Saturday, May 30, 2009

Corrective work order!

seriously, OF COS NOT LAH!

we are such perfect citizens! we are just on a construction sitewalk visit for educational purpose. Yes it was quite enriching and somewhat beneficial to many. But poor me got blisters from the boots and lots of mozzies bite from all the stagnant water! sob sob...and the blister was so deeply cut that after one week, it still hurts!

And it was my first time wearing a neon vest too! haha so bling bling! the bunch of us look like freshly plucked limes walking around the place.

anyway the site is due end of the year. SO till then this place still has lots to do! chop chop curry pok.

WJ 1st car wash!


angang loves a good wash! yup. we have officially named her AngAng. Auspicious colour with an auspicious name. although mummy prefers to call her Honghong. sigh, i have no idea why my family members loves to give alternative names. Like frosty my dog, my sis calls him fatso, dad calls him white, mum calls him pokchi. Makes the poor fella so confused!
Like owen, mum calls him owena, wena and my sis calls him skinny while i call him pypy...hilarious!

rite. digressing here. so here's to today's blog on wj's first official car wash!!! YAY! and now we have new items to buy from the grocery store - car essential kit! - sponges, soap, cloths, tire spray etc etc...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

another gathering of the PPGs

i always love a good gathering of close friends where we can catch up personally face-to-face. Not thru emails or msn where i can see smiles, shocks, guffaws and toothsome grins like this photo here.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wedding - #5 Makings of an Angbow box

things you will need:

  1. a box
  2. scissors
  3. ruler
  4. cutting mat
  5. decorations :
here's some ideas
Garden theme
- flowers, lace, ribbons, even crystals for bling
Beach theme - seashells, sand, ribbons, pebbles, marbles too!
Romantic white theme - laces, ribbons, crystals, white feathers (this can be gotten from artfriend)

of cos there are others too...just think creative!

All things available and affordable at Daiso! Your friendly $2 shop which was where i purchased all my stuff from and my whole box cost me only $8!

Above all...Have fun making them! cos it was a couple time for the both of us.