Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Private little gathering

This year, we celebrated valentine's day together with ahren cos it was the little fella's birthday and he turns 9!
i admit i have been a very selfish girl, throughout the years, during valentine's day i will somehow forget about poor ahren's birthday and celebrate vday with my love one. The only birthday i celebrated with ahren was when he turned 1.

so this year, i decided to include my dear little bear into our celebrations and we even brought his little friends along to come celebrate with him.

ahren turns 9!


with lots of love

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


a little get-away time and a mini celebration in advance of our Fluffy who is gg to turn another year wiser (rather than older...hahaha)

get-away time = we have been spending way too many weekends in the office.

mini celebration = beside birthday boy over here, since it's my treat, the other thing is ..."we are so glad the school competition is OVER!"

we have been doing 3 competitions for the past 3 months...and boy are we tired!

Now it's just waiting for the results.
Fingers-crossed now!

**will blog about equinox's food another time, but just one food for thought: the view is spectacular!!!!
Especially for an aki like me, the aerial view of the whole city's fabric is amazing!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

7th day of the Lunar New Year

altogether now...

sisters only.
and me, in my newest dress from selfridge! and oh-so-vintage!
yeah yeah!

Happy Birthday Everyone!