Saturday, February 11, 2012

PPGS meet!

We (3 gals and 1 guy) decided to meet just before Valentines day for a quick gathering and to take a look at Joelle's swanky new place down at Greenwich. So Joelle proposed for brunch at Greenwood Avenue before heading down to her place.

after walking the stretch of restaurants and bistro, we decided to try out this place called Bronte!

Bronte at Greenwood Avenue

We went there at 1-ish on a saturday early afternoon and there was quite a crowd but we still managed to find some indoor seats... service was prompt and so was the food.

here's the Brunch menu which is available on their website:

Weekends & Public Holidays 9.30am – 2:30pm

Home made bircher muesli with green apples & fresh berries $11
Ricotta pancakes with fresh banana & maple syrup $16 - Joelle's!
Homemade corn fritters with avocado, tomato & rocket salad
Ham, tomato & cheese omelette served with garden salad $14
Scrambled eggs, smoked pork sausage, potato hash, roasted tomatoes & rye toast $17
Smoked salmon scrambled eggs, spinach, garlic portobello, home-baked beans & rye toast $17
Poached eggs, spinach & hollandaise on rye toast (w/ bacon or smoked salmon) $17
Bacon & egg roll with HP sauce & tasty cheese (w/ salad or fries) $12
Bronte Brekkie Plate: Eggs (fried, scrambled or poached), bacon, pork sausage, garlic portobello, potato hash, home-baked beans & rye toast $22 - Mine and Ash!
Aussie prime beef burger with tasy cheese, beetroot, tomato & cos lettuce $16 - Pengs!
Char-grilled sirloin steak sandwich with onion jam, vine tomato, cheese, rocket & aioli (w/ salad or fries) $19.50
Sides: streaky bacon, old English or smoked pork sausage, potato hash, fries or garlic portobello $5 each; eggs (fried, poached or scrambled), toast (rye, sourdough or wholemeal) $4 each

here's a photo of us from joelle...always trying new styles of photography. Guess that's why it captures the most of her!!! (bottom left head!)

here's joelle and pengs

me and ash

my brunch of the day - ala my Bronte Brekkie Plate which really overwhelmed me, even a pregnant mum like me couldn't finish the entire lot! In the end I cleaned up everything except the scrambled eggs.

Pengs had the steak burger....she left the bread alone and ate all the insides...

ash had the same as me but he cleared his plate clean! Only difference was he had his eggs poached.
Joelle had the Ricotto pancakes with bananas and maple syrup. The ricotto was embedded in the pancake so it was like a big omelette when it first came. The bananas on top, sliced in half and maple syrup was served on the side.

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