Monday, January 26, 2009

Shirts for the 4 legged friends

here are the 2 doggie shirts which we got for the boys from Korea.
Just in time for the Lunar new year!!!

Like they say, New clothes for the new year!
and daddy's really proud of the 2 shirts as it's almost 'identical' to his own CNY shirt too!

so all the boys in the Yeo Family are all going to be POLO boys.

the shirts are pretty cheap from a push-cart store along Dongdaemun.
If i can recall correctly, it's about $10 SGD and there were quite a few selections if your dog is female, hahah i rem seeing a chanel dress or burberry somewhere! And they come in 4 different sizes!

so check it out if u are in Korea!

Friday, January 16, 2009


cuz invited me to this "Murder on the dance floor" party...whoa...there were many performances...and there was one where the women strip down their bras!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Korea Day 08

Yes we are off to see the Korea Palace (Majestic Gyeongbok Palace) which was built in 1394 during the CHosun Dynasty.
Drove past the Presidential Blue House.

we are trying out our geeky specs which we have bought from last night's super duper late shopping till 3am!

Beautiful mountain behind us! and the morning weather is very chilly!

our Korean Tour Guide
Lastly we are off to the airport to return back to sunny isle Singapore.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Korea Day 07

Today's itinerary: Kimchi Making! 
and i bought 3 packets of Kimchi too in different flavours to add into my favourite korean instant noodles!
opps! Caught eating here!
and abit of korean dressing up in a hanbok...quite cliche but we joined in the fun nonetheless.

notice our similar butts?
LUNCH! - Ginseng chicken soup with noodles

we were given a shot of liquor to add into our herbal chicken soup! Slurps!!!
Very nice and makes the soup taste even better. hohoho.
Next is more street shopping (Sinchon Fashion Street) to walk off the calories

some of the souvenirs which you can buy back for colleagues or relatives.

2 cute sales persons smiling for me...

tour guide let us try their local popular ice cream flavour - Melon!

even the guys are enjoying it!

we took a cab back to Dongdaemun for more late night shopping till 3am and had supper at a nearby street stall and here's what we ate: instant noodles, rice cakes and kimchi!

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