Monday, July 31, 2006

an ordinaire day

on the way to the bank, had a teriyaki sushi...went to the bank to pay my august rent, walked to carrington. nothing. walked down to target. nothing.

walked back to school, there were some pple representing mt. buller, they made an ice slope and there were pple surfboarding on it. lots of loud music. quite happening. many onlookers which include a bevy of young aussie girls in their fiery red blazers, giggling at one another and sending winks as they see the hunks glide down the artificial snow.

onlooker pinky carrying her hot choc mocha.

i hate goodbyes

she has gone home.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

koko black@Lygon

our last coffee together in melbourne till dunno when...but my guess will be in december where the 3 of us will be united in melbourne once again...rite? my dear jube and googie?

"and so i shall wait till the end..."

Saturday, July 29, 2006

keep those tresses accessorized!

all hairbands are from Carringtons! my fave accessory shop becos after combing Sinma, Chameleon and FarEast Level one for accessories....I'm proud to announce that Carrington of Melbourne along Swanston St wins hands down for it's price and variety!

The coloured thin hairbands you see here are 6 for $2.50!!! ( ie 45c per hairband leh!!!)
In singapore thin hairbands are gg for $1.50- $1.90 ( all shops in orchard and neighbourhoods) or $1 (chinatown)

Thin chiffon fabric hairband is $2.50 as well.
Dark navy blue hairband $1
White textured hairband $2.50

NB: In Singapore all thick hairbands are selling at $3.90. Period.

Friday, July 28, 2006

final presentation of....tiramisu

i keep forgetting to post the pictures of my tiramisu made by my sis! haha so here they are! a smiley choc shavings one for me and a 'J' for my silly goose..and btw the orange thingy by the side of the plate is a 'goose' berry!


haha this morning was my first french lesson for beginners! i got there pretty much on time after i dropped by the cafeteria for my usual cuppa hot choc mocha....and thanks to cole babe!!! yippee i dun have to photocopy the textbook cos she has so generously passed it on to me!!!!!!!!

muacks!!! to cole babe!!!

Dieu vous benisse!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

cheap cheap cheap

(1.Golden siren @ $5.04) ----------(2.Pointee Steph@ $20) --------(3.Peekers Bwn@ $14) --------(4. Peekers Matt Silver@ $20)

i met jubes at Target again and it's becos shopping unites people together! hahaha...and i couldnt resist the cheap temptation of target's pretty shoes!!!

(5. sheree's fave shoe cos i heard she bought one in bronze as well as blk)
(6. slip ons $14 for work in future...haha i thinking so far aredi?)
(7. dress slide 'ally' $3.40, usual was $29.90)

(8. Silver Diamante Strappies $7.85, usual was $39.90)


taken with wj's dopod...quite cool yah with this border. kinda like in a magazine...yeah. so can be a celebrity for a sec also shiok ah! think there were quite a few borders to choose from but this one was the most unique one!

pretty Brick house

+ Boyd Cody Architect's RIAI Award-winning Richmond Place (work> complete> richmond place). Via Land+Living.

rich spaces, interlocking volumes, play of shadow and lights, very textured..a blend of smooth interiors coupled with rough exterior red brick walls, juxtapositioning of rooms with changing ceiling heights; expansive window view out.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

good old times

it's the coffeeclub at takashimaya. we are sharing a muddy mudpie for the first time. cant rem the drinks we ordered but im sure they had their shot of espresso...think mine was ice latte and for my silly goose i think he ordered a ice choc mocha or something....well, it was a chocolatey lazy afternoon, a time which the both of us really enjoyed very much and really hope one day tat we will grow old together like this...with time passing us by so slowly and lazily like the both of us....
( 'a---a')

wj said he wanted to walk around taka and wisma before going back to shenzhen since it has been such a long time since we had walked around orchard. it's really funny when i think about us. we are seldom in singapore and we spend most of relationship being apart. Even when we do get together is very seldom in singapore, because he will fly down south to melbourne or i will fly up to Hk to look for him.

oh my dear silly goose...when can we be together and not apart?

time seems to be so slow at times.

how can he forget me so!

my mum has just announced last nite that my 'faithful, loving' dog has stopped camping outside my room door after camping there for only ONLY ONLY ONE nite!

frosty! u horrible, 没良心狗!!! 亏我那么疼你!

angry. frustrated. uptight. scare. nervous. fidgety

dear diary. bloody RMIT. pay so much school fees and still cant get the tutor i want. and email also got prob. dunno why i email my tutor she didnt get my email. then she emailed me i also didnt receive her email. next, when a tutor finally agrees to supervise me for my major, he couldnt get to my cell. and the next thing i know, i already have missed 2 blardee studios. u want to know why becos they started studio one week earlier! before the semester started.

Really Mental Idiot Twit school in just an equally ill fitting environment.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

SHIMO's girlfriend

haha gg to leave Gucci in singapore so tat u also can be like me... having a painful and torturous long distance relationship!

~ cranky pinky

Monday, July 24, 2006

here is the place

grab the offer now cos it's only half price promotion till the end of july!

gastronomical feast

only $18. chilli crab. huge and yumyum. wanna know where?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

first day of the last semester.

my dear sheree is on her way back to singapore now as i blog. How time flies and just a fleeting moment ago, I was having dinner with my parents at Tiong Bahru's new foodcentre, eating my gingko nut beancurd dessert with fishballs and yumyum satays...and soon, daddy drove me to the airport where i checked in my luggage and waited for the time to tick i pass thru the departure gates, waiting at the counter for the inspector to scan my passport, i saw my mummy with her slightly pink heart dropped and wanted to cry so much.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee

last semester, my prof prac mate was telling me how she misses her kolo mee back home then i went 'huh?'

wat is a kolo mee?

ah i know becos it has just reached singapore shores and recently opened its branch at upper thomson beside the very famous ampang yong tau foo stall!!!!
So me and wj decided to give it try as that faithful day when we were strolling down chinatown we saw the very same Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee! (what a mouthful!)

the recommended bowl was a tad too expensive ($3.90) for just mince meat and char siew and a few wantons. But kudos to the sauce!!! tasted really yummy!!!
As what the stall boasted at the front door panels: our noodles are firmer, curlier and tastier!! and they did mention something about their wanton skins being very soft and silky!!! (dunno much about that cos me and wj shared a bowl of soup wantons, it was quite disappointing as the size of meat in wanton was like a pebble.)

According to the Kuchingnites...their noodles are quickly cooked in boiling water, drained then 'dry-tossed' (hence the name 'kolo') in a bowl containing a concoction of soy sauce, char siew oil and fried garlic oil for the unique taste!! although wj did mention that there was a tinge of vinegar inside that secret recipe sauce.

they also served sambal chilli on the side. i tried it with the noodles but i really dun recommend it. firstly the noodles are very tasty on its own cos the sauce is really good and secondly, plureeze the sambal is yucky.

yup yup yup...the people behind the scene really tries to bring back a nostalgic atmosphere to eating as you can see here the wares that they use!!! old traditional kopi cup and saucer! and kolo mee in chicken bowl!!! and something which was quite new here was wj's luohanguo drink!!! haha i dunno much about that being traditional though but i must say that it tasted good!

so is JiaXiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee worth a second visit? YES definitely because of that unique taste and QQ feeling to the noodles! but make sure u bring extra cash as it's not a cheap meal!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


dad and mum decided to bring us kids to the famous Min Jiang @ One North to try their legendary peking duck...let's find out what so legendary about this fowl!!

mum ordered the 6pax dinner course so that we could try abit of everything from minjiang. it was a boisterous nite as the table sat beside us housed 10 burly men who brought the roof down; had to shout to my sister when i had to say something. painful conversation. and i even tried to tell her a joke. failed attempt. whole nite tine just went: 'huh?'....'huh?'

that's the appetiser (very colourful), our rubber (crepe) duckie and of cos the chef who helped us cut our duckie but we paid no attention to him...poor guy.

For starters, i ordered the appetiser platter which comprised of crispy deep-fried eel with sesame seeds, a lobster medallion fried in salted egg yolk crust, deep-fried diced chicken with Sichuan peppercorn and a salad prawn.

pretty presentation.

The lobster medallion was cradled in one of those kueh pie ti cups while the diced chicken nestled in a wired mesh yam basket. The lobster was covered with salted egg yolk, which gave the natural flavour of the lobster a local twist,it has this salty crusty tingle to the tongue. The fried eel strips were coated with the sesame seeds, creating a fusion of tangy and nutty flavours... i donated my eels and chicken all over the table to let everyone enjoy...hehe no use keeping all the good stuff to myself! so although the appetiser was for one, it served 5! everyone had a bite!

The highlight is Beijing duck ($80) that is roasted in a wood-fired oven by a chef from Beijing. The crispiest slices of skin just below the neck are eaten dipped in sugar. i didnt know how to enjoy, gave most of my peking duck skin to wj (who lurves lurves lurves it!!!!)... The rest of the bird is sliced with plenty of meat attached to the skin, unlike the Hong Kong practice of just slicing off the skin. These slices are eaten with various condiments, including a a choice of hoisin sauce, chopped garlic, cucumbers, shredded leeks, sweet-sour radish strips and lightly sweetened daikon strips (spicy cos my sis was grumbling). - all wrapped up in a flour crepe (quite rubbery).

that's our sweet and spicy scampi....

followed by sea cucumber with Lingzhi mushrooms and veggies; freshly steamed fish...fried ee-fu noodles which i didnt take any photos cos it wasnt very pretty or memorable.

dessert was something very local yet had a touch of western fusion.

Black glutinous rice with a scoop of ice cool vanilla ice-cream. hot and cold combi! NICE!!! too bad i was aredi filled to the brim so couldnt really enjoy the dessert. it was weird that they used pasley instead of mint leaf as a decoration...

To Cap it all........
Rochester Park is one-north’s latest dining and lifestyle destination. This heritage area consisting of colonial black-and-white bungalows has been given a new lease of life as they now home to wonderful restaurants and chill-out places.

die lah, my blog becoming a foodie blog.