Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wedding - #5 Makings of an Angbow box

things you will need:

  1. a box
  2. scissors
  3. ruler
  4. cutting mat
  5. decorations :
here's some ideas
Garden theme
- flowers, lace, ribbons, even crystals for bling
Beach theme - seashells, sand, ribbons, pebbles, marbles too!
Romantic white theme - laces, ribbons, crystals, white feathers (this can be gotten from artfriend)

of cos there are others too...just think creative!

All things available and affordable at Daiso! Your friendly $2 shop which was where i purchased all my stuff from and my whole box cost me only $8!

Above all...Have fun making them! cos it was a couple time for the both of us.

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