Monday, December 22, 2008

SIS 22nd Birthday

My sis used to be an intern here, so this time her birthday dinner request was to come back to old days to relish her times here. And so it was her big day, happens only once every year, everyone agreed to gather here for dinner. Not that we are unhappy or obliging, but we are so happy that finally someone gets to decide where to eat! Usually happy events such as these, one really can't decide where to eat! Cos there's simply so many places to try from.

anyway, here are some of my pictures and my verdict of the place, ambience, service and food.

For ambience: family orientated, but they have cozy corners if you want some privacy but remember they will be further away from the buffet table!

for service: Passed with full marks. Not only did a bunch of them came singing a birthday song to my sis which nearly drove her to tears, that little softie! But they always serve us with a smile. Plus there was a bottle of red wine complimentary...yes it helps when you have connections.

For food: The only thing which i truly enjoyed was the XO hennesy black forest cake. It was simply divine! The pepper crab was too spicy for me, i still prefer Jumbo's seafood ones. The durian pengat, Merchant court's Ellenborough is better. The mee goreng was fried too dry, the beef stew was tough. BUT the cold platter was GOOD. That saved the dinner. Although it doesn't boast as a wide variety as Shangri la's The Line, but it was good enough for me. They had cold tiger prawns, scallops, oysters, mussels, sashimi - tuna, octopus, salmon and a quite a wide variety of already made salads.

one boo-boo: the sashimi is being served! so i felt so embarassed going for my 2nd round. Shucks why can't they have it all served on a big plate?

Hot dishes includes: on the spot cooking! - Laksa, Pasta and Fishball Noodles.
Kids enjoyed making their own rojak too! which i saw with my own 2 eyeballs.

oh yes...the complimentary cake was delicious! Too bad it wasn't in the buffet!

**** that's my happy sis! ****

my hot bowl of laksa, next to my plate of desserts which includes pineapple jelly (not sweet enuff and i couldnt even tell that it was pineapple flavour), blueberry cheesecake (even my sis said mine was better), summer pudding (whoa, sour till my eyes popped) and finally my favourite black forest cake!

that night there were 2 soups: chestnut (angmoh style) and bak kut teh (chinese). The chestnut one was slightly too thick and powdery (yes i know it's from chestnuts but could have made it smoother down the throat) and bak kut which i thought was ok but my mum says it's too sweet?

Finally, a picture of just us gals!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

7101 Flavours@Marina Square

Recommended to us since we know little about Filipino cuisine,
we tried
1. Calderetta (a beef stew , just a little spciy, although if the waiter didn't tell us, i wouldnt have known it was spicy! It was very savoury and really goes very well with fragrant rice)
2. Barbequed Pork Rib, the original name i truly forgot that has a tangy sauce to dip in. Very aromatic , mr fluffy enjoyed it quite abit. I let him finished the whole platter.

Wanted to order the garlic rice instead of the normal rice but fluffy said that the garlic rice was actually quite normal, in other words "can skip it".

and for drinks, he also recommended their house speciality which i thought it was really delicious!
Their home-made secret recipe ice lemon tea!!!

The portions came quite big, so for 2 persons, we only ordered 2 dishes, so if you come here with your family, you can order more and try more! So i guess it's very a family-orientated place and very filled with 'loca' patrons. The food must be good since they have so many regulars and families strolling in by the minutes.

7,107 FLAVOURS is located at:
6 Raffles Boulevard
2nd level, Marina Square Unit# 02-02
Singapore 039594

Saturday, December 20, 2008

ahren's green shirt

tee for tee
tenderly sewn i see

Ma Maison

met up with cuz and friends for an early xmas dinner at Central's Ma Maison. Personally this is my 2nd visit here already. And i would say that their service is still impeccable and the ambience of this place is very cozy but the waiting time for a table is like queueing for a chinese new year lottery.

So if u need a quick bite, this is not the place to wait for dinner.

We tried the usuals - hamburger steak, beef stroganoff butter rice (very fragrant because of the butter!), a stone hot pot rice where you have to work hard before u eat! (hahah..why i say this is because the waitress will come with a bowl of beaten egg and she will pour the egg into the stone pot infront of you and you will have to quickly and i mean swiftly mixed the rice before all the egg gets stuck onto the hot pot.) and my tonkatsu set (comes with soup, pickle, rice and dessert which was a superlicious scoop of black sesame ice-cream)

a very enjoyable meal and of cos equally enjoyable company of friends.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shopping Frenzy

tis the season to be

finally i did some shopping for the family+MYSELF too! kekeke...
bought a CK bag for cuz, kinokuniya vouchers for sis, diamonds and pearls for mum and a SEIKO automatic sport watch for dad.

and for me. me. me...haha something from Tiffanys, MNG (of cos since it's a SALE), and 4 pairs of shoes from PEDDER...


and now i left some shopping to do for mr goh...any ideas?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mad Exhausting Rush

We started the day really early hoping to get to many shopping malls in HK possible...but who was mission impossible! WE woke up at 5am, packed and left shenzhen hotel at 630pm, reached Luohu at 7am, crossed the customs, took the MRT to Tsim Sha Tsui about 8am, and finally bought our airport shuttle tickets and checked in our luggage.

The free airport shuttle brought as to one of the many places where we can check in our luggage before getting to the airport. So after checking in our luggage, we took the shuttle to the city and was pending on early brunch since all malls in HK will only open at 11am.

And we reached Superstar restaurant at 930am. Ate there, waited quite long without realising that the stupid waiter forgot to jot down our century egg porridge and my favourite LaoSaiBao!!!

the omelette glutinous sticky rice was a first for the both of us. Surprisingly it's quite yummy, though abit oily. of cos it's oily, it's fried. Duh. Blanched cai sim was a joy, we both thought they must have soaked the greens in sugar water! how can veggies be so sweet?

cheong fun with char siew was really good!!! and finally to prove it's a fave among hongkies, look at their wall of fame!!! with Chow Yun Fatt in it!

rite, we are desperately trying to keep ourselves awake by taking random photos here....i swear wj's eyes were near closing. we haven been sleeping much the past week actually...and was really glad to go home.

And we left the restaurant at 1030am, to catch a MRT to Mongkok.

Finally we made our way to Langham place.Puffing with our laptops and hand carrier.

actually, we thought we could have 'caught' up with all the up-coming malls in hongkong, but we realised that with our laptops and hand carrier, it was almost impossible to walk down 2 streets without panting. Plus, there's not many zebra crossing in HK, many are subway tunnels to get across the street, so all those climbing up and down the stairs nearly 'killed' us.

when we saw starbucks at the mid-levels, boy were we happy and relief!AND guess what we ordered? the BIGGEST cup of coffee!

so here we are taking a break, before snapping more photos of the place..

while sitting we can share and take pictures too!

meanwhile, we also managed to take time to take pictures with the xmas tin soldiers.

we are now on the xpresscalators! woohoo!

woohoo, finally going to reach the end of the escalator...wondering when it was going to end!!! it's almost 3 storeys long!

finally, after coming down the mall, we are again at our next rest-top! Hui Lau Shan which is a dessert stall that is very famous for their mango desserts!

Exterior walls of Langham place...and our last shopping mall stop, yes we are only gg to cover 2 malls from 12nn - 4pm. ELEMENTS!

we are at the interchange platform level, coming out from the MRT. And next, the nearest zone is the "wood" zone!!! it isn't called Elements for nothing....after the wood zone, we are going to the water zone and the fire zone...we are going to give the metal zone a miss cos we have not enough time, got to head to the airport soon...

all the shops have a 'woody' facade! and even the internal street furniture!

skylight! to bring natural daylight in!!!...and we are finally in the water zone.

beautiful sculptures along the shopping street...and hiao hiao ah ren wants to pose with it!

ice-skating rink in the mall....and triangulated ceiling lights...and beautiful walk-in toilets!

and we are off to the airport.