Friday, November 14, 2008


one of my colleague was so kind to email me about the ADIDAS warehouse sale!!!

yes yes, i know i'm not one of those sporty fanatics....and i actually thought of giving it a miss but hey hey guess where was the venue?
it was at SAM's!!!

wj and i both thot that it was a very central and convenient area, so after having lunch at plaza singapura, we walked down to SAM and found the sale!!! woohoo!

and guess who bought the most?
mr goh lah who else!
a total of 3 pairs of shoes!!!! whereas yours truly bought only ONE pair. SURPRISE

here are some pictures of my sporty recycled material shoe!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

SG Biennale 2008

finally we got our butts down to the Singapore Biennale at Marina Boulevard. once it was the bad weather, other was laziness, the other was work and others which i can hardly begin to remember why i didn't make it down here.
But the bottom-line here is that....WE ARE FINALLY HERE!

free admission everyone.
Marina boulevard, directly opposite the sail, after the walking tour, can even walk out to Lau Pat Sat for a nice cool cup of teh-o ping!
Free hearing aid too, plus don't forget to take your friendly guide flyer which locates you to other spots of the Singapore Biennale 2008.

approaching the pavilion by shigeru ban (made from shipping containers and cardboard columns) sunny weather. as everyday and any other day in singapore.

above: i know an ikea furniture when i see one!

me: hey....i know are from ikea!

lots of stools!!!

happy me with my new cambodian 'gay coloured' stripey silk bag!

'posers' ...hahahah

wall series + ikea furniture + wj = good composition

igloo-ed ...
here lies a man-made igloo, impossible surounding and habitat in sunny singapore. The exhibit was meant to give an idea of an icy environment which can never happen locally. However even with the help of an electric wall fan attached above us, sitting on the sandbag only made us hotter.

it was a pleasant sight though, all white and very soothing. too bad the temperature wasn't cool enough and i bet the igloo wasn't as well insulated as the ones in iceland if not it would have kept the cool in and kept the heat out.

sitting in the faux igloo

happy slippers sun-bathing at marina boulevard
of cos they are happy, they get the prettiest man-made skyline view as well as the whole marina bay!

wj says i look like the Monkey God here...sheesh.

me with the happy slippers.

did i tell u that i was quite a jumper!

i thought this was a nice picture of us to wrap things up that 'we really enjoyed ourselves' at the pavilion!