Friday, July 7, 2017

The Coastal Settlement

A day out with hubs.
every 7th day of the month is our monthsary. sometimes we celebrate it by going to somewhere new to eat. other times we forget due to our busy schedules.

this month, i especially took leave because our insurance agent has given us a pair of tickets to watch Spiderman! So after work, i joined hubs for lunch at The Coastal Settlement.

it's really quite out of place and we missed a turn even though we had our google maps turned on.
Nonetheless we managed to get there and ordered 2 set lunches. The place is nestled in a very lush and green environment but I would say the interiors did not capitalise on this bonus view point. The insides was dark and hardly any daylight can be felt. The tables and chairs that were placed by the full height windows did not allow proper dining which is so wrong and the proper dining areas were all tucked in the dark!

hubs on low chair. so difficult to eat! But I really wanted a view out.

 above: ordinary coffee and even more lack lustre salad

verdict: not coming back here again because the food is like meh, the location is hard to get to and I simply can't understand why the seating arrangement is like this.

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