Saturday, May 31, 2008

Peeping frosty

somebardy is peeping!

~taken when wj was making his lego models.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

calling all ex-s

last weekend saw the faces of many familiar ones which i have once worked with! Suddenly it's so cool to talk about the people that we have worked with but are not around!!! hahahah...gossip time!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A cut above the rest

dear all,

i have finally plucked up my courage to cut my hair!

ta-duh! okay, i didnt have enuff courage to do a bob one but not everyone is suitable for Mrs Beckham Bobcut, and I WILL NOT SUCCUMB to fashion!

So here's the new me with shorter bangs (as always...dunno why, all hairstylists recommend that i have bangs) and shoulder-length hair....

i didnt perm my hair, it's just naturally curls..and i coloured my hair so now it doesnt look so black but with tinge of red and browns....okie i'm still adjusting...miss my long hair though...


Saturday, May 17, 2008

one fateful night

a black tee was hand lovingly sewn by mr goh, cut from my very own black tee.
We thot the automobile was the cutest iron on sticker...but we decided to let ahren choose it himself. Since he's the wearer....

But...that stupid bear took so long to decide. And finally when he has made up his tiny brain. He wants to have them all. Like his t-shirt is SO big to fit all of them. Sometimes i wonder why i have a "son" like him. no 'blain' one.

me: one of each okay ah-ren...
ahren: NO-NO-NO-NO...I WANT ALL!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First birthday celebration@ National Stadium underneath the Grand Stairs

Greetings from all of us at the National Stadium!

their names on the donuts!!!
i think working in a design firm, people are just so creative!

see! we can make birthday cakes from donuts and old chang kee. hahahha...Thanks to our lovely colleagues and special requests, we ordered 2 big boxes of rainbow-coloured donuts, some with funny stuffings and toppings, and one even looked like a poop!

Guess old time favourites like Old Chang Kee was clearly winning the race as it was snapped up quickly and swiftly by many. Soon all was left were the donuts. Not that it didnt taste great but i think most people favour the salty snacks...just think of jelly beans and potato chips...i think i'll pop the chips anytime sooner than the jelly beans.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yan Palace

Ritey, above are just some photos of true evidence that this is the one 'palace' that needs quite abit of waiting. Starting business at 1030am but u bet business hasn't started, the queue has already begun forming!

It was mother's day and I decided that it was time to try somewhere new once more. Enough of the Red Star which my mum loves patronising on sunday mornings. I know she loves their push-carts, cantonese speaking waitresses (these days are china ones now though), the 80s decor, terrible carpet and plastic dishes.

i've heard quite a few reviews on this particular Yan Palace. So it's time people for miss pinky here to wait their infamous queue and try their famous dimsum. We woke up about 10am and reached the restaurant at 11am. Parking at the multi-storey carpark was simple enough and locating the place was easy. Just follow the crowd.
we did our wait for about 45mins and finally got ourselves a table. The place was packed. We quickly ordered our regulars cos mummy the queen of the day was grumbling at a growling tummy. Har Gao, Siew Mai, Zhu Jiao Cu (Braised Vinegar soy Pork Knuckles) were some of our favourites. We also ordered Century Egg Porridge, Yam Balls, Mango Shrimp, Lychee Shrimp, all shrimp combi...etc etc...the list just goes on and on...there were 5 of us in case u are wondering did we come in a pack. hahahah

First up. Pork knuckles (mother's favourite. had to order or kanna whip later).
Verdict: VERY GOOD! very braised, flavourful, wholesome, big chunks of lean meat with some fatty ones, one big hard boiled egg, tiny chunks of ginger soaked in vinegar and all of these buried with the one true essence - the gravy! urh hem. Even my mum says it's much better than the one at Teahouse China Square by Tunk Lok.
Second: Yam Paste Ball
I think taro fans will love this. Fried to perfection. Soft and mashy on the insides. Tastes not too sweet. I just can't stand that most items here that are recommended are FRIED! dimsum has become so unhealthy!

And oh, the people here are so thoughtful!!! See they cut up all the fried stuff for you to share with your family and friends! Bonus brownie points.

Banana Shrimp: ooh this one is good. But i cant say it's the best i've eaten. Good that the shrimp is whole and fresh, but the banana taste wasn't strong enough, probably the banana wasnt too ripe. Crust was light enough but still oily.

Mango Shrimp: Kudos to the chef in whipping out so many different crusts!!! hahah....this one looks just like a bird's nest from the outside. On the insides, oozing with mango puree and small bits of mango, u can see the whole shrimp. Thumbs up for value for money.
Almond Lychee ball: hahah this one fried with almond flakes, whoa...very crunchy...for someone like me with braces...better eat with care. or maybe grannies with dentures BEWARE. Looks beautiful, hard on the outside, soft on the insides. Not bad again.

opps, left out the HarGao and Siew Mai, but just to let you people know, steam items takes really long to come in this restaurant. Maybe that's why i forgot to take the photos....haha tired of waiting and when it does come, we just want to eat them!

Price: for so many dimsums feeding 5 mouths, the total bill came up to approx $80. Not bad...value for money.
Service: very prompt in serving and re-serving your tea. Takes orders quick too. Staff are approachable. BUT BUT BUT...steam items takes forever to arrive.

Yan Palace Restaurant
Blk 531 Upper Cross Street
#01-49 Hong Lim Complex
Singapore 050531
Tel : 6222-2516
Fax : 6533-2013

ps: btw, when we were halfway thru our meal, there was a power drop! IT WAS PITCH BLACK!!!! even the emergency light went off after awhile....tsk tsk...really old lah this restaurant. When the lights came back on after 20mins or so, everyone clapped like it was a magic show. Hello people...we were missing out on the lights and not an entertainment show!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sis and me

here's a picpic of me and my sis...

just that we very seldom get together cos im always flying about. But hey! we managed to celebrate daddy's birthday this year...and we are AllDressedUp for it@ Doc Chengs.

And we had a real swell time too! Will blog on its ambience and food soon!