Friday, April 29, 2005

waiting is killing me!

dear all...

i'm ready to wait for the shuttlebus to go to the airport now...

excitingly velle.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

jew | berlin | holocaust>>>jew | venice | ghetto

The Jewish Museum Berlin Between The Lines ~Daniel Libeskind

It is a project about two lines of thinking, organization and relationship. One is a straight line, but broken into many fragments; the other is a tortuous line, but continuing indefinitely.

There was an invisible matrix of connections, a connection of relationships between figures of Germans and Jews. The one binding feature which crossed East and West was the relationship of Germans to Jews. Certain people, workers, writers, composers, artists, scientists and poets formed the link between Jewish tradition and German culture. This connection and I plotted an irrational matrix which would yield reference to the emblematics of a compressed and distorted star: the yellow star that was so frequently worn on this very site. This is the 1st aspect of the project.

Music of Schönberg:
His greatest work is the opera called "Moses and Aaron", which could not be completed. For an important structural reason the logic of the libretto could not be completed by the musical score. At the end of the opera, Moses doesn't sing, he just speaks "oh word, thou word", addressing the absence of the Word, and one can understand it as a 'text', because when there is no more singing, the missing word which is uttered by Moses, the call for the Word, the call for the Deed, is understood clearly. I sought to complete that opera architecturally and that is the 2nd aspect of this project.

The 3rd aspect of this project was the names of those persons who were deported from Berlin during the fatal years of the Holocaust. I asked for and received from Bonn two very large volumes called the 'Gedenkbuch'. All they contain are just lists and lists of names, dates of birth, dates of deportation and presumed places where these people were murdered. I looked for the names of the Berliners and where they had died - in Riga, in the Lodz ghetto, in the concentration camps.

The 4th aspect of the project is formed by Walter Benjamin's One Way Street. This aspect is incorporated into the continuous sequence of 60 sections along the zigzag, each of which represents one of the 'Stations of the Star' described in the text of Walter Benjamin

The work is conceived as a museum for all Berliners, for all citizens. Not only those of the present, but those of the future who might find their heritage and hope in this particular place. With its special emphasis on the Jewish dimension of Berlin's history

this building gives voice to a common fate - to the contradictions of the ordered and disordered, the chosen and not chosen, the vocal and silent
1 ___m_o_r_e___ d_a_y___!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

counting down

4 m o r e d a y s . . .

F.R.I.E.N.D.S in Melbourne LIVE!


saturday shiver ~ sunday sydney!

so near yet so far.

i hope when the time comes it will stand still for me...

alas! i know this will not be true.

but like they say ,

there is no reunion until there is a farewell.

pink's checklist:
  1. camera!!! battery and charger
  2. clothings!!! over and under
  3. slippers
  4. hp
  5. passport
  6. cash
  7. bikini to Bondi Beach!!!
  8. toiletries
  9. pen & paper (journal purposes!!)
  10. ITINERY and MAP

Saturday, April 23, 2005


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To Market To Market to buy a fat pig...

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930am: velle wakes up with a yawn...*0*
10am: she arrives at Jubes::Sheree's place! alamak..sheree is still ZZZing!
1030am: Sheree is ALMOST ready to go..Jubes is dying for a cuppa hot coffee!
10.35am: DING DONG! here comes another pinkie hottie>>>>FLORENCE!
10.45am: we are off to camberwell market gals!!!
1130am: huh???!!!! the train stops and everyone has to make do with the shuttle bus to camberwell!!!

>>>>saw my elective tutor there....

12nn~1pm: i came i saw and i conquer!~velle

steals of the day:
a really nice woollen cardi for $5
retro orange glass beaded necklace $7
and 2 pairs of LOVELY earrings for $5

2pm: meet shilynn at Noodle house in Chinatown!
345pm: me and jubes went to bridge road first! sheree and florence will join us later...
415pm: hahaha! Bridge road shopping here i come!!!
Y .I .P .P .E .E ! ! ! ! !
i bought....
accessorize!>>>1 rainbow bag! 1 blue black lace bag! and flower rubber bands and a scarlet sarong with white flowers embroidered on it!! at 70% off!!!
cotton on>>> a really needed pink sweater for the coming winter!
kookai>>> a pretty printed poncho and a really cheap halter top for just $5!

5pm: all shops are closing...sob sob!
6pm: back to my apt.

>>>a really tiring but filling day with jubes! sheree! & flo!
>>>all the gals bought something pink for their bfs at COTTON ON!! imagine tt! the POWER of PINK!!! hahahah
>>>a velley happee velle!!!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Thursday, April 21, 2005

mid crit life from april4~april20

it was really a period of no life and no life.
sometimes it was me and crackers and crackers and me.

Friday, April 15, 2005

doodles of webcams...

i always wait till the nite where i can doodle.
it's just the highlight of my day.
sometimes studio work is really painful compared to doodles like these...
art in relation stretches far and wide.
and soon after the doodle, it's back to square one again.

so colourful and fun...and lots of laughters in between...

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Friday, April 8, 2005

going bananas

Location: Victoria Market
Item: Yellow fruits
Weight/Price: 2kgs/$1

tired of waiting

is it better to be alone?
or half the time upset and half happy
or worse 70% sad and 30% happy?
or is love measureable in such terms?
whether issit really worth our while, time and feelings.

ambitions we all have,
time waits for no one.
april was set. pushed to may.
now i cant even see may.
miss june perhaps?
wat am i waiting for? she no longer has meanings
and neither measureable.

do i plan for one or two ?
why do i even plan for a physical two
when i there had never been a physical two here?

painfulpink in a misty pink fog.
~a hot shower to wash the cobwebs away.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Billabong me

pink "i love you"

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it was yet another day...the intercom rang but i was in the shower.
i thot little of it..most probably was a miscall.
onto msn i went! my only connection to the world.

hmm... strange. wj is still not online.
anyway i waited..then the familiar tune came.

"have u received ur mail yet?" ~wj
"hmm? u mean my email issit?" ~velle

"huh! no flowers??!!!" ~wj
"oh!!" i replied nonchalantly but smiled secretly to myself. "i'll go down to the recep to ask!!!" the corner was a long & large golden rectangular box, belted with a big pink ribbon at its waist.
"this is no.2 yeh?" the recep said.
i almost wanted to tell her that it was the third one aredi!!!
just that the second one didnt pass thru her hands but by another recep on duty...

back at the apt, i gingerly lay the beautiful box on the carpet and started taking pictures of it!
refraining my curiousity to open the box first!!!
somehow i knew wat it was...but of wat colour, of wat species i do not know...

then when i was done with the exterior...
i slowly opened it and held my breathe,
there it was...wrapped in a deep blue gauze.
An immaculate stalk of pink rose.
The One.

the one:
angel, beloved, darling, dearest, favourite, honey, light of one's life, loved one, object of one's affections, pet, sweetheart, the pet, treasure

I want to be the one.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Monday, April 4, 2005

hatch day@Crown Cafe

it was a day started grey and gloomy at 101/9 Earl street. i stared at the can u do this to me???

"...hello jubes? eh the weather is mad!!! it's sunny then drizzling and sunny are we still going to camberwell?...."

despite the erratic weather of melbourne, we gals decided to take our chances with mother nature!!! hahaha...we met at melbourne central and took a train down to Camberwell Market!!! transit at Flinders Station. On the way there, i peered thru the open window and it was sunny and bright....

we reached camberwell market in no time...and started to wonder amidst the open carpark. It was an experience...kind of reminded me of the flea mart at Tanglin mall on sundays! but in a much larger scale.

as i trudged along...
there were piles and piles of clothes on the ground going for $1 per piece!!!
thots racing thru my mind...
am i going to kneel on fours to rummage thru all those?
oh god for the love of $1 per piece?
my pride got the better of me...
i happily went scouting for "newer" clothes on pretty racks..
simply cannot imagine me rummaging those piles!!!

there was this stall that sold really pretty retro print dresses!
and i fell in love with a red piece.
it was love at first sight
but it cost $20
i bought another
and left with a broken heart.

unforgettable...that red dress...
i went back to the stall again
ALAS! it was sold!
sob sob sob....

but u know wat cheered me up? the stalls were closing at 1pm. i saw this floral black dress...i went up to ask the lady, busy clearing her much was it..she told me "..five" i took out a five and brought the black dress home!

after camberwell, we took a train back to the city and rested our pretty feet at Crown Cafe Bakery at Swanston. happy and satisfied.

and the day became even better when ...
they bought 4 slices of gateau,
they giggled with eager to put the candles,
they sang my birthday song and ate my birthday cake...
they gave me my present
they made my day seem pink again.

the cast
jube, sheree & shilynn

Friday, April 1, 2005

Pink Posy

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wat more can a gal like me ask for?
~a very
Blissful.Cheery&Chirpy&Contented. Delighted. Elated. Fullness. Happy. Intoxicated. Jolly&Jubilant. Kisses&MoreKisses. Merry. Never sad. Obviously.Lighthearted. Mirthful N Overjoyed. Peppy&Perky&Pleased. Quinteinsentially.Satisfied&Sparkling&Sunny. ThrilledPINK