Monday, October 31, 2005

An evil witchey meeting

4pm: something evil was brewing up at Gratten street...a horrid stench of flour, eggs and orange rind...clink clink clang clang....
sinister shilynn cried shriekingly: eeee! there is not enuff toadstool butter!
velley vomit squeaked: oh! then u had better scoop down to saveway on ur broom to get some!
And away she flew out of the chimney leaving velley vomit to settle the preparation of the "snow white's poisonous apple pie" that they were concocting their afternoon....
At the struck of 445pm, sinister shilynn stormed into the hall on her broom with the butter and the 2 evil witches continued with the hatching of their poisonous pie...

*halfway during their magical makings, a gnome came to disturb sinister shilynn and pissed her off until her eyeballs turned white..."begone!" sinister shilynn screamed and sent a electrifying spark to the gnome's buttocks and the gnome squeaked and scrambled back to the basement. velley vomit stared in bewilderments...trembling in fear at the towering witch.

530pm: the evil pie was done.

600pm: both witches got off their brooms and landed at 9 Earl street, grinning toothsomely at their wonderous pie and now, velley vomit is about to pass on her pukey potato concoction to sinister shilynn.
"boil boil bubble and toil..." as the 2 of them stood by their blackened cauldrons with their wands in their long thin fingers, winking at each other as the potato charred to an evil Char Tau Kwey hue.
sinister shilynn shrieked out her spell: i like mine orh-orh....heee-heeee!!!!!!
velley vomits brings her hands to her ears to cover that sinister wicked spell as those who hear it will most likely turn orh-orh too.

800pm: "Wee...." screamed the 2 witches as the pukey potato was churned and patted and puked and vomitted. They both went to the shoe cupboard to change and got their brooms as they set off for LaTrabee House to meet Jinxy Jubes and Ghastly Googs.

halfway round...velley vomit squeaked "ooooo! i forgot our pointee hats!!!" and sinister shilynn gives her a disapproving glare and shrieked:" ohh u silly gal! wait here! i shall go and get them!" and away she darted back to 9 Earl St for their hats.

Back at LaTrobee House...the annual Cauldron Congregation was about to begin...

to be continued...stay tuned for the adventures of velley vomit and gangly witcheys

Friday, October 28, 2005

time to HELLO-wee-N!!!

<<< cant wait to go back to SG!!! and hopefully to shenzhen to see my silly goose*winks*

but before i do so, we should all go out and celebrate Halloween first yah???

anyways, i have bought Black colour paper from Eskersley aredi gals! Gonna make ur pointy hats tonight!!!! *wide grin* Me and Donna went to the Melbourne Artist Supplies today and they didnt have anymore black foam boards...oh wells, luckily we managed to get them at Eskersley and they are $4 more than the normal white ones!

God knows why Paul wants black foam boards when our A1 panels are the leading stars and it's going to be hidden behind our panels....Sheesh, man...and they say women are weird...i think men are equally erratic.
gotta go start on my folio soon....sobsob.

ps: it was really nice to have a slow afternoon at Max's today gals...although my mind was still upset over last nite's crit.....sorry if i bore a grouchy yellow face. :P

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Final Crit

Image hosted by i dun want to talk about it.

velle can cook! - bubble and squeak


12oz (350g) any cooked vegetables - carrots, zucchini, sprouts, beans, peas, mushrooms, bell pepper, cauliflower or broccoli
2 tablespoons oil or butter
1 large onion, peeled and thinly sliced
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 1/2 lb (675g) potatoes, mashed, with a dash of pepper and salt and milk
12oz (350g) cooked shredded cabbage
4oz (100g) streaky bacon slices, crisply fried and crumbled (optional)
*psst i used honey baked ham...well it's up to ur creativity and tastebuds!

> Use any boiled or roast leftover potatoes you may have, simply mashed them and cut the other vegetables into dices.
> Heat oil in a large frying pan and fry onions and garlic gently until soft but barely browned. Add mashed potato and stir-fry for about 5 minutes. Add cabbage and cook for a few more minutes more, stirring well to prevent sticking as the mixture begins to brown. Add other vegetables and continue until well browned.
> Pat the mixture down into a fairly flat cake and cook until golden brown underneath, please oil the pan, if not it will not be golden brown. Flip it over and browned it a few more minutes.
> U can remove from pan and shape it again and fry on both sides until golden brown.
> Serve cut into wedges and sprinkled with crumbled bacon.

YUMMILIOUS! *slurps*

~complimentary recipe from pinkie!!! bon appetite gals!

snail mail from tine!!! hehe...a pretty ornament for a bookworm like me! MUACKS!

Monday, October 24, 2005

my postcard to WJ, no matter how far we are, distance shall not be a factor for the both of us...we will be together one day. Just like all my close gal friends in Melbourne, we are waiting to go back to our loved ones. one day.

Friday, October 21, 2005

velleyjie blog revives!

velleyjie blog

WJ has just started one day only...haha ENJOY gals. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

ps: it's at our new friendster click here instead of the usual place!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

stoopid uncle B****

last week on the 11 october, i was having my history draft pin-up for 3 selected projects which we are to discuss on issues of surface ornamentations.

uncle B: u should less of photos and more of diagrams...
10 mins after the presentation...
uncleB went by the same line of comment again.

i went back to the apt and had a panic attack.
More Diagrams?!?!
My final prints are aredi out and he wants more diagrams!!! i really wanted to kill him becos in his brief, he wrote that photo illustrations were acceptable!!!

Final Crite was due in 2 weeks time, i have a Professional Practice Test coming up on following monday and its essay due on friday, where the hell do i find time to do more diagrams. I mean diagrams dun churn up on its own in one day or nite!!!

so for the following 3 nites of late nites, i finally churned out "more diagrams" and trust me, i have pimple panic attack, skin outbreak, god knows wat, nerves on ends etc, i hate last minute changes one!!! i was on coffee nite and day...
finally on friday, my mental and physical couldnt take it anymore, and i went down with a fever, shivering uncontrollably and spent the whole of saturday and sunday in bed, NOT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL!!! and can u imagine how much time wasted...sobsob when final crit is SOOOO NEAR...

okies, enuff complaints...although that's wat blogs are for yah! for me to COMPLAIN!!!COMPLAIN!!!COMPLAIN!!! my diary mah. muahahah...think im gg bonkers..bananas..nutty...
here are my history Panels...the sight of it makes me sick!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Amazing Discovery!

recently i just found a primary school mate!!! how cool is that!
thanks to friendster! i thot searching for my primary schoolmates was near to mission impossible cos i have searched for so long! *faints*

~woohoo Dilys!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Till we grow old together...

Castle Cove . 03 October 05

A pitstop along the winding Great Ocean Road. The coach ride wasnt really comfy but if you like lotsa green and blue, this is definitely a trip for you.

Me and WJ even managed to catch quite a few koalas in the wilderness!
WJ: as long as it's something furry on the tree, it must be a koala...

how true, we just look for a lump of furball, and its a koala.

so they do grow on trees! haha...

gertrude place once more

last nite was another gathering at shilynn's place. Cos it was XW's birthday!!! *winks*
Happy Birthday Gal!!

we surprised her at the stroke of midnite w a chocolate souffle cake from Brunetti's!
*YumYum* think goog and jube nearly wanted to lick their plates clean...but..EEKKK!!! went Jubes and she realised that there was a strand of hair stuck in her cake. And it belongs to a brunette!!!

Jubes lost her appetite.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Monday, October 10, 2005

photos and more photos

dearest all!

i have posted the first batch of me and WJ time in Melbourne aredi in my Photoblog. Haha..u gals must be wondering why first batch only..cos the comlab in school is taking so slow and i can only upload one-by-one and the lab doesnt allow me to install the quick upload tool! so stoopid!!!

so im gg back to my apt now to eat! tata!!!
will post more photos when i get to the comlab again.
Till then...hope u gals enjoy the colourful pictures!

~although spring is here with flowers and all, but it is still cold! brr........

Saturday, October 8, 2005