Friday, November 25, 2005

A day fun in Macau

Rise and shine at 630am to catch the 830am ferry to Macau. The ferry ride cost us each 130 RMB. We arrived at Macau without a map and no cash...SO EXCITING.
I nearly freaked out, but heng WJ still remembers how to walk from the ferry terminal to the city area and along the way we passed by a bank and withdrew out some cash.

Soon we reached the famous Le Senado Square and had my favourite steam milk pudding! velley good for skin!! I highly recommend it to u gals oh!!! Next we strolled along the square and bought their local products-peanut candy and beef/ pork jerky! WJ's fave...

1 Pitstop: Ruins of St Paul's Church.
2 Pitstop: Macau Museum and we exited at the top of the historic Monte Fort which showed us quite a scenic view of Macau. WJ makes a trip to the little boys room again. Down 3 flights of escalators and we reached to the bottom of Monte Fort once more and I finally bought my fridge magnet! Woohoo! After waiting soooo long!

1pm: Lunchtime at one of those dingy shophouses and had wanton noodles!
3 Pitstop: Flora gardens. We took the cable car up...and guess what...the ride was only $2 MOP!!! = S$0.40!!!! *faints*after the ride up we walked towards the infamous lighthouse and marched into the "Chapel of our lady Guia" where there was a security guard snoozing comfortably in his chair.

4 Pitstop: Back at Le Senado Square. Bought 2 Portuguese Egg Tart! YUMMILICIOUS!!!
5 Pitstop: Starbucks. WJ had his Raspberry Frappucino while Velle had her latte. And there was this unforgettable lady who talks to herself and...she has the loudest burp I have ever heard!!!!! And nonstop somemore...sheesh. Very very gross.

6 Pitstop: Ferry Terminal and back to shenzhen once more. Cooked our own dinner to save $$$ and by 10pm, we both were in dreamland..damn tired feets but with happy and contented tummies.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


what is it to you that im spoilt?

im spoilt because i have people who are willing to spoil me and you dun.
im spoilt because u are not as ignorant as me or as half as bliss as me.
im spoilt because im sheltered and you aint. so fend for urself.
what stamps? i cant begin to tell you how many men have fallen at my feet. and you think it's because im spoilt? hell no! it's because you are so lacking in taste, looks and quality gal! OPEN UR GOD DAMN EYES...or maybe you prefer to see that i'm 'spoilt' and 'that young girl' becos u refuse to admit that there are people like me whom guys u like, will fall for me instead of you.

i don't open a conversation with you means im proud and arrogant? so you yak non-stop and u are miss congeneality yah? well you don't deserve a hi from me gal. so what if my dressing irks you? you and your friends can shop at MNG and i cant? PLUREEZE there are like million and one girls in SG all wearing MNG clothings. if u can't stand being similar with me, buy a GUCCI or CHANEL.

stop bitching behind my back and tell it to my face.
you and ur bitching friends.

gosh i have been tolerating so long...i hope i dun see u bitches back in sg.

Friday, November 18, 2005

i'm off to HK!

it was a saturday's early morning, mummy and daddy woke up to fetch me to the airport whilst my sis stayed in my room, continuing her Desperate Housewife saga since last nite! Yes Desperate housewives wins hands down, she rather watch her telly than to come to the airport to see me off. HMPH!

10am : qiqi is off to HK!!
1pm: desperately waiting for her luggage to come
130pm: oh! qiqi passes thru the gates and sees her silly goose!!!
2pm: board the coach, on our way to shenzhen cos HK hotels are all fully booked

2pm onwards...forgot aredi, too happy! haha...laughs pinkie

Thursday, November 17, 2005

no fuss apple pie

250g very soft butter (but not melted)
3/4 cup caster sugar
1 egg
grated rind of 1 orange
1 tsp vanilla essence
21/2 tsp baking powder
400g canned apple

1. In a bowl or food processor beat together the butter, caster sugar, egg, orange rind and vanilla essence until creamy and well mixed.
2. Add the flour and baking powder and stir or pulse to mix well.
3. Spread two-thirds of the mixture into the base of a well greased and floured 23cm loose bottom cake tin.
4. Spread over the apple.
5. With floured hands dot the remaining dough over the top.
6. Bake at 190deg for 40mins. When cool dust with icing sugar and serve with vanilla ice-cream!

ps:pictures still with jubes...haha so pls be patient all of u pple out there!

wabbit day

zuchinni, cherry tomatoes, carrots and celery!!!
and we even tried at making the salad dip ourselves. thanks to the trustworthy internet, i managed to whip up one dip receipe really fast before popping over to jubes/sheree's place.

> Jubes and I went down to saveway to get the ingredients for our dip while sheree busied herself with the preparation of the wabbit food.

>Here is the ingredients for the dip:
plain yoghurt
salt and black pepper to taste
half a lemon
2 tsp mayonaise (add more for more flavour)

Friday, November 11, 2005

i'm coming home.

i'm leaving on a jet plane...dunno when i'll be back again... WOOHOO!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

half a year of Happiness!

Image hosted by one of those Happy days.

suddenly RMIT doesnt seem so bad anymore. perfectly contented pinkie.

Sunday, November 6, 2005

a wet day at starbucks with googs and jubes...

RMIT sometimes can makes us go mad on our feet and in our minds...thank god there is some comfort in coffee houses with sofas and a good cuppa drink and of cos the comfort of best gal pals.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

this must be one of those worst days of my life.
the anticipation is killing me. im prepared for the worst.
the power of the individual.
6months more or less, 6months of agony or happiness, 6months of youth or age, 6months of love or forlorn...

Chapter2 - The Cauldron Congregation

830pm: Velley Vomit and Sinister Shilynn arrived at the doorsteps of Jinxy Jubes and Ghastly Googs haunting hut.
Jinxy Jubes: heeeheee...welcome my evil sisters!Ghastly Googs is preparing the Hatred Honey Ham and Cruel Crotons as we speak!
Velley Vomit stared at Jinxy Jubes and Ghastly Googs and spitted vehemently: what! wearing jeans on our annual Cauldron Congregation!!!THIS CANNOT BE!!!
Sinister Shilynn shakes her head in disapproval: and i purposedly wore my sequinned black shiny pants for this special occasion!!! to think the both of you wore jeans! tsk tsk!!!

panic. 2minutes later, Jinxy Jubes came out of her broom cupboard in a black apron whilst Ghastly googs wore a peddar pusher beggars out. Satisfied. Velley Vomit and Sinister Shilynn sat down on the couch to watch the Australian Idiots while the other 2 witches continued with their preparation of the sinful salad in their magical bottomless pit.

9pm: the 4 witches started their chants and poof-ing spells, finally they were ready to eat from their cauldron.

Alas! Jinxy Jubes had abit of problem with her pointee hat, it kept slipping down as she ate, covering her face. Poor gal...across the table,Sinister Shilynn just shoke her head sarcastically with her hat firmly in place. Redfaced, Jinxy Jubes took her hat off and ate in silence. Not to be outdone, Jinxy Jubes commented that Ghastly Googs looks like a garden gnome in her pointee hat....
Ghastly Googs blurted out: eh wat is a gnome huh???
10pm: after their dinner, they decided to watch XXX, and no it is not pornograhpy. And yes it was lousy as the subtitles were driving the 4 witches mad as it was sprouting out vulgarities which totally was a mismatch to wat the actor was saying. *faints*

1030pm: Ghastly Googs: totally unacceptable!!!
1045pm: Velley Vomit decides that to end the Cauldron Congregation, they should watch the Fantastic Four witches! "Aye" cried the rest of the 3 witches.
11pm: Velley Vomit squeaked: erm...can we have abit of Snow White's Poisonous Apple Pie now???
1105pm: crackling at the firestove, they dumped the pie in and charred it till it was ebony black and all nodded in agreement that it was the most poisonous apple pie that they have ever eaten. Sinister Shilynn: thanks to the toadstool butter which i added!

2am:THE END.