Saturday, February 25, 2006


ZhaoQing was indeed very breath-taking on the first glance...but a city gal like me soon got pretty bored with just mountains and lakes and scenic mirror-like reflections. Gimme the concrete and metal jungle man unless there is a spa waiting for me down the mountains but heck no!!!
There was lotsa climbing involved here so I certainly recommend those interested parties to head down there before ur bones get stiff! Pls the coach ride there took forever....zzz

WJ and i arrived there on New Year's Day, taking a short china tour visit around the GuangDong Province. Check out the local food there in my picpics! Rice dumplings and black beancurd...really weird...never seen black ones before, though after making, the beancurd looks grey. Nonetheless it was velley velley smooth! thumbs-up!

The other foodie thing which makes our mouth water was the silkiest cheongfun i have ever eaten! really good and might say better than some restaurants in HK! and wat's more it was dirt cheap!!! and besides hot food, the Emperor Mandarin Oranges were the best i have eaten...too bad cant lug it back home, if not would have done so, cos it was a kinda of sweetness which you dun get in Singapore's mandarin oranges. Me and Wj couldnt get enuff of it!

enjoy gals!!!

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Friday, February 24, 2006

amber another time gals!

9pm: it was a gal's niteout at lincontrol...and i thot we would be spending about 1-2hrs here for a caffeine fix and chit-chat. but hey no! Jubes and Googie were both so hooked onto their last amber visit that they couldnt say no when i asked them to bring me along the next time when they visit the place.

Jubes: come lah! we go tonite!
Googie: I anything one!!!
Velle: woohoo!! (afterall it's my virgin visit leh...swaku hor!)

1130pm: all dressed and ready to partee! we were shocked at the snakey Q of human outside Amber!!! and we waited for about 1hour and still no signs of going into the club, sad and disappointed man. However, it was a partynite so we adjourned to TheLoft...

100-300am: eh dead crowd lah...cannot make it.Even after 3 rounds of drinks, we were still not high enough and the crowd was dwindling after 3am...
330am: tata TheLoft...

apparently TheLoft is too lofty for us!!

googie and jubes still thinks that amber was so much better! sigh...after midcrit lor...then it's time to partee again! awaiting for our lofty photos from mr jason...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


RBT- Real Boiled Tea (or sth like that)
this place is one place in shenzhen where i go when i have bubble tea cravings!!! although the finger food is not exceptionally great but the tea is thumbs up! usual, since i have some time before the semester starts, i was looking thru my photo archive during my summer hols and saw these!!! and oh how i wish for a big cuppa milk tea now, cos the weather here is just slaughtering me into pieces... i can just sit and still perspire. IMAGINE THE HEAT.

oh dear god, send a cuppa milk tea to me....i promise to be good.

hot hot hot!

omigod! it's bloody hot down here! intolerable, worse than singapore!!!! and there is no wind at all, and it's so dry out there! HELP HELP HELP!!! this is a desert! bring me back to tropical isle!!! *screams*


krabi photos are up girls!!!
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Great Ocean Road

i miss mum and dad...

Monday, February 13, 2006

and more good old times...

this was when i was very "you fu qi"!!!! muahahaha.....

relish old times

the gal im going to meet tonight! shilynn gal i hope u still remember we once did a project on Jurong bird park man, do until cuckoo aredi!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Meeting up with old friends

it's such a nice moment in time to see old friends again, especially those you haven seen since primary schooldays!!!

with a cuppa coffee, good or bad, the main thing was to see old frens again. We relish at every single gossip we can find! who is getting ROM, who is gg to hold the wedding dinner, and even gossips on colleagues down to gym mates!

Dilys: gal! you haven changed a single bit!!! and my oh my, i wish i look as young as you...hope next time the company that i work for will have these sorta corporate tours then can ask you to plan!!! heehee

Pengz: my bestest of friends...although we are still studying, nvm! one day we will earn all the money back whilst we were studying! no time was wasted yah!!!

Elle: it was a wonder that you didnt flinch at the sight of my peeling skin!!! haha but i think you must have thot it was pretty gross!

ps: *scratch *scratch...opps, i'm peeling off my skin as i type...*winks*

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

ICE CREAM FONDUE! here we are! At the esplanade, enjoying our chocolate fondue before WJ flies back to shenzhen again...and i will have to wait a few more months before seeing him.
As we were indulging with ice-cream and melted velvety belgium chocolate, this fella took my hand and exclaim how small my diamond ring was as he took it out from my finger...Now what was that suppose to mean! HMPH! the ring was from him lor!

But he returned me back the ring nonetheless...and voila!!! IT was a VELLEY shiny one compared to the one i was wearing!!! *big grin* heehee...showed my mummy the next day and she was saying whoa soon i can start collecting one every year!

But no, our dear mr goh says he will just keep on upgrading my ring = hand in the old ring back to the jeweller and top up a sum of money for another ring....well there silly goose isnt silly afterall! quite enterprising huh! sheesh..anyway i thot...why would i need so many rings for what? i only have 10fingers and i will look so silly with rings on all of them yah!

~velley smiley ~

We finally turned ONE !!!

yes dear gals, me and WJ finally turned 1 on the 7th February 06! YEAH!!! and so to celebrate this joyous occasion, we went to Tony Roma's for dinner as WJ has to work that day, so he only had dinner time for me...shucks. oh wells, since WJ craved for steak, so here we are!!! of cos there are dozen other steakhouses that are velley good too but suntec is very near his working place too! hee hee and a tad more affordable then the one at Pan Pacific....

here's wat we ordered for that nite:

Appetiser and starters!
we had the big plate of fiery wings, mozarella cheesesticks that's soo sinful and chewy and potato skins with lotsa cheddar cheese and bacon bits that melts in ur mouth! yum yum! gastronometrical meal!!!

we order a combo! which along came the famous baby soft and tender and slipped so easily off the bones! and of cos their thick juicy steak!!!! *mouth watering!!* alas, i have been somewat a veggie eater and white meat fashionista...haha one mouthful of the steak wasnt appealin to me at WJ got the whole steak! LUCKY him!!! and he devoured every mouthful!!! oh did i mention that the combo came with baked potato topped with cheese and bacon bits and also a healthy scoop of coleslaw.

sigh...but time the next day we celebrated it once more....and guess where gals??? tune in!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Back from Krabi

dearest all,
me and WJ had forgotten to bring our sunblocks and we bought a very lousy one at Krabi. Needless to say, we are both looking like the worst dressed lobsters with skin peeling down our faces with all sorts of colour. VERY VERY UGLY...dun even dare to go out. think people who sees us on the street might think we have some kind of skin disease!

Krabi was very pretty and relatively clean but the nightlife is nothin compared to phuket. we took a 4-island tour in the morning and the hot bloody sun burnt us like hell.... now we are both sleeping in hell, everytime i turn, OUCH! when i reach for something...OUCH. i dun even dare to hor, those meeting me soon before i leave for melbourne, please beware of a certain Nu2Ren2Wei4...muahahhaha

ps: WJ is seeing the doctor now cos he is walking like a penguin. my mum thinks it's pretty funny....