Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sis's 24th Birthday at Prima Towers

It's our first time at this restaurant which was established since 1977!!!
Introducing Prima Tower Restaurant....beside Vivocity, near PSA harbour where it takes about 1.5hours for a full turn around the cityscape of singapore....not very impressive though since RWS was like almost pitch weird for an entertainment park with Universal Studio...then on the other side it was Telok Blangah -More HDBs ...nothing much either...guess most of the lights was coming from the cable cars and cable car tower!

"Scallops in egg white" - this is delicious!!! Lurved every bite of it!!!

the superior soup stock was very good too, thick and full of crab meat and fish maw. We have this thingy against shark fin...smash the bowl and save the sharks!

Peking duck was okay.

Fried fish was very good too!!! Braised or Like they called it "Stewed" pork in steam buns was not very good. it wasn't that the taste was not braised enough into the meat but that the pork was really 'stringy' like threads...didn't like my meat so lean!!!

veggie dish - opps, this one was a failure...guess the chef didn't add chicken stock or salt while he was cooking this dish. Totally BLAND.

Stir Fried Ee-fu noodles with our Peking duck meat - OMG, as the night went on, the dishes got worse and worse!!! How is this possible??

The noodle was even more bland compared to the vegetable dish!!! Finally mango pudding for dessert. Surely this can't go wrong. was ok. Next time, if we ever return here, it will not be for the scenary but for the first 2 dishes!!! ALA-carte would be a better choice, the set menu is not so fantastic.


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