Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stirling HDB Terrace- #7 Conservancy fees

OMG! the one and only joint account passbook we have!

actually i feel quite excited! i mean it meant that our little home has a little joint account which me and mr goh are sharing.

together we have small aspirations for our little home. doesn't matter whether how small our little flat it is, i think when i look back in time to come, i will always remember that this was our first home.

the one where we decided where the bed should be, where our dining lamp gonna be hung, where our sofa should sit...and the endless nights, wj is spending on cadding the reno floor plans...the days where we got contractors to come and explain how we want to do our reno.

sigh...good times they were.and more to come!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


with our new Samsung ES17
Just face detection and beauty shot to play with but a reasonable enough 12.2-megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom. There's still image stabilisation, not that you'll really need it at that magnification, and although you'll get more functionality on a cameraphone these days, they ES17 will probably still give you a better picture.

the cons are that it's pretty slow on response, use of AA battery, so you gotta get your own rechargeable ones.

Friday, December 25, 2009


yulutide greetings from us at SPRUCE
it was a lovely day which started at Jube's place, 1st time for darling Cassie who was in transit on christmas day! And after a tour around Jube's place, we all went down to Phoenix Park's SPRUCE to meet Sheree and Sean. Almost everyone had their SPRUCE breakfast or the normal big breakfast. It's quite confusing really. 2 big breakfast(SPRUCE or British), almost looked the same, with eggs, bread, meat...the difference lies with having beans or not, different type of sausages small the difference that it's really hard to pick!

What's more, people are there for a good catch-up so when everyone's talking and chatting, hardly anyone really pays that much attention the menu! If only it was simpler.

Anyway, the service was not bad, ambience was really good, weather was good too! As it was december in Singapore, cooling and with all the trees around us, Cassie was commenting that it was like dining in a rainforest! Food serving was quite a good portion. I would say a good hearty brunch!! Enough to cover breakfast and lunch. Price wise, i would say it's more affordable compared to PS cafe. My eggs were done nicely enough for me, bread was equally good, so...worth the trip down! Just make sure you know your way there as Phoenix Park along Tanglin Road is still quite a newbie compared to Dempsey area.

It was a swell time!

coloured vs black and white.
around 3...jubes and nick gotta leave cos they had something the rest of us went to BEN and JERRY's for ice-cream!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DAY 05- Hong Kong

1030am: 海天點心
12nn: Took MTR to LaiKing. transfer to TungChun >>> MAJOR SHOPPING!! at the outlet stores.
3pm: More shopping at Mongkok. And lots of last minute buying!