Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Handicrafts made by me

getting very hands on

since i've started doing some handicraft for Baby Tereo's gift packet, might as well do something for my notice board too! I've had these "V.E.L.L.E" letters for the longest time, wanted to do something constructive or creative with them and now it's my chance!

Bought these letters at a shop along beach road,or rather it was a shop in a textile shopping mall where everyone goes to buy fabric?? I just followed one of my bestest friend that day when she went shopping for stuff...

anyway back to the real stuff, Friday, i dropped by PaperMarket and saw these pretty paper flowers selling for about $6.75 for 6 pieces??? and i went "HUH" ...i mean i can do these myself. I've been telling my colleagues that actually if you paid enough attention, there are lots of paper and scraps which you might discard like brochures and sale postcards which i get loads from the mail and i keep all these stuff for making handicrafts like these...i also keep the spare buttons which are tag onto new clothes which i buy. So over the years, I've accumulated quite a number of buttons too! all sorts of shapes,sizes and colours. And PaperMarket were selling buttons for $1 a piece too! I mean not being a cheapo but it's quite expensive!!!

I guess fate and chance plays a part. There was one time when i was at Spotlight and they were having a sale, and i bought 7 buttons for $1 only!! and they come in so many solid colours and were very pretty! your pennys for raining day and watch what wonders the mailman brings to your mailbox!

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