, similar to duxton hills, lots of balconies, inclusive of fake ones too which is the depth of a balcony with glass railing having a trellis in place of a floor slab. Look at photo2 for the enlarged balcony-like-trellis and photo 3 for the overall picture of real and fake balconies.

Just like green hills from afar, ugly and like i said again.



Monday, July 2, 2007

Hair raising

just to let u people know that the building where i cut my hair is designed by Architectonica. How cool is that!

Here are some interior shots of the shopping mall:

Picture on the left shows the plaza outside the mall, ignore the red banner, the facade is actually quite geometrically ornamental. Second picture on the right shows the shops on the basement level.