Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tioman Day 02- heard berjaya is really beautiful

so we are taking a stroll down to take a lookey ourselves and have lunch!

yup it certainly was it's back to our inn...back to reality ~lalala

and the snorkeling begins

holding hands!

Tioman Day 02- Full Snorkeling day till I almost dropped

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tioman Day 01 - us and Tioman island

taken by our nice colleague!

Tioman Day 01 - Good Morning Tioman

here's a look at our rooms, very very down-to-earth.
Heng got hot water and aircon, if not i'm screaming my way home.

breakfast: fried beehoon. ok not bad.

view outside my window...not bad!

Tioman Day 01 - Scenes of Tioman island

wj looks like he's jogging here....

brown, red and green. wait. red???

ahren trying to cross the road

ok im very tired and hot and really afraid of the sun, can we go back and have some beer now?

Tioman Day 01 - while others snorkel, we booze

yep it's only 12noon and we are onto our 3rd bottle of beer...see how big my mouth goes!
wj going into a comatose from too much booze in the morning!

some pictures of ahren

and the hypocrite pretends he can read in this sunny weather with booze...of cos not!
He hasn't even turn a page yet!

our colleagues - learning how to dive first before going into the deep sea this afternoon.